hughnesnet is turrible!!!!

Today, it is time for a an early Festivus tradition….an airing of grievances.  I live in a rural area and unfortunately high speed internet is not an option for us.  Our county recently invested in a broadband system that people can put antenna on their houses and wirelessly get broadband off of water towers around the county.  Unfortunately this system doesn’t have all the bugs out of it yet and people like me that live on the side of a small hill or near trees often blocks the signal and therefore this new system doesn’t work for us.

So, I am currently stuck with Hughesnet a satellite internet provider.  While this is a step up from dial up internet it is still not much of one.  From the time I had the service installed I have had numerous problems.   Signal loss, slow internet service, modem’s going bad.   It has been one bad experience after another.

For the past few months my service has been getting slower and slower.  Finally last Friday night I broke down and called the company.  The technician still wouldn’t believe me and kept telling me that my system was fine and that there was nothing wrong.  A tech that had made a house call to fix our system earlier in the year told me that my system should be at 80 or higher signal strength.  At the time of the first call last week it was in the 50’s.  The tech assured me that this was not the issue and that nothing was wrong.  Yet he still  gave me $15 off my bill for the next three months, even though nothing was supposedly wrong.

The service continued to be slow this week and on Wednesday night it totally went out.  I tried restarting the modem via computer and by plugging and unplugging it….nothing.   So I called the tech’s and they had me run speed tests and all kinds of other things.   They said nothing was wrong with my equipment or service, but they restarted from their location and seemed to get it working.  Within an hour of getting off the phone it was down again.

Last night, as Erin and I were trying to get some stuff done, it went out again and stayed out all night and into the morning.  I did the one thing I was dreading  and called Hughesnet technical support.   This is where I came close to losing my temper.   Even though I was having connection issues and my status center was telling me things were down they once again told me that  nothing was wrong with my system.  When the guy did something that sort of got things going again, they were still going slow.   Also, I couldn’t even see this website at all when I typed in the address.  The tech then insulted me by telling me that I might be misspelling the address of my own website and the KMM websites.   At this point I had to breathe and count to three, before telling the guy that I didn’t appreciate being talked down to and being accused of such incompetence.  He then tried to say he didn’t do that, but too late.  Finally even though my internet was still not working properly they told me nothing was wrong, but they wanted me to run a series of test and write down the results all day today.  As he was saying this I had a crying Judah in my arms and didn’t want to put up with anymore of this guy’s attitude, so I was as polite as I could be and asked to be transferred to the account services department.

Once transferred, I really just wanted to figure out a way where their lack of service has voided our contract where I could get out of my contract with them without paying a ton.  Unfortunately, this rep was just as helpful and said that i would have to pay for all the remaining months on my contract in order to cancel service.  She also then proceeded to once again tell me that nothing is wrong with my service, yet at the same time give me $30 a month off of my bill for the next six months.  She also then encouraged me to call back and take a whole day to run diagnostic tests.  By this time in the call Judah was beside himself and I had to end the call as a very frustrated customer.

So why am I writing this blog whining about Hughesnet.  Well, that answer is two fold.  First of all I want to warn anyone considering Hughesnet to flee.  At the Rec Center and YHBC we do have Wild Blue satellite internet which is fast and the customer service is great.  So, if you have to get satellite internet, stay away from Hughesnet.  The technology and customer service is terrible and should really be investigated by the BBB.  Secondly, if there is anyone out there who knows how I can get out of my Hughesnet contract without paying a fortune, I would love to know.  I really don’t want to give this company any more of my time or money.  So please let me know if you can help!