It’s time for a blog change…

Blog-imageI have been trying to do better again about blogging and wanting to write more.  The problem that I have is when I started this blog my focus was to do ministry updates and thoughts about various things that I am facing in ministry.  A couple of years into this blog though my wife and I started a blog to keep our Prayer and Support partners updated on what is going on the various aspects of ministry with KMM.  So, has really been doing a lot of what I wanted to do here.  So, now I am seeking a new direction for this blog and welcome any thoughts or ideas that you may have.  Along with this change in direction I am also considering a new name for this blog?  So, what are your thoughts?  I wanted to make this into a fun contest and though I can’t offer a big prize, if I choose your idea for a blog idea or blog name, you will win a pizza on me here at The Lee County Recreational Center.  So let me hear your thoughts! (serious thoughts only please!!!)


90 Day Challenge Update – Week 1

bodybyviToday I am one week into my new Body by Vi challenge.   It’s been a tough week with sickness invading the family and tons of stuff going on, but I am happy to report that I am down 3.4 lbs. since I began this new challenge last Wednesday! I am very excited to be moving in this direction again and really want to get more people to join me.  At the Rec Center, 2013Biggest_Loser_Flyerbeginning this month, we are doing our annual Biggest Loser Competition.  So far over 20 people from the community have joined and committed themselves to getting healthier over the next three months.  I hope to be able to convince some of them to join me on my 90 Day Challenge as a way to aid them in their weight-loss and fitness goals.  If you live in this area and would like to join our Biggest Loser contest stop by the Lee County Recreational Center and see me asap!  There is no cost to join and we have cash prizes.  No matter where you live, please consider joining me on my 90 Day Challenge.  Hopefully together we can get healthier!!!