finally home…

This week was a  big one for our family.  Even though we finally moved almost a month ago now, we finally closed on our new home.  It’s ours and we are so relieved a310Norwoodnd excited that God provided a place for our family to make many new memories and that we can use for ministry and sharing the love of Christ with others.

We had hoped to close on our house at the end of June, but our bank kept putting off the closing date.  So, we have been renting since the end of June.  Even though we were in our home, it still didn’t feel like ours yet and their was this stressful cloud hanging over us about when and if we were ever going close.  Monday at 3:30 or so when I walked out of the realtor’s office, all those stresses were gone and a wave of relief swept over me.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for our family as we sold our previous home, moved, and now finally closed on our current home.  There were tons of hoops and ups and downs, but we are finally home.  Please continue to pray that we will use our home to both raise our kids to serve the Lord and also be used to reach others!

why is she growing up???

IMG_2532Over the past few days I have spent many hours at home with my family as we have been battling some sort of flu virus and trying to get better to get back into the world.  During this time at home, I have enjoyed getting to spend a bit more time with my kiddos, reading to them, playing games, watching movies, and just enjoying their company.  Last night my wife and I were talking and there is a sad truth that has set in, my baby girl Maeven is no longer a toddler but a little girl.  Maeven is having full length conversations with me and playing pretend.  She tells me all about her day, her friends that she is going to go see, and even discusses her favorite colors with me.  Gone is my little toddler who could barely walk, but now is a fast growing skinny little girl who loves to be a social butterfly.  Hopefully, this stage won’t go so fast!!!

our new addition…


Maeven and her Lolo

Yesterday, our family welcomed the newest addition to our family into our home, Lolo.  Lolo is a very cute little black and white mini-schnauzer that looks very much like our beloved Nixie.   Maeven is already in love with her and claimed her “Wolo” as her very own.  While adding another puppy to the family seems crazy to some people we have really enjoyed raising schnoodle puppies the past couple of years.  It has given my wife, a project that she really enjoys that can raise some extra money for the family.  It’s also been a great thing for Erin and Maeven and Erin’s mom to enjoy doing together.   So hopefully will Lolo not only be another great family member, but also a good member of our little family business.  If nothing else, seeing Maeven play with and love on her “Wolo” is totally worth it!

my big girl…

My big girl...

My big girl…

Yesterday was a big day at our house.   Maeven finally moved from her crib into a big girl bed!   A few weeks ago Erin’s parents brought us Erin’s old day bed from when she was growing up.  After a little tlc, a new mattress and a safety rail it was all set for Maeven.  Test number one came during Sunday’s nap time.  While jumping on the bed was fun the idea of sleeping in it was a bit scary.  We went through the you have to lay down and no you can’t get in your old bed, followed by a little crying.  Finally she fell asleep for her nap.  Last night she liked it when I sat on her bed and read her night time story, but once again proceeded to cry and talk for an hour before falling asleep.   A few minutes ago I spoke with my wife on the phone and she said during today’s nap time Maeven asked to sleep in her old pink bed, but eventually fell asleep in the new one.  My baby in a big girls bed seems to be a little sad for both me and her.   Hopefully other milestones don’t come this quickly!

who’s girl are you???

Daddy's girl!

Daddy’s girl!

Who’s girl are you? This has become a fun little game that my two year old daughter, Maeven, and I play. At first she will act like she doesn’t know what to say, so I will ask her again, “Maeven, who’s girl are you?” Finally she’ll say “Daddy’s girl!” Then she will get a sheepish grin and let me know she’s about to be a little stinker. Under her breath with a sweet smile she says “Momma’s girl!” From there I have no choice but to retaliate with a good tickle which cracks her up. I definitely have been blessed with a very cute and sweet baby girl!

figuring out how to be handy….

I have a confession, that many of you may already know. I am not extremely handy at being a Mr. Fix it with household projects and repairs. I do my best whenever I have to get something done, but can’t always promise perfection. I am getting better, but it’s a slow slow trying process.

the store picture of the island I put together last night....

the store picture of the island I put together last night….

Last night I had a nemesis of a project to figure out. A few weeks ago we were given a kitchen island as a gift. Due to being sick and just busy I had not had a chance to put it together, but last night my wife had decided it was time. I gathered my tools together and took all the pieces out of the box. I even did the unmanly thing of locating the directions. And their in my living room I went to war, me against the island!

For the next three and a half hours I did battle, slowly, and sometimes painstakingly trying to decipher directions and put small pieces of wood and metal together. After about two hours those small pieces began to take shape into cabinets and drawers. Finally my island was set up and just needed the drawers slid into place. Drawers one through three went int smooth and easy. But, as my last piece, drawer number 4 went in, it got stuck. The thing wouldn’t budge, wouldn’t fit into its place. After twenty minutes of thinking bad thoughts about this drawer, I finally figured out, I had put it together wrong. I had to take that drawer completely apart, rearrange the pieces and tighten it all back together. After this one last battle, my island was complete. Things slid right into place and my island was complete.

At the 12:30 am, I pulled myself out of the floor to view my hand work. I admit I was pretty proud of my accomplishment. But even more thrilling was the fact that hopefully I won’t have to construct anything like that again in the near future!