praying to parent better…

ParentingI’m a Dad and all too often I am reminded by the actions and words of my kiddos that I am still figuring this whole parenting thing out.  I have two wonderful kids.  My six year old girl is a firecracker who is full of life and does everything full speed ahead.  Sometimes this leads to her being overly persistent even after she has been told no to something and losing doesn’t always go over that well with her.  My five year old little boy is as sweet as they come, but he does struggle with some speech and learning/developmental delays.  These issues definitely give him his own struggles and issues to overcome.

Each day, I realize that each of my children have their own issues and struggles and that as unique little individuals I have to respond to them in ways to unique to each child.  My daughter is fiercely independent and my son is not.  She needs more words of affirmation and he needs more quality time.  With my daughter sometimes you have to be louder to get her attention, that same volume though can break my son’s little spirit so he needs a quieter gentler tone of correction.

The problem with dealing with my kids and meeting their individual unique needs is that I am a sinner.  As a Dad I don’t always respond the way I should.  I let my own issues, fatigue, and life in general all too often color the way I parent.  Too often my responses have more to do with me than that of what my child is doing or needs.  This is an issue that God has definitely been dealing with me about one the past few months and it has led me to a simple prayer that I pray daily, if not several times a day.  I pray and ask  God to allow me and my wife to be the type of parents that point our kids to Christ in all that we do and say, and that we show His love to them in all that we do and say.

This prayer convicting to me, because it points out the times that day I have failed to do what I’m asking.  Also, it comes to my mind when I am in the middle of some form of parenting my children and helps me slow down and think about the love, kindness, discipline, and guidance that I may be about to give.  I know I am a fallen sinner, but I want to seek my God so that my kids see Christ in me and want a deeper relationship with Him.  I never want to be the parent that breaks his kids down and drives them away from Christ.

I am praying to be a parent who is reflecting Christ well and ask that you pray for me in this area to!


thank you for praying for our boy…

thumb_8cb2-73fb-e2ca-96a3_1024After my post yesterday about Judah’s speech troubles, Erin and I have been very overwhelmed by all the love and prayers that have been shown to us through comments, messages, texts, and calls.  Just knowing there are so many of you out there the care and are praying for our family and our sweet little boy has been so very encouraging.  Thank you so very much!

This morning Erin took our kids to the preschool that they attend once a week in Richmond, KY.  While there she was able to talk to his teacher about Judah going into speech therapy and about his expressive speech delay.  The teacher then took the time to encourage Erin about the growth she has already seen in Judah this fall at preschool.  Judah’s teacher said at the beginning of the school year when they would have free time, Judah wouldn’t interact with the kids and would go off on his own.  We know that this is partly because he is a shy little boy, but also because he struggles to communicate with other kids.  Judah’s teacher told Erin though that she has been very encouraged as he is now interacting with the other students and trying to play with everyone during free times.  Not only that, but Judah seems to really be enjoying himself!

All this to say, we thank you so much for your concern, kindness and prayers.  We know that God is going to do great things with our little boy and I look forward to sharing with you as God works in Judah’s life!

time w/ family…

my wonderful family..

my wonderful family..

It’s been awhile since my last post, and my reasoning is the best one I can think of…family time! I was blessed with the opportunity to go away with my family for two weeks. The first week we went on vacation to Florida and the second week we were able to visit with dear friends and supporters. Even though we were able to do some very cool things as a family, the best part of these past few weeks is that we have been able to be together as a family.

So often in ministry, especially the one that I work with, there are times where family time is sacrificed. As my kids keep getting older that’s been a harder and harder thing to deal with. I hate missing milestones of my children’s lives and am making more and more of an effort to make sure that doesn’t happen. While traveling with them I was constantly reminded of what a blessing they are and how God has entrusted me to guide and raise these precious lives. At the same time, I was also reminded about what a Godly wife and wonderful mother to my children God has given me in Erin.

As we move into the fall ministry here with KMM I stare at my calendar and see it filling up. At the same time, I look at my family and know that there are some of those days that look full, that I am going to have to clear. God has blessed me more than I could have ever asked for with my family and that is not something for me to ever take for granted.

a pink weapon…

Maeven showing off her new weapon!

Maeven showing off her new weapon!

