praying to parent better…

ParentingI’m a Dad and all too often I am reminded by the actions and words of my kiddos that I am still figuring this whole parenting thing out.  I have two wonderful kids.  My six year old girl is a firecracker who is full of life and does everything full speed ahead.  Sometimes this leads to her being overly persistent even after she has been told no to something and losing doesn’t always go over that well with her.  My five year old little boy is as sweet as they come, but he does struggle with some speech and learning/developmental delays.  These issues definitely give him his own struggles and issues to overcome.

Each day, I realize that each of my children have their own issues and struggles and that as unique little individuals I have to respond to them in ways to unique to each child.  My daughter is fiercely independent and my son is not.  She needs more words of affirmation and he needs more quality time.  With my daughter sometimes you have to be louder to get her attention, that same volume though can break my son’s little spirit so he needs a quieter gentler tone of correction.

The problem with dealing with my kids and meeting their individual unique needs is that I am a sinner.  As a Dad I don’t always respond the way I should.  I let my own issues, fatigue, and life in general all too often color the way I parent.  Too often my responses have more to do with me than that of what my child is doing or needs.  This is an issue that God has definitely been dealing with me about one the past few months and it has led me to a simple prayer that I pray daily, if not several times a day.  I pray and ask  God to allow me and my wife to be the type of parents that point our kids to Christ in all that we do and say, and that we show His love to them in all that we do and say.

This prayer convicting to me, because it points out the times that day I have failed to do what I’m asking.  Also, it comes to my mind when I am in the middle of some form of parenting my children and helps me slow down and think about the love, kindness, discipline, and guidance that I may be about to give.  I know I am a fallen sinner, but I want to seek my God so that my kids see Christ in me and want a deeper relationship with Him.  I never want to be the parent that breaks his kids down and drives them away from Christ.

I am praying to be a parent who is reflecting Christ well and ask that you pray for me in this area to!

Lunch visits are great…

Today I was visited at lunch by my family.  Erin brought the kids by to hang out, run around the Rec Center to get out some energy, and to get something to eat.  Even though my kiddos were probably more excited about getting to bowl and eat some ice cream, I was just thankful for the time spent with them.  It’s great to in the middle of a long work day hear sweet little voices say “I love you.”  So, yeah, there may not be much of a reason for this post, other than to once again say how greatful I am for my wonderful family!

a weekly date…

AFVEven though my children are still very young, my daughter is 5 and my son is 3, I am realizing more and more about how quickly time passes.  When we went to Disney a month or so ago, I stood back and watched my kids walking and realized I don’t have toddlers anymore, but little kids.  So, I have been trying to be more proactive in making time with each of my children so that I can treasure the time and they know how much I love them.

One of the things my daughter has loved is our weekly “Daddy/Daughter Date” where on Sunday nights before bed time we cuddle up on the couch and watch America’s Funniest Home Videos.  Getting Maeven to sit still and stay by me for a long period of time is tough with all that little kid energy. Yet each Sunday she starts right after the morning church service asking when “Funny Bideos” comes on.  Throughout the day I answer that question with a countdown of how much longer we have.  When it’s finally time for us to watch the show she will quit whatever she is doing, run to the couch and snuggle up with me to watch the show.  Maeven talks through the entire show asking me with all sincerity why people did something so crazy or asking me to explain a video she doesn’t understand.  When our show is finally over, Maeven looks up at me and says, “I love you Daddy, do you have another ‘Funny Bideos’ we can watch???”

While I know my sweet little girl will not always want Daddy to watch videos with her, I am going to treasure every Sunday night I have with her.  I am truly blessed with the sweet little girl that God has given me!

a great family movie…

peanutsposter_charlieA few years back, my mother bought our kids the blu-ray of “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown,” and ever since then our kids have been big Charlie Brown fans.  This summer while watching another movie our daughter saw the preview for “Peanuts” and has been wondering and asking over and over when we could see the movie.  Well, on Sunday afternoon my wife and I took finally were able to take our two kids to see the new “Peanuts Movie.”

We had a blast taking the kids to the movie.  There is something special about seeing your little ones all excited to go into the theatre and then sitting their with their popcorn taking in every minute of the film.  And speaking of very minute at only an hour and a half this film was the perfect time to hold the attention of 3 and 5 year old kids like we have.  Another great thing about the “Peanuts Movie” is that we didn’t have to worry about having to explain anything bad to our kids or wondering if anything crude or rude was going to pop up at any time.  The movie was wholesome, funny, and even taught a great lesson about being kind, respectful, looking out for others, and doing what’s right no matter what others think of you.  In a world where every kids movie seems to have adult themes, double entendres, and potty humor it’s nice to have a movie that was great for our family and that I can recommend to other families. So if you get a chance go see “The Peanuts Movie!”

a day with the kiddos…

Every year on election day, my wife and some of the other ladies of KMM take a shopping day in Lexington where they try to get a jump on their Chrismas shopping.  Usually during the shopping trip my mother-in-law keeps the kids and I do a normal day of work.  This year however, my mother-in-law was unable to keep the kids and so I have the day with them.

So, I have the kiddos all ready to go for a fun day out with Dad. I have kept them both by myself numerous times at home, but today is the first time I have really ventured out with them for a fun day somewhere other than Beattyville. I am a little nervous, but hearing my daughter tell me this morning that she is soo excited to be with me today is awesome.  Even though the day hasn’t even got going yet, I am super excited for this time with the kids and know I need to make these types of days more and more of a priority!

time w/ family…

my wonderful family..

my wonderful family..

It’s been awhile since my last post, and my reasoning is the best one I can think of…family time! I was blessed with the opportunity to go away with my family for two weeks. The first week we went on vacation to Florida and the second week we were able to visit with dear friends and supporters. Even though we were able to do some very cool things as a family, the best part of these past few weeks is that we have been able to be together as a family.

So often in ministry, especially the one that I work with, there are times where family time is sacrificed. As my kids keep getting older that’s been a harder and harder thing to deal with. I hate missing milestones of my children’s lives and am making more and more of an effort to make sure that doesn’t happen. While traveling with them I was constantly reminded of what a blessing they are and how God has entrusted me to guide and raise these precious lives. At the same time, I was also reminded about what a Godly wife and wonderful mother to my children God has given me in Erin.

As we move into the fall ministry here with KMM I stare at my calendar and see it filling up. At the same time, I look at my family and know that there are some of those days that look full, that I am going to have to clear. God has blessed me more than I could have ever asked for with my family and that is not something for me to ever take for granted.

a pink weapon…

Maeven showing off her new weapon!

Maeven showing off her new weapon!

Well, last week it finally happened, even though I had made it 34 years of my life without it happening to me.  One of my kids got their first broken bone.  On Thursday, last week, my sweet little girl Maeven took a dive off some monkey bars and broke her wrist.  It took us till Friday afternoon and several hours in doctors offices and x-ray rooms to get her all set straight with her cast.  Thankfully she has been great and really likes showing everyone her neon pink weapon.  Why do I call it a weapon?  Well, before she left the doctors office, the doctor pulled Maeven aside, and let her know she wasn’t to hit her brother or anyone else with it.  So far she has been great about keeping this pink weapon from hitting anyone purposefully.  Although, as a good Daddy, I have learned that hugs can be painful when that hard cast makes contact with my head!  All, this to say, I am glad the fracture wasn’t more severe and that my little girl is recovering from what looks to be the first of many bone injuries for a very outgoing child!