90 Day Body by Vi Challenge Update – Week 1

bodybyviYesterday, I completed my first week of my new 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge.   And I am happy to report two things to you, first of all I have been very dedicated I have stuck with my Vi Shakes and also stuck with my calorie plan through My Fitness Pal.  It’s not been easy, especially when you work in a Recreational Center that serves great pizza, cheese steak sandwiches, and ice cream!   Secondly, I am even more happy to report to you that in just one week I am down 4 pounds!  Doing some walking and a lot of push mowing also helped me get those pesky 4 pounds off.   I really feel good about the progress that I am making and feel like things are definitely going in the right direction for this challenge.  I would love to have people join me though on my journey to be healthier.  How about you?  check out http://www.aowens23.myvi.net  to see how Visalus can help you reach your health goals.  If you have any questions contact me and I would love to talk to you.  I am looking forward to reporting more progress next week!

Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge Update – Week 10

bodybyviAnother week of maintaining has hit.  I haven’t gained, but don’t have a loss to report to you either.  So, I guess this is sort of an on the fence of post, not really good or bad.  On Friday, night this week I had the opportunity to work the night shift in our Rec Center fitness center.   As  I was working I overheard some of the guys talking about supplements and trying to lose bad weight and then build muscle.   I took the opportunity to share with them about the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge and the success myself and other have  had on it.  A couple of the guys seemed really interested and are supposed to look at the information and get back to me, so hopefully soon I will have some new people to report who have joined me on this journey to better health.   How about you are you ready to get healthy?   If you have some spare time check out aowens23.myvi.net   This is my personal Visalus website which has information about all the Body by Vi products and lots of cool testimonials as well.   I would love for you to join me as I continue to try to get healthier this year.  So please, check out the website and lets talk soon!

90 Day Body By Vi Challenge – Week 9

bodybyviThis week I am happy to report another pound has been lost. I have really been trying to do a good job of calorie counting along with my Vi-Shakes. I know I have mentioned it in past blogs, but if you have a smart phone you really need to get the My Fitness Pal app. It works great for keeping track of calories and knowing the nutritional value of what you are eating. Also, you plug in your exercise and see if you are doing enough to really get in better shape. My Fitness Pal is a definite must!

As always, if you are serious about wanting to get serious about your health, let’s get you on your own Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge going!   Contact me personally or check out my webpage aowens23.myvi.net!!!

90 Day Challenge Update – Week 5

bodybyviGood news!  This week I have progress to report as I have lost three more pounds.  While it is exciting to be able to report this to you, the fact that I may have lost some of that weight to a very nasty stomach virus this past weekend , is not so good.  However, it is nice to see the scales moving down again.  I really am enjoying experimenting with different flavored Vi-Shakes with my favorites still being frozen strawberries or the peanut butter banana.  The Visalus program tastes great and really works.  Please contact me soon and we can get you started on the path to being a healthier you!!!

90 Day Challenge Update – Week 3

bodybyviThis week has been about maintaining.   I am proud to say that I haven’t gained anything, but at the same time I haven’t lost.   As I try to remind everyone who works out at the Rec Center and participates in our  Biggest Loser contest, when you start working out at dieting after being dormant for a while you eventually hit a plateau.  I have to remind myself not to get discouraged, but that if I keep up and doing well on my diet and exercise, the downhill process will start up again!   So, hopefully when I update you next week, I will be losing again!   As always, let me know if you want to join me on this weight-loss journey!

90 Day Challenge Update – Week 2

Biggest Loser 01I have completed my second week of this 90 Day Challenge and I am happy to report that things are going great.  I am officially down 9 lbs from my starting weight two weeks ago.  It’s been very encouraging to get off to a fast start and see the weight drop and the pants loosen up a bit!  Unfortunately, I have been sick and haven’t been able to add exercise to my diet the way that I would like to.  Hopefully, by next week I will be able to shake off these sickness issues and get some good productive exercise thrown into my weight-loss program!  How are you doing with your own weight-loss resolutions and goals?  I would still love to have you join me on my 90 Day Challenge, so contact me today!

failure and recommitment…

bodybyviI began my second Body by Vi challenge back in November, and ashamedly I am writing you that I have failed.  Over the past two months traveling while coaching, family and friend get togethers, and just plain bad holiday eating habits have done in my challenge.  Whether or not starting a challenge during this time period was overly ambitious on my part or not is not the issue, it’s just that my will power was not strong enough.

So, with the start of the new year I have new fitness goals for myself that I want to share publicly and so that I will be more accountable to get them done.  Last year I lost 17 lbs on the Body by Vi plan.  While this was a good start, I have much farther to go.  I am going to be dedicated and ambitious and by the end of 2013 I want to lose 40 to 50 lbs.  This will take more will power than I have ever used in this area of my life.  Yet, I will do this and must do this in order to lead a better life and be their longer for my children.  The first step for me is returning to my Body by Vi challenge.  Starting tomorrow I am going back on the 90 Day challenge with the goal of losing the first 25 lbs in 90 days.  The combination of lots of exercise and this very good program should do the trick.

I encourage you to step up and join me on this challenge as well.  Let’s begin 2013 together making wiser and healthier choices.  If you are serious please contact me today and I can share about my plan and what Body by Vi can do for you!