thankful for “all” my family…

Our families celebrating Judah's birthday!

Our families celebrating Judah’s birthday!

Yesterday, our family gathered together to celebrate Judah’s 1st birthday!  Thankfully he is still young enough to not know that he didn’t get a party on his birthday due to getting everyone’s schedules to line up.  He was thrilled though to play both with his cake and his new presents.   After watching him on his new basketball goal, I think I have a future NBA player on my hands, but that could just be the proud papa in me talking.

My parents and sister and Erin’s parents all joined us on celebrating Judah’s big day and it was great just enjoying each other’s company.  As I sat their watching everyone interact, I was once again reminded about how thankful I am for all of my family, both sides!  So often I have heard of friends and family that have stressful situations or total fall outs with one or both sides of their families.  Yet, there I sat yesterday realizing how much God blessed Erin and I with Godly parents that love Him and have been totally supporting to us.  Not only do we get along with them, they get along with each other!    Family is truly a special thing, and I am so very thankful for ours.


time for thanks…

As we are getting ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow morning, I am reminded of how much I have to be thankful for.  More than anything I am thankful for my family both immediate and extended.  I have been blessed by God with a beautiful wife who truly loves the Lord and loves sharing Christ with others.  She is a wonderful mother and the time and love she gives to our children amazes me.  I only hope that I am half the father that she is a mother!  She is truly an amazing woman.

I am also blessed and thankful for my children.  Not many people know this but we lost babies both before Maeven was born and also in between Maeven and Judah.  Knowing this and that God blessed us with these two very sweet children often overwhelms me.  While my kids aren’t perfect, I couldn’t imagine any children ever being better.  Hearing “Daadeee” and “DahDah” are by far the sweetest words I ever here.

I am also blessed with Godly parents who not only verbally shared Christ with me, but have had an amazing testimony of faithfulness to Christ.  When I look at the lives of classmates whose parents didn’t have expectations and boundaries for them, I see even more where God was protecting me through my parents.  At the time it may have felt like they were cramping my style, but God was still in control and today I am thankful for that.

I’m also thankful for my sister, Amanda.  She has a great heart for the kids in our area and gives so much of herself to serve them.  Whether that be through teaching, volunteering at camp and the Rec Center, or wherever.  It’s so awesome to see the way God has used her to impact lives.

I am also thankful for all in in-laws both mother and father and sister and brother in-laws.  I have heard horror stories from friends who just have really bad relationships with crazy in-laws.  God has blessed me with a second family that truly loves Him and serves Him.  And most importantly they raised a Godly daughter whom I love with all my heart!

I have so many extended family members that I wouldn’t even know where to begin with my thankfulness for them.  But, I will say I am so thankful for the loving extended family God gave me and their love and kindness to always take in “extra” family members as well.

My God is great and good and I can’t begin to thank Him for all the ways He has blessed.  While my salvation will always be what I am most thankful for, tonight I just want to let my family and everyone else know how grateful I am for them!