2015 FCA Leadership Camp Update and social media frustration…

IMG_3655Friday started off bright and early for us hear at the 2015 FCA Leadership Camp.  Students were all gathered by 7:30 for a time of exercise and prayer to start the day.  From there they were able to have both time to go get breakfast and also take time for their personal devotions.  It was awesome walking around the campus here at Campbellsville University and see so many of our FCA students alone with their Bible studying God’s Word and spending time praying to Him!

From the quiet time we went to our morning chapel session where we were once again blessed through the praise and worship music.  Seeing students who normally are more self conscious about what people think of them openly lifting praises to God is a great thing to be a part of.  The morning speaker challenged the students on how the only way to live an Undefeated life is to live for Christ!  After the morning chapel service the students spent the next couple of hours either in team competition or in their Huddles doing small group Bible study!  Erin and I really enjoyed watching our students compete against each other in dodgeball!

Before lunch the students had a team building session where they were taught about how to share their faith and impact their schools for Christ.  Today they will actually be having another team time and get more training that they will be able to put into practice right away.  Please be in prayer for our students as they take what they have learned at Camp this week in team training times, chapel services, huddles, and in fellowship with fellow student believers and go out into the local community and do door to door evangelism!

During the afternoon on Friday the students had lots of fun activities to keep them busy.  More games were played and our girls especially got into “Tubemania!”  One of the best parts of Friday afternoons for the students and families here is free time where you can rest, play basketball and other games, and even take advantage of the large indoor pool.  My daughter was thrilled to be able to go swimming with “her teenagers.”

Friday evening was packed with lots of fun and lots of training.  The students were treated to a Christian illusionist who uses magic tricks to share the love of Christ.  Everyone from my little kids, to our teens, to Erin and I enjoyed watching all the slight of hand and tricks the illusionist used and seeing how he was using his gifts for Christ.  From this treat we dived right back into evening chapel with a great time of praising God and hearing from our speaker about how we can effectively share the Gospel. Our speaker definitely holds no punches when challenging our students about what a true leader for Christ looks like.

As far as camp goes it was a truly great day and watching our students interact and grow has been extremely encouraging.  Especially on a day where as a follower of Christ their has been so much frustration and discouragement.  I don’t want to get into the whole SCOTUS debate over the decision that was made on Gay marriage today.  Most anyone who knows me knows what I believe and my sadness at the court ruling and state of affairs in our country.  What saddened me most as I looked through various forms of social media today was so many “Christian” friends celebrating the SCOTUS ruling.  Friends who once would have said they believe in the Bible as God’s Holy Infallible Word, now celebrating something (sin) that goes directly against God’s Word.  As I read so many of these people putting up the hashtag “Love Wins,” I grew even sadder and more frustrated that people have forgotten true Love won over 2,000 years ago when Christ laid down his live for our sins, took a punishment we deserved, and rose and conquered death and the grave.  Doing so to show love and forgiveness to every sinner.  Today was not a Love issue at our forefront it’s a sin issue, and thankfully we have a God who’s Love has already won and we can share that with anyone caught in any sin.  We can’t be wishy washy Christians anymore scared to take a stand and openly showing on social media we don’t know what we believe as we spew out praise for things that clearly goes against the Word of a God who loves us so much.  We have to be solid, we have to be ready to show love and share God’s good news, to take a stand when necessary, and to know what we believe and why.  And that’s why last night I didn’t go to bed depressed over the day’s events.  Because I know that right now over 500 students are here at FCA Leadership Camp praising God, learning about who He is, being trained to to know what they believe and why, and trained in how to share this uncompromising Love to all they come in contact with.  May we be as diligent and bold for Christ as they are!

monkey in the middle…

gorilla-clip-art-11Today in our weekly FCA Huddle at LCHS, I showed the students a you tube video called “The Monkey Business Experiment.”  In the video the students are supposed to be watching some girls passing a ball and count how many time the ball gets passed around.  However while you are counting and not paying attention, someone in a gorilla costume walks into the middle of the screen, beats his chest, and walks off screen.  Most don’t even notice the gorilla or other subtle things like the screen changing color or some of the girls walking off screen.

The point I wanted to illustrate to our students is that we get distracted by so many things in life and focused on those things that aren’t important that we miss what is going on around us.  Specifically our family, friends, classmates, and others that are going through various hardships and need to know we care.  And even more specifically that we need to be sharing Christ with because they desperately need the hope and love we have in Christ.

What are the distractions in your life that are keeping you from seeing the gorilla?  What do you need to do to be able to have the peripheral vision to see those around you in need?  Especially in a busy time of year we need to remove these distractions and give the hope of Christ to those around us!

get the word out!!!

