a bit of reflection…

so thankful for my family...

so thankful for my family…

Over the past week I have been busy celebrating every thing from Thanksgiving to turning the big 33.  Both of these things have emphasized in my life that I have much to be thankful for.  First of all, I am truly thankful for my family.  Coming up the stairs on Monday morning to my little boy smiling at me while my little girl ran up and hugged me and said “Happy Birthday Daddy!” , was a great reminder of how much God has given me.  I also got to spend a good portion of the day with my beautiful wife, including a great bday dinner out.  It’s almost hard to imagine that about 6 years ago I was celebrating my birthday all alone and wondering if I had the “gift” of singleness forced upon me.  Little did I know the blessings that God has had in store for me!

Another big thing that I was reminded of that I have to be thankful for is friendship.  I have often struggled with being away from my closest friends since moving back to Kentucky.  Living rurally and on a missionary salary sometimes makes it rough to spend the quality time that I would like to spend with friends who have meant so much to me over the years.  However, even though I couldn’t spend my birthday with them in person, God reminded me about how truly blessed I am with friends and family that care so much about me, as I received countless birthday wishes via phone, card, and social media.

I know we shouldn’t need things like holidays and birthdays to be reminders of the blessings that God has given us.  At the same time, I love how the passing of another year causes us to have to think and reflect on how God has blessed us. When we look past all our complaints, frustrations, and sometimes just plain old whining, if we are truly seeking God will show us how abundantly blessed we are.  That’s where I find myself, a truly blessed man!


caught in a fantasy…

ffootballFor years I have laughed as I have seen friends getting involved in fantasy sports leagues.  Their constant checking of stats and talking about teams as though they were actual franchise owners was very amusing to me.  Due to a lack of quality internet connection and not really having anyone near me that I knew of having a league that I could participate in, I abstained from joining in the fantasy madness.  Little did I know this would be the year I would jump in head first.

Now, after years of not participation, I not only joined my first fantasy football league, I actually joined two.  One league consisting of guys at my church and another of various guys that have Moody connections.  Quickly, I went from laughing about my friends fantasy football addictions and complaining about how ESPN always talks too much football, to looking at stats and injury reports for players that I otherwise would never care about.  I added the fantasy football apps to anything I possibly could so that I could be as connected as I possibly could.  And after one week  of league play I have seem to have done ok so far, winning both of my first week games.

While, I have enjoyed getting into fantasy football, one of the biggest things that I am enjoying so far is just the opportunity to connect with old friends and make some new ones through the competition.  Sometimes in the midst of living rurally and being busy in ministry friendships and just times hanging out with the guys seems to be few and far between.  So the little bit of friendships and camaraderie that fantasy football provides has been a big encouragement.

Now, if I can only keep winning!

get the word out!!!

This morning we held our weekly FCA huddle at the Lee County Middle School.  There I told the student about the free concert we are having this weekend.  The main point that I emphasized with them was that they can use this concert as an opportunity to share Jesus with their family and friends.   I want to encourage you to do the same thing, invite and bring lots of your family and friends!  We are and have been praying hard that this concert would be used to bring many lost people to Christ and bring back many who have made previous commitments to Christ and have walked away.   We serve a great powerful God and I know He is going to use this weekend to do something great for His Kingdom!  Won’t you be a part of that???

first win of the season and making pizzas for the festival…

Yesterday, I wrote about how our basketball team had another set of games last night.  I am so glad to inform you today that we got our first victory of the season last night as our 7th grade team won their game.   The guys played hard and really worked as a team for their first win.  Our 6th and 8th grade teams played hard and were in their games the whole time, but came up short.  On the bright side of those losses we saw flashes of them playing very well together and starting to pull together as a team.  With a little more work and hustle they should be winning their first games soon too.

This weekend is the big Woolly Worm Festival in Beattyville.  With the festival going on the Rec Center is pretty dead and so to help survive we have to run a concessions booth at the festival to make up for the lost income we would have other wise.  So, for most of the weekend I will be here at the Rec Center making pizzas to send down to our booth.  Good news is that this will hopefully give the Rec Center a much needed boost financially and some good publicity.  On the bad side I miss getting to see a lot of friends who are in town.  So if you are one of my friends coming into town, please make the short trip to the Rec Center for a quick visit.  I’d love to see you!

Well, time to get my first batch of pizzas done.   Have a great Friday!

a fun fall day with the family…

Maeven enjoying the playground at Boyd’s Orchard

This morning the Owens clan was up bright and early to head to Boyd’s Orchard in Versailles, KY, where we met some friends for a fun fall day.  Maeven and her little buddy Addison had a blast playing on all the play ground equipment.  Between the pirate ship shaped swing set with a slide and the sand box Maeven was in heaven.  We also enjoyed watching the kids feed the goats, sheep, and bunnies.  The cutest thing may have been the girls eating their donuts and walking around the orchard holding hands and talking up a storm!  It was just a really fun morning with some really good friends.

This afternoon, we went to Winchester, KY where we visited my in laws in their new home.  After living about three hour away from us,we are excited to have MeMe and Pop less than an hour away.  Being away from her family has been hard at times for Erin and soI am very glad she has them so close now.

Today was a good day and one that reminds me again of how thankful I am for our friends and family!

a great start to our FCA Huddles…

This week we completed our first week of FCA Huddles at Lee County High and Middle schools.  At the start of any year you are not sure what to expect number wise and attention span wise.  Erin and I were blessed to find how God has been working and bringing students to FCA this year.  On Tuesday we had over 15 students in the high school and this morning ver 20 in the middle school.  Both groups seemed excited to be there are really listened as we talked about how before you can have the power of Christ in your life you have to surrender your life to Christ.  Making Christ the #1 priority in your life and actual Lord and King of your life is something that everyone struggles with and especially teenagers with all the things they have going on.  Yet, we were so glad to share with them about how when they make that relationship with Christ #1 in their lives great things can and will happen.

This afternoon I am going back to the high school to have our first after school Bible study of the year.  Please pray for me as I share with the students about how they can influence unsaved friends and family and still stand strong for Christ.  God is opening up lots of doors and I can’t wait to see how He will use FCA to impact our schools!

after school jr. bowling league….

It’s that time of year again!   The kids are back in school and we are gearing up for our annual after school bowling league at the Rec Center.   Every Monday we drive  a bus to all the area Lee County Schools and pick up students to bring them back to the Rec Center for Jr Bowling League.  It costs the students $7 a week for two games of bowling, two slices of pizza, and a medium drink.  The students get to bowl for fun with their friends, but also receive some instruction on how to properly bowl.  The students have a great time and are very active, which is much better for them than going home to video games and television! More than anything it is a good relationship building tool for us here at the Rec Center.  We are able to build relationships with both the students and their parents that we use to connect them to the Gospel and the local church.   It truly is a fun and exciting ministry opportunity.  If you have a child from kindergarten through the 12th grade feel free to bring them out to bowl on Mondays beginning August 27th.  Also, if you are interested in being a chaperone and working with our students please contact me soon. Lastly, please pray for us as we have this awesome opportunity to build bridges to the Gospel in our community!