learning at home…

140913.jpgToday, starts a big journey for our family.  Not only is my little boy going to kindergarten for the first time, but we have decided to homeschool my daughter this year for the 2nd Grade.  Don’t worry, we don’t have the jean jumpers and the protective bubble to keep her safe from the outside world.

In truth, there are several reasons we have decided to homeschool this year, the main reason being her physical health.  At the beginning of the year, Maeven was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  She has done an amazing job of adjusting to her new diet and making changes needed for her to feel better.  However, we found that in the public school setting we just really couldn’t keep her from getting “glutened.”  So often the kids are rewarded with food that contains gluten, given treats with gluten, or kids just bringing in food from home with gluten.  So whether she ate something she shouldn’t or just got cross contaminated, Maeven was constantly getting sick.  After several cases of strep throat, the flu, and other issues arising from having a compromised immune system we knew that something had to be done.

So this year we have decided to homeschool her.  My wife and I have made the decision that homeschooling will be a year by year and kid by kid decision.  More than anything we want to give her a chance for her gut and immune health to heal up well.  Also, it gives us a chance to pour into her Biblically in her education.  Already, in the 1st grade last year she was hearing things I didn’t hear until I was a teenager.  So this year, we get to really make sure what she hears during her educational hours in Christ centered.

My wife and I are excited to have this opportunity and nervous at the same time.  Please keep us in your prayers as this new journey starts today!


it caught me…

This morning I woke up bright and early to get ready for our weekly FCA Huddle at the high school.  As I was getting up and going I really felt sorta blah, but figured after a little while of being up and getting something to eat things would get better.

At FCA this morning we discussed Leadership camp and some of the requirements that we are going to require of the students in order to be able to go.  I also spent time challenging the students about whether or not they are currently going in their relationship with Christ?   So many times our students are happy being “saved” and content with just that.  So over the next few weeks I want to discuss a growing and thriving relationship with Christ and what they are doing to foster that in their own lives.  Please pray for us on that journey!

After FCA, I went to the Rec Center where I still wasn’t feeling quite right, but I got ahead on planning my lesson plan for the homeschool student we work with.  And when my student arrived we worked on his lessons and actually got ahead in a few subjects.

Unfortunatley, as I was teaching I grew colder and colder and my joints really started hurting.  Pretty soon I was shivering and new I just couldn’t make it. So when all our staff finally arrived at the Rec Center, I slipped out for the day and spent the afternoon in bed sleeping and shivering!

Tonight I am still feeling pretty rough, but was able to get up and see Maeven playing and feeling better than she has in days.  So on the bright side of things Maeven does seem to be doing quite well.  I hope that after another good night of rest tonight I will shake this bug quickly.  I definitely don’t want to be sick when the new baby arrives!