finishing well @ FCA…

Today we had our weekly FCA huddle at Lee County High School.  For the next few weeks as we wrap up the school year I am really wanting to encourage the students to finish well and not let their relationship with God get pushed to the side.  Today our lesson was on hearing God say, “Well done my good and faithful servant,” or something else.  As I spoke with our students it struck me as how little we often think about that time when we will one day have to stand in front of the Creator of everything and give an account for our lives.   And when we look at our lives in light of what God’s Word says a relationship with Christ should look like, do we honestly think we are living a life that is well done?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life we forget to be thankful for our lives and to live a life that reflects our relationship with our Savior to the World.  As I spoke with our students today I encouraged them especially in this incredibly busy and complicated season of their lives not to shrink their relationship or put it aside, but to grow and be bolder than ever.   And that’s also the challenge for myself as well.  Live a life that is having and impact for Christ and is worthy of being called “well done!”

it caught me…

This morning I woke up bright and early to get ready for our weekly FCA Huddle at the high school.  As I was getting up and going I really felt sorta blah, but figured after a little while of being up and getting something to eat things would get better.

At FCA this morning we discussed Leadership camp and some of the requirements that we are going to require of the students in order to be able to go.  I also spent time challenging the students about whether or not they are currently going in their relationship with Christ?   So many times our students are happy being “saved” and content with just that.  So over the next few weeks I want to discuss a growing and thriving relationship with Christ and what they are doing to foster that in their own lives.  Please pray for us on that journey!

After FCA, I went to the Rec Center where I still wasn’t feeling quite right, but I got ahead on planning my lesson plan for the homeschool student we work with.  And when my student arrived we worked on his lessons and actually got ahead in a few subjects.

Unfortunatley, as I was teaching I grew colder and colder and my joints really started hurting.  Pretty soon I was shivering and new I just couldn’t make it. So when all our staff finally arrived at the Rec Center, I slipped out for the day and spent the afternoon in bed sleeping and shivering!

Tonight I am still feeling pretty rough, but was able to get up and see Maeven playing and feeling better than she has in days.  So on the bright side of things Maeven does seem to be doing quite well.  I hope that after another good night of rest tonight I will shake this bug quickly.  I definitely don’t want to be sick when the new baby arrives!