90 Day Body By Vi Challenge Update – Week 3

Blog-Transformation-Kit-Are-you-up-for-the-ChallengeAnother week has passed in my 90 Day Challenge and this week was definitely a tough one.  Over the weekend my family and I travelled to Ohio where I shared with a church about KMM ministries and our role here with KMM.   The problem with travel and staying in a hotel is while very relaxing and a nice change of pace, it’s pretty much impossible to keep up with the Vi-Shakes.  That being said, I really had to monitor what I took in on my, My Fitness Pal app to make sure I wasn’t totally destroying all I had worked so hard to accomplish on my 90 Day Challenge thus far.   Thankfully , I stood strong for the most part and am happy to report to you that I am another 2 lbs down this week, for a grand total of 8 lbs. lost in 3 weeks!   I am continuing to feel a difference as the weight is dropping both in how I feel and look.  I also am continuing to notice a difference in how much I am able to eat.  One of my weaknesses has always been eating a big bowl of popcorn in the evening.   Finishing off that bowl is usually not a problem.  Last night, however, I hadn’t eaten much all day, but I could barely eat half a bowl of popcorn.  Yeah Progress!!!

I would like to once again invite you to join me on my weight-loss journey to healthiness.  I implore you not to keep waiting to start watching what you eat and dropping those pesky lbs.  Join me today and lets start being a healthier us right away!


pray for sunshine…

Golf scrambleTomorrow we will be having our second attempt at our annual Golf Scramble fundraiser for the Lee County Rec Center.  Currently meteorologist are saying some rain on Friday, but sunny for our scramble tomorrow.  Please join me in praying that this would be the case.  We really want a nice pretty day that the golfers will want to come out for.   Pray also that we have good attendance.  With switching our date you never know how that will affect turn out.  So please please pray for this event as it does so much to help fund various projects and need at the Rec Center.  Lastly, from noon until 2 pm we will be grilling up delicious hot dogs, polish sausages, and hamburgers for anyone who would like to join us.  So feel free to come get your lunch and support the Lee County Rec Center!

Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge Update – Week 10

bodybyviAnother week of maintaining has hit.  I haven’t gained, but don’t have a loss to report to you either.  So, I guess this is sort of an on the fence of post, not really good or bad.  On Friday, night this week I had the opportunity to work the night shift in our Rec Center fitness center.   As  I was working I overheard some of the guys talking about supplements and trying to lose bad weight and then build muscle.   I took the opportunity to share with them about the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge and the success myself and other have  had on it.  A couple of the guys seemed really interested and are supposed to look at the information and get back to me, so hopefully soon I will have some new people to report who have joined me on this journey to better health.   How about you are you ready to get healthy?   If you have some spare time check out aowens23.myvi.net   This is my personal Visalus website which has information about all the Body by Vi products and lots of cool testimonials as well.   I would love for you to join me as I continue to try to get healthier this year.  So please, check out the website and lets talk soon!

90 Day Challenge Update – Week 5

bodybyviGood news!  This week I have progress to report as I have lost three more pounds.  While it is exciting to be able to report this to you, the fact that I may have lost some of that weight to a very nasty stomach virus this past weekend , is not so good.  However, it is nice to see the scales moving down again.  I really am enjoying experimenting with different flavored Vi-Shakes with my favorites still being frozen strawberries or the peanut butter banana.  The Visalus program tastes great and really works.  Please contact me soon and we can get you started on the path to being a healthier you!!!

why can’t we be healthy???

Over the past few months I have been blogging about my 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge.   When I decided to partner with Visalus in July I got into the program for three main reasons.  First of all, I was really concerned about my own health.  I had really gotten myself into a very unhealthy state of being.  I was many pounds overweight and at the same time wasn’t really concerned about the junk that i was putting into my body.  In my time on the 90 Day Challenge I have lost almost 14 pounds.   I have become more conscious about what I am putting into my body, the need for exercise, and portion control.  Like any meat and junk food loving person their have been struggles and if I had stuck to the program always I would have been a lot further along my weightless track.  However I am making progress.

Reason #2 for joining, financially I was trying to do something to help raise some needed funds for my family.  So far doing ok, but need much more help.  This reason is not the reason I am writing this post…so I will keep this paragraph very short.

Reason #4 I was concerned about the health of those around me and thought that this might be a way I could help them.  Whether it be strangers in the fitness center or friends and family members, there is a health problem surrounding me that I wanted to help be a solution to.  The great news is that several friends and family have been getting on board with 90 Day Challenge and have had some great success.  However, sadly some others just haven’t been interested.

When I say sadly I am not referring to them not wanting to give Visalus a try.   It’s more about not being concerned about their health at all that concerns me.  Many have said that they just like eating what they like too much.  Unfortunately eating what they like is killing some of them with issues like being obese, high blood pressure, and diabetes.  Others have said they are just not disciplined enough.  But the thing with discipline is that it is there to protect us.  In the case of being healthy and diet it’s there to protect us from ourselves.  Others have said that right now they are just not at a place in their life where it means enough to them.  That there would have to be such a low point that they would realize they MUST do something now.   Unfortunately, not to be morbid, but for some that point comes too late.  The last and biggest excuse that I have heard is that people have tried diets before and when they come off of a diet the weight comes back and some times even more so.    To those people I encourage them that being healthy and dieting has to be a lifestyle and not just a fad to reach a short term goal.  To stay healthy you have to be healthy.

