Book Review – Those Guys Have All The Fun

those-guys-have-all-the-fun-364x571-364x571A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about my goals for 2015 and one of them was to do an even bigger empty shelf challenge and really get more reading done this year.  One of the first books I have started the year off with is Those Guys Have All The Fun by James Andrew Miller and Thomas Shales.  The books is about the history of ESPN from conception to the sports media giant that it is today.

The first thing that really stands out about it is the way the authors have chosen to give the history of ESPN.  Rather than tell the history from the authors point of view, the history of ESPN is told through the words of the people involved.  For the beginning of the story where we see where the idea of ESPN came from, the founders give their accounts.  As things move along the investors, CEO’s, news anchors, sports reporters, and several hundred people who have been involved with ESPN tell their versions of what took place.  Occasionally the author steps in and lets you know what event is going on, but then the story line goes back to the reflection of those who were there.

As I read the book I found myself liking some ESPN personalities that I really hadn’t in the past, disliking others that I had previous liked, and my assumptions on some were just reinforced.   It was very interesting to also read how often times the same event was remembered very differently by each of the individuals that were involved.

If you are a sports nut, like me, watch SportsCenter on a continuous loop, enjoy entertainment and media in general, or just like good histories, Those Guys Have All The Fun is a great read.  I will warn you that this book is written exactly in the words of those who were there and so the language sometimes can get a bit rough.  As long as you can handle that and the possibility of being a little disappointed in some of your favorite sports casters I definitely recommend you check out Those Guys Have All The Fun.


caught in a fantasy…

ffootballFor years I have laughed as I have seen friends getting involved in fantasy sports leagues.  Their constant checking of stats and talking about teams as though they were actual franchise owners was very amusing to me.  Due to a lack of quality internet connection and not really having anyone near me that I knew of having a league that I could participate in, I abstained from joining in the fantasy madness.  Little did I know this would be the year I would jump in head first.

Now, after years of not participation, I not only joined my first fantasy football league, I actually joined two.  One league consisting of guys at my church and another of various guys that have Moody connections.  Quickly, I went from laughing about my friends fantasy football addictions and complaining about how ESPN always talks too much football, to looking at stats and injury reports for players that I otherwise would never care about.  I added the fantasy football apps to anything I possibly could so that I could be as connected as I possibly could.  And after one week  of league play I have seem to have done ok so far, winning both of my first week games.

While, I have enjoyed getting into fantasy football, one of the biggest things that I am enjoying so far is just the opportunity to connect with old friends and make some new ones through the competition.  Sometimes in the midst of living rurally and being busy in ministry friendships and just times hanging out with the guys seems to be few and far between.  So the little bit of friendships and camaraderie that fantasy football provides has been a big encouragement.

Now, if I can only keep winning!