an unexpected date…

This morning started off as busy as ever with going to visit a local high school for an FCA Coaches Breakfast. It was great to be with the coaches as they heard a devotion from the Word and enjoyed a time of fellowship around a great breakfast. From there I was supposed to pick up my wife and go to interview a potential hire for our area with FCA. Not sure what happened but the interviewee didn’t show up. However, rather than being discouraged or upset, I actually had a great time. For the past few weeks I have been traveling like crazy for training and other ministry things, which has been great but has been tough being away from my family.

Today was perfect though, as I was able to accidentally get a nice coffee date to enjoy some time catching up with my wife. Nothing exciting or life changing happened, but just being able to enjoy each other’s company and not be in a rush to the next thing was a huge blessing. Throw on top of that some really good coffee and it it was pretty awesome. While most times someone not showing up for a meeting is a pain, today it was a blessing that I am thankful for!

change of plans…

caffe_latteThis morning I was supposed to be at a meeting, but it ended up be rescheduled to tomorrow.  With such late notice about this change of plans I wasn’t able to get any meetings at my school or with potential supporters.  However, with this change of plans I was able to schedule one much needed meeting.  After dropping the kids off at school, I swung back around to my house and picked up my wife for a morning coffee date.

As I have mentioned on here, my wife is currently battling breast cancer.  And while the outlook the doctors have given her is really good, we have been so busy making plans related to surgeries and waiting for appointments and dates from doctors that we have been running around like crazy.  Add to that keeping up with all that’s going on with our kiddos it’s been one hectic mess.  So, to have the opportunity to go out this morning with no rush and no plans and just enjoy come good coffee, conversation, and even a little peach and quiet has been great.

I don’t really know what the next few months are going to hold for our family with surgeries, recovery, and still needing to get our support account full funded, but I do know how blessed I am to have my beautiful wife.  Even though she is scared and nervous her faith has been a blessing to me and those around us.  She is still plugging away being an awesome Mom to our kiddos too.  I pray that in the months ahead we will have many more changes of plans where we get to have quiet time together and maybe some good coffee too!

going back to an addiction…

pouring_coffeeIt’s that time of year again.  The time of year when things get cool in the morning and you need that little extra oomph to get going each day.  You may be thinking yeah it’s fall or almost fall, but in truth, it’s coffee season!

Up until a few years ago I never drank coffee and never really had a desire for the stuff.  i grew up in a home where my mom had to have the coffee pot brewing in the morning before she could say good morning or I love you.  So, even when I had those all night study sessions in college I avoided the demon drink.  Then something happened, I got married and my wife got a Keurig coffee maker.

That machine that allowed me to brew single cups of various flavors of the coffee was just too tempting.  I also discovered a wide world of creamers that added even more flavor for a pansy coffee drinker like me and I was hooked and have been hooked ever sense.  However, there is only one thing that curbs my addiction, the heat.

During the warm summer months I can’t bring myself to drink anything hot.  Those months beg for cool drinks and so I withdraw from mid April to early September.  Then when the cool air starts creeping back in my empty coffee mugs start calling to me to fill them.

So, here I sit working on my second cup of coffee today.  Wishing I could quit, but knowing that there is still more that delicious demon beverage left in the pot!

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

comedians-logo_0Last week,  I told you I was just going to start blogging about what was on my mind and thoughts about different things going on and today is one of those random days for doing so.  Last fall, my family was finally blessed to be able to get quality high speed internet at our house.  This has changed our lives dramatically, allowing us to get more ministry work done, have educational tools easily available for our children, and even changed how we take in entertainment at our house.

On that last point about entertainment, our family has moved away from watching tv regularly and is by far doing more streaming than network programming.  My wife’s joy has been the discovery of all the BBC and other forms of British, Spanish, and Australian programs she can enjoy.  While my wife has been lost in Britain I have found that I have really enjoyed more streaming of podcasts to listen to, and also more interview format shows.  One such show that I have found is “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

I used to love watching Seinfeld and began collecting the box sets of the show almost as soon as they came out.  So when I heard Jerry Seinfeld had a show that I could watch online for free I had to check it out.  In each episode of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” Jerry picks out a classic car that he drives to pick up another famous comedian and then they go out for coffee and talk about everything from comedy to the persons history and views on life.  While this might sound boring, I have really enjoyed how it lets you sort of get an insight in to what makes some of our favorite comedians tick.  To understand how they know if something is going to be funny or not, or what advice they can offer to other people has really interested me.  Even the honesty of how sometimes people and certain things get under their skin and annoy them is interesting too.  I guess for the most part one of the things that I have enjoyed about the show is that the conversations seem real and genuine and make you wish you were there drinking coffee with them and listening to the whole conversation, even the parts that were edited out.

If you are a Seinfeld fan or a fan of comedy in general I highly recommend you check out this show which is available for free on Crackle.  There are occasionally some curse words, but most are bleeped out and its not just cussing for cussing sake.  Overall between the classic cars and comedians I think you will really enjoy these short episodes of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

becoming an addict… addict that is…

coffee-anyone-optI made it through the first 30 years of my life with hardly ever drinking coffee. If I did get a coffee it was usually some sort of sweet coffee drink that included flavoring, whipped cream, and steamed milk. I always made fun of people who had their coffee. My sister and I used to joke that when we were getting ready for school, my mom would walk by us in the morning without saying hi, until she had her coffee brewing. And only then would she slowly come to life! Things changed when I got my wife a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas a few years back. The little contraption looked neat and so I tried it out. Little did I know that this would be my gateway drug into the world of coffee.

I slowly began to ease into coffee drinking and really only drank it at first as way to warm up. Then, I began discovering the different brands, brews, and all the coffee goodness that’s out there. I began bringing in my own coffee to work, quickly moving past the bowling alley coffee we serve regularly. I even got my own travel mug and personal coffee maker to keep at work. Then due to some health issues I had to back off my new addiction last year.

This year, 2013, my addiction has returned with a vengeance. I even spent 2 hours working on and repairing my wife’s Keurig the other day. In the past a non working appliance such as this would have been discarded, but no, not now. I needed to get this baby working again! And after a couple of hours I got things straightened out! Unfortunately, I have also found myself thinking not only do I need my morning brew to get me going, but after lunch and supper it seems like a good calming thing to relax with a hot mug of coffee. I am scared to admit I have become the early morning version of my mother, craving that warm coffee to get me going. Yes, my name is Andy and I have a coffee problem!