Leadership Camp Ready…

This is one of my favorite times of year as we are gearing up to head to our annual FCA Leadership Camp this weekend. I absolutely love Leadership Camp. Not only do I get to catch up with awesome people who serve with FCA and have a really good time with my family, most importantly I get to see lives changed for Christ.

Too often in the area I live in it seems that our churches are concerned with entertaining our youth and at best providing fire insurance through helping students get “Saved.” Quickly, let me say that this is not all the churches in our area there are some that are doing amazing things to disciple their students into young men and women that love the Lord and put Him first in every area of their lives. However, for some that doesn’t seem to be happening.

This is why I love Leadership Camp. We are able to take students out of their comfort zone and really help them to grow in their walk with Christ. To see that God didn’t call them to fire insurance, but to a growing thriving relationship with Himself. At Leadership Camp we work with students on knowing what they believe and why. Not just having to say what someone else has told them, but being able to go to the Scripture and point right to why they believe something. Also, we work with them on understanding there are Biblical absolutes. Things that God is very clear on are wrong and right and we don’t just get to decide what works for us. The students at Leadership Camp are then taught how to share their testimonies, how to share the Gospel, and then sent out to do that very thing while at Camp. Each year we see lives that are changed, stretched, and grow in leaps and bounds for Christ.

Please join me in praying for all the students who will be heading to Leadership Camp this weekend, for all the staff and volunteers that will be pouring into them, and just that lives will be fully surrendered to Christ and will be prepared to come home and impact their campuses and communities for Christ. God is going to do something great and I thank you for your prayer partnership in what He will do!

thank God for camps…

summer-camps-bannerI had the privilege of growing up at a camp where my parents still serve.  It was a great experience getting to meet people from all over the country and sometimes  from around the world.  I also had access to horses, paddle boats and canoes, bb guns, archery, hiking trails, and best of all the camp gym anytime I wanted.  Of all the great things about camp as I look back now, the most amazing thing was getting to see the way that God used camp to change people’s lives.

At camp, I was able to see people removed from their comfort zones and away from all the distractions of life.  Then while at camp God began chipping away at all the baggage they carried and revealing their need of Him to them.  Year after year I, saw what a powerful tool for change the camp setting was/is.  Personally it was also at camp where I first felt called to go to Bible School and into ministry at the ages of 14 and 16.

While I am no longer working at my parents camp, God has blessed me with the amazing  privilege of serving with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  This summer, I got to help at basketball camps, wrestling camp, and our FCA Leadership Camp.  Each time, I saw kids coming for various reason like loving a sport or wanting to hang out with friends.  But even more amazing, I once again saw live changed for Christ.  At Leadership Camp over 500 students heard the Gospel and 30 gave their lives to Christ.  Once again, God took students out of their comfort zone, chipped away at the baggage, and they emerged as Christ-followers.

If you haven’t had the privilege of seeing the way God works through camps, I encourage you to make it a priority to do so.  If you are young enough find a good Christian camp and go.  If you are older find a Christian camp you can work/volunteer at.  If you want to know some great FCA camps let me know and I’ll point you in the direction.

2015 FCA Leadership Camp – Day 1

Heading to Chapel

Heading to Chapel

Bright and early yesterday morning my family and I met our Lee County FCA Leadership team at the Lee County Rec. Center to head to Campbellsville University for the 2015 FCA Leadership Camp.  This year we are taking 4 girls and 2 boys with us to have a great experience as they are trained in how to be leaders for Christ, know what they believe and why, and share their faith with others.  The students were also excited to have the experience of staying in college dorms, making new friends and all kinds of various fun activities as well.

We arrived at Campbellsville University early in the afternoon and the students were able to check in and find out where they were staying, what huddles they were joining for competition and devotions, and also to get all kinds of goodies like shirts and a brand new FCA Student Bible.  From there the students found their dorms and quickly got settled in meeting their fellow students and huddle leaders.



The rest of the day the students were kept busy with a full schedule.  We had a big kickoff in the school chapel where the students started camp off with a great time of praise and worship.  From there they met more of their leaders and were sent out to play various games all over the campus.  As usual, a favorite game was “Tubemania” which is a form of tug-o-war played with tire inner tubes!  Once the games were over the students had worked up a big appetite and so we headed to the campus dining hall where everyone had a great meal with lots of food to choose from.

After dinner the students went back the the chapel where they listened to various speakers share about topics they would be teaching in buzz groups.  Buzz groups are little small groups that meet for about 30 to 45 minutes and deal with a variety of Biblical, moral, ministry, and various other topics.  The students are able to hear what groups are offered and then choose two to go to that interest them.  I encouraged all our students to really go to the group that applies most to them or interests them the most.

Maeven and one of her favorite "Teenagers!"

Maeven and one of her favorite “Teenagers!”

While the students were in their buzz groups, my kids Maeven and Judah had their own mini camp for the kids of all the adult workers and chaperones here at Leadership Camp.  Judah as always was a little unsure, but had a great time.  Maeven, our little social butterfly, jumped right in and began making new friends and was very upset when she had to leave the lessons, games, and friends to go back to our room for bed time!

Heading to Chapel

Heading to Chapel

After Buzz Groups, we all headed back to the chapel for our evening service.  We were once again blessed with a great time of worshipping Christ through songs.  You could definitely feel the spirit moving as we sang and listened to the testimony of a football player from the University of Louisville.  Our speaker at camp this year, is once again Mark Cahill, who played basketball at Auburn and was Charles Barkley’s college roommate.  Mark shared with thestudents about how so many students are walking away from Christ and spent the night talking about reasons why students walk away and how all these various things need not cause them to reject Christ.  He talked to them about how they could be assured of their salvation and stand up to the various issues that arise that may cause them to doubt their faith.  It was a great and challenging message for our students to hear.

