Hoody time

Today is a a glorious day. The first time this year it truly feels like fall. Yes, it’s cold, gray, rainy and wet. However, this is the first time this year I can go to my closet and pull out a glorious item of clothing known as the hoody.

I truly do love being able to wear my hoody. It means that the perfect time of year is here. Not so hot that I am sweating like a mad man, but at the same time, not so cold that I’m freezing and have to put on another couple of layers and a jacket. No, a hoody means I can be active, a little cool, but snug and warm as well.

For some reason the hoody makes everything better from wanting to be outside playing in the leaves with my kids, to even the desire to be out watching football. Yes, I do love my hoodies.


ready to get back into my hoody addiction…

An oldie of me in one of my favorite grey hoodies when Maeven was just 3 months old!

When I first got married and my wife Erin moved into our home, she noticed right away that I had a slight addiction in my wardrobe.  It’s true, I was and am a hoody man.   Much like Adam Sandler singing in his song “Red Hooded” sweat shirt, there is something I love about that 50 cotton and 50 poly.  And for the most part I don’t vary too much in my hoody colors which drives Erin even more nuts.  Most of my hoodies are athletic grey or some shade of blue.  The lone exception being a red Chicago Blackhawks hoody.

The reason I love the hoody has to do with comfort.  When I slip my hoody on I feel warm and soft all over.  I like having the option of a pouch and hood to cover my hands and ears when they chill.  In my hoody I am totally relaxed.

As you can imagine with the slight changes of temperature and leaves starting to fall, my hoody excitement is growing.   Only a few more degrees and I get go back to my favorite wardrobe.  And this year I am not going alone.  While my wife Erin still has not embraced the hoody the way I have, this fall and winter season I will be joined by both of my children.  I will show them just how comfortable they can truly be in the crisp days of fall and chilly days of winter.

So, as fall approaches and the temperature drops, ask yourself a question.  Have I truly embraced the soft, warm, wonderfulness that is a hoody?   If you have great, if not I urge you strongly to make that choice!!!