Book Review: The Simplest Way to Change the World

thesimplestwayThis summer the small groups at our church have been going through a book called, “The Simplest Way To Change The World,” by Dustin Willis and Brandon Clements.  The tagline of the book is “Biblical Hospitality As A Way Of Life.”  The main point as you can get from the tagline is that we need to make hospitality a way of life so that we can reach our neighbors and those in our spheres of influence for Christ.

The amazing thing about this book is the fact that as I read it, there were no mind blowing new concepts that I had never heard of before.  It’s all simple practical advice from a Biblical perspective on the need to reach others for Christ through hospitality.  Yet, with the simplicity of the advice and easy to read writing style, I found God really convicting me about how I do hospitality with those around me.

While my home is not anything extravagant, I often do view it as my refuge and place of just getting away from the world.  After a long day, sitting by myself in the recliner watching TV sounds so good to me.  However, my home is a gift and a tool that God has given me to invite my neighbors and the students we work with into, to build relationships, and share the Gospel.  It’s a tool to use for building up and encouraging fellow Christ-followers.

One of my favorite chapters had to do with how we can do hospitality within the rhythms of our lives.  There are certain things we are already doing on weekly, monthly, and even annually that we can invite others to be a part of.  All we have to do is invite!

If you are looking for a book that will help you reach those in your neighborhoods and circles of influence, I definitely recommend you check out “The Simplest Way To Change The World.”  It really is simple Godly advice that can help you make a huge impact for Christ.

getting ready for the Super Bowl…

SuperbowlbannerOne of my favorite outreaches that I am involved in each year is our annual Lee County FCA Super Bowl Party.  My wife and I, invite all our local FCA students over to our house for a fun night of watching the big game, funny commercials, and eating lots of good food.  As soon as time winds down in the second quarter we turn off the tv and settle the students down for some time in The Word.  Each year I make sure to do a full Gospel presentation for students that might not know Christ and also a challenge to those students who have put their faith in Christ.  This year will be no different in that all our students will be challenged to examine themselves and where they are in their walk with Christ, and if they have one at all.  Please be praying for all our students in the next few days leading up to this outreach that God would already begin working in their hearts and that they would make a decision to fully follow him on Sunday.  Also, please be praying for me as I prepare to share a challenge to them from God’s Word.  Yes, we are expecting to have fun on Sunday, but most importantly we are expecting God to do great things!!!

What are you doing on New Years Eve???

01. New Years 2014-2015i know this post is coming a few weeks early, but I really really need your help.  On New Year’s Eve we are holding our annual New Years Eve Teen Lock-In.  We are expecting around 150 area 7th through 12th graders to come to this outreach.  Throughout the night we will have bowling, cosmic bowling, games, karaoke, prizes, food, a guest speaker and much more.  As always, our main purpose is to share the Gospel with these teens.  This is a great opportunity to share Jesus and keep our teens in a safe environment on a night when there are many less than wholesome options for them to participate in.

In order to do this event though we depend on our KMM staff and volunteers from Lee County and surrounding communities.  With so many kids we need adults to help us chaperone by interacting with the kids, watching the doors, making sure kids are following the rules, and also just building relationships to share Jesus with our students.  Without volunteers this event and our other lock-ins really wouldn’t be possible.

Unfortunately our surplus of volunteers has dwindled over the past few years.  Between helpers getting older, having other commitments, moving away, and various reasons our number of volunteers at each lock-in has decreased.  God has been great  in making sure that we have just enough help, but as I look to the future i am concerned about how many more lock-ins we can keep having without more help.

So how can you help???  First of all, pray that we will have more than enough volunteers for this outreach and many more to come.  Next, consider volunteering yourself.  I know that a lot of people can’t stay all night long, but even if you could stay for the first half of the night, or come in for the last half of the night, that would be a great help and blessing to us.  If you feel led to volunteer, please contact me asap.  You can reach me via email, Facebook, or give me a ring at the Lee County Recreational Center.

I hope to hear from you soon!!!

tired but thankful…

getting the students ready to hear from our speaker...

getting the students ready to hear from our speaker…

This past Friday night we held our annual Fall Teen Lock-In at the Lee County Recreational Center.  130 teens came out to this outreach and had a great night of bowling, games, movies, and lots of fun.  Most importantly though, KMM Missionary Mark Coburn shared a devotion with the students where the Gospel was very clearly presented.  Please join us in praying that we will be able to follow up with our students and that the seed that were planted during the lock-in will see many teens accept Christ as Savior!

Also, please be praying for myself and all the staff who gave of their time for this outreach.  I know personally I was blessed with plenty of energy to make it through the night, but now two days later I am really feeling sluggish and wiped out.  Pray that we will have plenty of energy for all that is going on this week and in the coming weeks!

Our lock-ins are a great opportunity to reach our local teens for Christ.  We have another coming up on New Year’s eve and would love for you to join us as a chaperone!  Start resting up now so you can join us December 31st!

another lock-in is around the corner…

lock-inHere at the Rec Center it’s almost time for our first all night teen lock-in of the school year. On October 31st we are expecting between 150 to 250 teens to come out from 10pm that night until 6 am the next morning for a fun filled night of bowling, games, prizes, food, and most importantly a Gospel presentation. Normally, I would post about this event the week of and ask you to be praying, but this time I am hitting you up for prayer and consideration much earlier. Our lock-ins are by far our largest teen outreaches that we have. Unfortunately, with each lock-in it is getting harder and harder to find volunteers to help chaperone all night through. Without these volunteers it’s hard to put on this outreach. We need solid adults who care for our students to help us with this large of a project. So, I am asking you to begin praying right now that God will provide plenty of quality help for this lock-in. Also, begin praying if you might be able to come donate the whole night or half of the night to help reach our local students. God is going to do something great through this outreach and we hope and pray you will be a part of it!

FCA Huddle Update – August 28, 2014

All_In_BlackAfter blogging about starting FCA Huddles on Tuesday, I found out that this Friday our local high school is having their monthly Club Day.  So, tomorrow morning for an hour and then in the afternoon in the hour I will be there doing two FCA Huddles.  Please pray for me as I talk to the students about what they can expect in the upcoming school year with our FCA Huddles, ways they can get more involved in FCA in general, and most importantly as I do a short devotion and share the Gospel.  We are blessed to have this opportunity to share right in the schools, so please pray that our Club Day FCA will have a huge impact for Christ on our high school!

youth bowling league starting back again…

After School Jr LeagueWith the start of our fall bowling leagues at the Rec Center also comes the start of our After School Youth Bowling League outreach!  This is a great outreach that we do where students K through 12 can come out each Monday, bowl two games of bowling, receive instruction, pizza, and a drink.  We are able to take buses and pick the students up at their schools and bring them out.  The parents can either pick the students up at the Rec Center or to one of three drop off points.  Over the past few years we have had lots of students participate in this program.  Much of the outreach portion has been through relational evangelism and had even had students accept Christ.  We have also had various times where we have presented the Gospel with our students with everyone listening.  This year we hope to have more times where the Gospel is shared corporately and then have solid Christian adults who are available to follow up with the students.  Please join me in praying that God will begin working in the lives of the students who are going to attend this outreach even now.  Pray that we will have a great turn out and that many student will choose to follow Christ!  Also, pray for plenty of adult volunteers to work with us with our student.  Also, consider whether or not you could volunteer a mere hour and a half a week to see lives changed for Christ!