Today, we start another day of activities, worship, Bible study, and being challenged to grow and be bold in our faith.  Please pray throughout the day for our students that they will let God speak to them this week and forever change their lives!

First week of camp 2015…

11campsign2The first week of camp kicked off yesterday at Youth Haven Bible Camp with our annual Teen Camp.  While most of the time I work at the Lee County Recreational Center, I was able to go and help pick up campers for Teen Camp.  Most of the campers that I helped pick up were scholarship campers who have either earned a free week of camp or have been sponsored.   Seeing these kids arrive to meet our van and be so excited to go off to camp or a week was a huge blessing.   I know all the fun that awaits them at camp and all the hard work that has gone into preparing activities, devotions, chapel services, and making sure these campers know how much that God loves them and how they can have a relationship with Him.  Camp, as I have shared before had a profound impact on my walk with Christ and I know it’s making a difference in the lives of all this year’s campers as well.  Please be in prayer this week that God will move mightily at Youth Haven Bible Camp. Pray that many students will accept Christ as their personal savior and pray that those who have already made that decision will possibly give their lives to full time ministry.  God is going to do great things and I thank your for your partnership in prayer!

Sponsors Needed for FCA Leadership Camp.

This is a repost from our ministry website http://www.andyanderin.net.  We are trying to get the word out to as many people as possible about the need for Leadership Camp sponsors and so we thought we would share this again.  Please pray and consider sponsoring a camper!!!


UnDefeated-Logos_3_legacyIt’s that time of year again where Erin and I (Andy) are busy getting our FCA Leadership team together for next school year and also preparing them to go to this summer’s National FCA Leadership Camp a Campbellsville University. This year our camp theme is UnDefeated and come from the book of 1 Corinthians 15:57, which talks about how as believers we have complete victory in Christ. At camp student’s will be taught how to serve Christ and live undefeated lives for Him. We pray that God will use this week to train them to be bold in their faith and possibly consider future full time ministry.

We are excited this year for both camp and our new leadership team as we will be pretty much starting over from las year’s team. The class of students we have worked with on our leadership team the past few years is graduating next week. So the team we are putting together for next year will be 8th grade leaders at LCMS next year and some will be Freshman coming into our LCHS Huddle. Two students that are going went with us last year to camp and we have seen great growth in their lives at last year’s leadership camp and then through helping in their huddles this year. We are excited to see them step up into even more of a leadership role this year.

One of the biggest things with FCA Leadership Camp that we face every year is the needed funds to take our students to camp. It costs $225 per student to attend and then we have fuel and travel expenses on top of that. Currently we need to raise enough money for six students to attend camp, and another $310 for my family to go too. While the students are in their leadership training sessions, Erin and I attend classes and training sessions as well. They also have a mini-day camp for Maeven and Judah to attend so that we can participate.

Our students have been busy sending out letters to supporters to raise money for them to attend camp and so far most are doing well. We have a couple though that really need more help than what their letters are providing for them. Would you please consider helping support our students and our family as we go to FCA Leadership Camp this summer. At the moment we are are about $1,400 short of the total we need to raise for camp and travel fees. Please pray for our students and if you would like to support our Lee County FCA Leadership team to go to camp this summer please send your support to:

Lee County FCA – 160 Ratliff Ridge RD – Beattyville, KY 41311

This camp is life changing for our students and their relationship with Christ. Won’t you be part of this life change?

Do you need shirts???

screenprintingadIt’s been awhile since I have posted anything about screen printing t-shirts and hats and so I wanted to remind everyone that I am still very much taking orders.  During the summer you may have a church VBS going on, summer camps, family reunions or various other events that you need shirts for.  This fall with various local elections taking place you may be a local politician in need of some shirts, hats, or other campaign items.  Contact me today and let’s talk about what we can do to help you.  We make quality shirts that hold up and also do quality designs.   Let’s get you in the shirts you need!

2014 FCA Leadership Camp – Day 1 Update

IMG_3178Greetings from Campbellsville University!  Yesterday, we arrived here with 8 middle and high school students, our teacher sponsor Ms. Napier, and the whole Owens family.  This is by far the largest group we have ever taken to camp and so we were super excited to get here and get our students plugged in!

Camp was kicked off with a great time of worship that was followed by the students being introduced to IMG_3168their huddle leaders.  These are college age students who are not only going to be leading our students in games, but also small group times and devotions.  From the kick off our students were thrown right into an afternoon of games.  The best was tube mania where we got to watch several students battle it out tug-o-war style over inner tubes!

After a delicious supper in the dining room it was time for buzz groups.  The students were able to attend a variety of classes on issues like dating, purity, defending your faith, evangelism, and leading worship to name a few.  I went to the worship class, because a couple of our students went there.  While I don’t have any musical gifts at all, it was encouraging to see these students excited and asking questions about how they could be worship leaders!

IMG_3174After buzz groups the students came back to the chapel for the first chapel service at camp.  The students were once again led to worship Christ through some amazing music.  They were also encouraged through the testimony of a division one softball player and a skit that showed the futility of trying to get to God on our own.

IMG_3132The camp speaker shared with the kids tonight about what it truly means to be All In for Christ.   He let the students know the Lord wants all of us for all of Him.  Before they can ever serve God they have to be committed to giving their all to Him.  It was a great opening message for the students to hear this week.  As they begin to get training at camp to impact their schools and communities for Christ they need to be reminded that they must first make sure they are All In in their relationship with Him.

Today is another busy day, so please keep our students in your prayers!  God is already working in their lives and we can’t wait to see what he is going to do this week!