I know we don’t think of our health in terms of a spiritual battle as often as we should.  For me personally, I knew that truth, but didn’t live as though I cared until this past year.  God gives us many gifts and one of the gifts that he gives us is our bodies and our lives.  We are to use these gifts to bring Him glory and bring His Good News to others.   When we don’t take care of our abilities we hurt our ability to do this.  Whether it be physically being unable to get out and share Him or just the poor example that we set in our laziness and gluttony that hampers and hurts our testimony.  God also calls those of us who are parents to lead by example. What type of examples are we setting for our children.  I personally want to be able to be active and involved in the lives of my kids.  By doing so I can have the greatest influence for Christ in their lives.  Honestly, that was my biggest motivating factor in a lifestyle health change…I wanted to be there and be able to reach my own kids for Christ.

So why can’t we be healthy?  Honestly, while not the case for everyone, with the majority of us it’s because we don’t want to be.  We don’t want to sacrifice  or put in the effort that it takes to have a healthy lifestyle.  Saying no to drugs is a lot easier than saying no to a twinkie.

My challenge to you is this take a look at your healthy choices and dietary habits and ask yourself this question:  Are my healthy and dietary choices a help or a hinderance to my serving Christ?  If we are honest with ourselves I believe most of us can see areas that need change.  So I challenge you to get healthy for Christ.  If you need help, I am here to encourage and help you plot out what this make look like in your life.  Whether it be helping you develop and exercise plan, a dietary plan, or even sharing about Visalus I want to help you be a healthy you that honors Christ!

home alone…

This morning my wife and kids loaded up into the van to head to West Virginia to attend my Mother-In-Law’s retirement party, leaving me to myself for a couple of days.  This will be the first time since Judah’s birth that I have had the house to myself for more than an hour or so.   With being used to laughing, crying, and the patter (or stomping) of little feet on the floors it will be an interesting change and a little weird.  Don’t worry though I have a plan to keep myself occupied.   First of all, I will go to church tonight for Bible study and then from Church, I will find myself something to eat.  From there I will return home to an empty house (the dogs will be there though) and hopefully just enjoy a restful night of a movie and much needed sleep.  Although, you never know if I will don my athletic socks and slide across the floor to Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock n’ Roll!”  So, if you call me tonight you may not reach me.  I won’t be busy, or occupied.  I will just be enjoying the sounds of silence!  That being said, I will be ready for when the family returns and I get to give them all big hugs and enjoy the ensuing chaos!  I am a blessed man!

Maeven and the great pea debacle of 2012…

One of the great things about kids is the funny things they do that make you laugh.  Erin and I have been blessed with two sweet children who bring us lots of joy and while there have been some sleepless nights there has been very little frustration.   My dear sweet daughter Maeven is definitely the character in our family and about two weeks ago went from being cute to scaring her mom to death in just a few short seconds.

For the past couple of months, Maeven has been developing a bad habit of trying to stick small food objects up her nose when mommy isn’t looking.   Most of the time we catch her and gently scold her that she is not to do that.   About two weeks ago, I was grilling some steak for Erin and I to have on  a Saturday night, while Erin was feeding Maeven a small meal of hot dog, potatoes, peas.  Of course Maeven tried sticking a pea up her nose and I heard Erin get on to her and with an emphatic “no.”  Usually that solves everything so I didn’t think to much of it.   I finished grilling my steaks and went into to the living room with a big glass of sweet tea while Erin finished some potato wedges for us to eat with the steak.

While in the living room I heard Erin say “NOOOOO!!!!”   Immediately I hopped up to see what was the matter.   There was my darling daughter with a big smile her face and what appeared to be a big pea jammed partially up her nose.   Little did I know but that was one of three peas jammed into her tiny nostril.   Before we could get it, Maeven pushed the pea further up.   Erin grabbed a kleenex and tried getting Maeven to blow the pea out, but that didn’t work.  We tried tweezers but that only seemed to push the pea up further.

Finally I had the bright idea to get a little mucus bulb that they give you at the hospital to suck snot out of infants.  So we began to use that to try and pull the pea down.  Maeven grew more and more upset.   I even called my dad to help us get this thing out.   Finally, we took her into the living room and turned on “Bubble Guppies” where she would be distracted.   As she laid their distracted on my lap, Erin began trying to suck the pea out once more.  Finally we got it close enough and out with the tweezers.  We began working on pea #2 and after another 20 minutes had it free right before my parents arrived to help.  At that point Erin and I along with grandparents began to look for pea #3.   However, after much searching, it was not to be found.  Our hope is that it eventually made it down the throat, but who knows!

Even though this pea debacle was quite upsetting for Maeven shortly after she was laughing and running in circles for Grammie and Grumpie.   Erin and I decided we are going to hold off on serving peas for awhile and be more careful with any small food objects and our dear sweet daughter!!!