Well, last week it finally happened, even though I had made it 34 years of my life without it happening to me.  One of my kids got their first broken bone.  On Thursday, last week, my sweet little girl Maeven took a dive off some monkey bars and broke her wrist.  It took us till Friday afternoon and several hours in doctors offices and x-ray rooms to get her all set straight with her cast.  Thankfully she has been great and really likes showing everyone her neon pink weapon.  Why do I call it a weapon?  Well, before she left the doctors office, the doctor pulled Maeven aside, and let her know she wasn’t to hit her brother or anyone else with it.  So far she has been great about keeping this pink weapon from hitting anyone purposefully.  Although, as a good Daddy, I have learned that hugs can be painful when that hard cast makes contact with my head!  All, this to say, I am glad the fracture wasn’t more severe and that my little girl is recovering from what looks to be the first of many bone injuries for a very outgoing child!

dreaming of heffalumps…

winnie-the-pooh-book_1724For the past couple of years my son Judah has been obsessed with Winnie the Pooh.  He loves to watch the cartoon and carried his Pooh Bear around everywhere.  Over the past week though it’s my 4 year old daughter who has become very into Pooh Bear, but in a whole new way.

Each night when I am home I try to always read to my kids before bed. We spend time reading a story, then a Bible story, and then praying together.  A couple of weeks ago i started finding different children’s stories on my iPad and reading them.  Most of them were shorter like Dr. Seuss books.  However, in the free section I came across the Winnie The Pooh by A.A. Milne and each night Maeven and I have been reading a chapter out of the book.

As we dive into each chapter sometimes, I have to admit, its a tough read for me as it is not exactly modern english.  However, even though my tongue gets tied, Maeven is really enjoying each story.  She really likes how we can recognize bits and pieces of each story that are in the Disney Cartoons.  And every night she wants to know what the next Pooh adventure will be.

Last night we read our chapter on Pooh and Piglet trying to catch and elusive heffalump.  Maeven hung on every word and was sad to see the chapter end and bed time come.  After saying her prayers i tucked her in and bent over to to tell her goodnight and give her a kiss on the forehead.  As I leaned in Maeven smiled really big, grabbed my face and got really close and said, “Dad! Tonight I am going to dream of heffalumps!”  I love my little girl and can’t wait for tonight’s story time!

quality floor time…

love these two munchkins!

love these two munchkins!

Last night, I came up stairs from a few hours of doing office work in order to get ready for the upcoming week.  When I entered the living room I was greeted by my little curly headed Judah, who was raising his claws at me and growling like a bear.  There was only one thing to do, get down on the floor and growl back at him!

As soon as I sat down on the floor I was immediately attacked.  Judah came running at me full steam and jumped at me.   I hadn’t seen my daughter Maeven, sitting in a chair behind me and before I knew it she came flying at me from behind.  For the next 30 minutes or so we had an epic wrestling/tickling match.  There were lots of giggles, screams, and belly laughs had by all.  The moment I thought we were through, someone would grab onto my neck or jump on my back and the battle was back on.

It was a great reminder that my children’s love language is quality time.  More than movies, toys, or anything else, they just want time with their Dad.  As the end of the year approaches things are getting more and more busy and to be honest quite often overwhelming.  In the midst of feeling like I am drowning in all that, I am so thankful for the reminder from God last night about how much quality time is important to my kids.  No matter how busy the calendar looks, there must always be times for those wrestling matches, book readings, and just being tackled.  I never want to take for granted the blessing that God has given me in my sweet kiddos!

pray for VBS!!!

My little girl Maeven enjoying games at VBS!!!

My little girl Maeven enjoying games at VBS!!!

This week we are busy at the Lee County Recreational Center with “Treasure Quest” VBS Day Camp.  For the third straight year we have been blessed to have a team from Kilgore Bible Church in Kilgore, TX that is leading this awesome outreach.  Already this week we have had many area kids come out to join us.  On Monday 56 kids came out and on Tuesday 62 kids came.  We are excited to see these kids coming each day, enjoying the activities, and most importantly hearing about the love of Jesus.  Please pray for us each day this week as we will be working with kids from 11am to 3pm daily.  Pray for safety for our vans and buses as they pick up kids.  Pray for the team from Texas as they lead and share about Jesus.  And lastly, pray for our students that they would be receptive to God’s word through the lessons and songs.  We are expecting great things this week and appreciate your prayers!!!