This morning we held our weekly FCA huddle at the Lee County Middle School.  There I told the student about the free concert we are having this weekend.  The main point that I emphasized with them was that they can use this concert as an opportunity to share Jesus with their family and friends.   I want to encourage you to do the same thing, invite and bring lots of your family and friends!  We are and have been praying hard that this concert would be used to bring many lost people to Christ and bring back many who have made previous commitments to Christ and have walked away.   We serve a great powerful God and I know He is going to use this weekend to do something great for His Kingdom!  Won’t you be a part of that???

busy but exciting times

Another whirlwind week has begun here in Beattyville.  I really do feel like I am going 100 mph in multiple multiple directions, but God has blessed in letting me participate in some new and exciting ministry opportunities.

On Monday I was back at the Rec Center getting things ready for the week ahead.  I tried to update the Rec Center website and get some  orders taken care of for the Rec.  Afterwards I headed the middle school for basketball practice.  I have really enjoyed the opportunity to get to basically help teach the game and the most basic of fundamentals.  Too often kids want to imitate And1 streetball moves and they can’t even dribble left handed or make a left handed lay up.  So one of my duties as an assistant has been to lead drills to help get these basic fundamentals down.  Teaching the basics and teaching hard work also leads into great opportunities to give life advice and build relationships  with the boys that will hopefully lead to opportunities to share the Gospel.

Today, we had our FCA Huddle at Lee County High school and we talked about how God can heal our hurts.  Just like physical hurts can hinder and discourage an athlete, as Christians we can have hurts and discouragement too.  People may say things that can hurt us, friends can let us down, sickness and discouragement come.  However, we have a great God who can and will heal those hurts and help us through any struggles we may face.  He has promised us that he will never leave us nor forsake us.  I know when I was in high school and even now this has been a huge encouragement for me and I pray that it will be for our students as well with all they face.

For the most part today, I was back in the KMM office relearning how to help with the KMM finances.  From processing incoming support to paying bills.  I admit by the time that I got done this afternoon my head was in a fog from doing more math than I usually have to do.  However, in ministry so often we see results way in the future or not even at all, so having this one little piece of ministry with KMM in my life where at the end of the day I see instant results is great.

This afternoon it was back to basketball practice working with our middle school boys.  Seeing them run and slowly pick up the things we are teaching them was great.

Tonight, I got to spend some quality time with my family.  At different times throughout the night I found myself on the floor bouncing the kids around and eating belly buttons.  This did result in my son dropping spit bubbles on me and my daughter kicking me in various painful places.  However, hearing their laughter made it totally worth while.

So, tonight while I sit here worn out, I can’t be help but be excited to see what God is going to do this school year of ministry!

a great start to our FCA Huddles…

This week we completed our first week of FCA Huddles at Lee County High and Middle schools.  At the start of any year you are not sure what to expect number wise and attention span wise.  Erin and I were blessed to find how God has been working and bringing students to FCA this year.  On Tuesday we had over 15 students in the high school and this morning ver 20 in the middle school.  Both groups seemed excited to be there are really listened as we talked about how before you can have the power of Christ in your life you have to surrender your life to Christ.  Making Christ the #1 priority in your life and actual Lord and King of your life is something that everyone struggles with and especially teenagers with all the things they have going on.  Yet, we were so glad to share with them about how when they make that relationship with Christ #1 in their lives great things can and will happen.

This afternoon I am going back to the high school to have our first after school Bible study of the year.  Please pray for me as I share with the students about how they can influence unsaved friends and family and still stand strong for Christ.  God is opening up lots of doors and I can’t wait to see how He will use FCA to impact our schools!

laboring through the day…

Today has been a very nice low key day for us here at Casa De Owens.  It has been a day of cleaning, playing with puppies, and chilling with the kiddos.  Over the past couple of days both Maeven and Judah have had snotty noses and slight colds, so the opportunity for them sleep this afternoon was much appreciated.

We also did a bit of grocery shopping as tomorrow morning we head out for our first weekly FCA huddle of the year at LCHS.  Hopefully the sweet smell of honey buns will draw some extra students in to hear from God’s Word!  Also tomorrow afternoon we have our second bball practice at LCMS!

It’s going to be a busy week so I am thankful for rest today!!!

last huddle of the year…

Today we held our last FCA Huddle of the year at Lee County High School.  I challenged the students to continue to seek to honor Christ in all they do this summer and to take every opportunity to share Him with others.   With summertime comes the opportunity to get lazy and lax in going to church, so I challenged the students to also stay faithful to church and their youth groups this summer.  We had a really great group of students in our huddle this year and I am excited to see what God is going to do in their lives and through them for His Kingdom.  Please join me in praying for our students that they wouldn’t get distracted this summer and that their relationship with Christ would grow deeper.