90 Day Body By Vi Challenge – Final Update for this challenge…

bodybyviWell, I just completed my 90 Day Body By Vi challenge.  I wish I could tell you I was totally dedicated and lost 45 to 60 pounds.  However, I was not as good as I should have and could have been.  That being said, after all the ups and downs I am happy to report to you that an official 10 pounds is gone from the time I began this journey a the beginning of the year.  I still have my goal of losing 50 more pounds by the end of this calendar year and this was just the start.  Within the next week I plan on starting another  90 Day Challenge and hopefully with the spring and summer sun aiding in getting me outside more the pounds can really start to fall away.  How about you?  Are you ready to join me on my next challenge?  If so contact me today!!!


Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge Update – Week 10

bodybyviAnother week of maintaining has hit.  I haven’t gained, but don’t have a loss to report to you either.  So, I guess this is sort of an on the fence of post, not really good or bad.  On Friday, night this week I had the opportunity to work the night shift in our Rec Center fitness center.   As  I was working I overheard some of the guys talking about supplements and trying to lose bad weight and then build muscle.   I took the opportunity to share with them about the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge and the success myself and other have  had on it.  A couple of the guys seemed really interested and are supposed to look at the information and get back to me, so hopefully soon I will have some new people to report who have joined me on this journey to better health.   How about you are you ready to get healthy?   If you have some spare time check out aowens23.myvi.net   This is my personal Visalus website which has information about all the Body by Vi products and lots of cool testimonials as well.   I would love for you to join me as I continue to try to get healthier this year.  So please, check out the website and lets talk soon!

90 Day Challenge Update – Week 8

bodybyviI can’t wait till summer! I am longing for the days of warm weather where while working on a 90 day challenge I can go outside with my boxer or family and walk and run to help lose this weight. Unfortunatley winter seems to be hanging on here in Kentucky with another good snow last night and very cold temperatures today. Warmth come soon!

This week I am happy to report that I am down another pound. It isn’t much, but it’s progress. With all my ups and downs I am currently down 10 lbs from the start of my 90 Day challenge.

Getting healthy has been a slow process but as I look at my kids I know it’s a much needed one. I am loving spending time playing with them and want to be able to be a dad who get’s out and plays sports with them, not one who can only cheer from the sideline. I also am trying to do better at setting an example of good eating and exercise. How about you? Are you able to be an “active” participant in your family? If not won’t you consider joining me on a 90 Day Body by Vi challenge??? Contact me today and let’s get started!

90 Day Challenge Update – Week 5

bodybyviGood news!  This week I have progress to report as I have lost three more pounds.  While it is exciting to be able to report this to you, the fact that I may have lost some of that weight to a very nasty stomach virus this past weekend , is not so good.  However, it is nice to see the scales moving down again.  I really am enjoying experimenting with different flavored Vi-Shakes with my favorites still being frozen strawberries or the peanut butter banana.  The Visalus program tastes great and really works.  Please contact me soon and we can get you started on the path to being a healthier you!!!

90 Day Challenge Update – Week 4

bodybyviThis week has been another week of maintaining for  me.  To be honest I have been still down with whatever illness I have and so there are some days when I haven’t eaten much at all and other days where I have had to make up for lost time.  The result has been a consistent stay at my current weight-loss level.  I am heading back to the doctor’s office this afternoon for more tests to hopefully find out what it is that is zapping my energy levels and keeping me feeling sick.  The doctor seems to think it’s mono, but there are some other issues that could be causing it as well.  I am just praying that I can be healthy and energetic again soon.  Not making progress on my weight-loss goals and just not feeling like I have the energy to be a good husband and father right now is really taking it’s toll on me.  Please pray that things will get better soon!

90 Day Challenge Update – Week 1

bodybyviToday I am one week into my new Body by Vi challenge.   It’s been a tough week with sickness invading the family and tons of stuff going on, but I am happy to report that I am down 3.4 lbs. since I began this new challenge last Wednesday! I am very excited to be moving in this direction again and really want to get more people to join me.  At the Rec Center, 2013Biggest_Loser_Flyerbeginning this month, we are doing our annual Biggest Loser Competition.  So far over 20 people from the community have joined and committed themselves to getting healthier over the next three months.  I hope to be able to convince some of them to join me on my 90 Day Challenge as a way to aid them in their weight-loss and fitness goals.  If you live in this area and would like to join our Biggest Loser contest stop by the Lee County Recreational Center and see me asap!  There is no cost to join and we have cash prizes.  No matter where you live, please consider joining me on my 90 Day Challenge.  Hopefully together we can get healthier!!!

failure and recommitment…

bodybyviI began my second Body by Vi challenge back in November, and ashamedly I am writing you that I have failed.  Over the past two months traveling while coaching, family and friend get togethers, and just plain bad holiday eating habits have done in my challenge.  Whether or not starting a challenge during this time period was overly ambitious on my part or not is not the issue, it’s just that my will power was not strong enough.

So, with the start of the new year I have new fitness goals for myself that I want to share publicly and so that I will be more accountable to get them done.  Last year I lost 17 lbs on the Body by Vi plan.  While this was a good start, I have much farther to go.  I am going to be dedicated and ambitious and by the end of 2013 I want to lose 40 to 50 lbs.  This will take more will power than I have ever used in this area of my life.  Yet, I will do this and must do this in order to lead a better life and be their longer for my children.  The first step for me is returning to my Body by Vi challenge.  Starting tomorrow I am going back on the 90 Day challenge with the goal of losing the first 25 lbs in 90 days.  The combination of lots of exercise and this very good program should do the trick.

I encourage you to step up and join me on this challenge as well.  Let’s begin 2013 together making wiser and healthier choices.  If you are serious please contact me today and I can share about my plan and what Body by Vi can do for you!