praying to parent better…

ParentingI’m a Dad and all too often I am reminded by the actions and words of my kiddos that I am still figuring this whole parenting thing out.  I have two wonderful kids.  My six year old girl is a firecracker who is full of life and does everything full speed ahead.  Sometimes this leads to her being overly persistent even after she has been told no to something and losing doesn’t always go over that well with her.  My five year old little boy is as sweet as they come, but he does struggle with some speech and learning/developmental delays.  These issues definitely give him his own struggles and issues to overcome.

Each day, I realize that each of my children have their own issues and struggles and that as unique little individuals I have to respond to them in ways to unique to each child.  My daughter is fiercely independent and my son is not.  She needs more words of affirmation and he needs more quality time.  With my daughter sometimes you have to be louder to get her attention, that same volume though can break my son’s little spirit so he needs a quieter gentler tone of correction.

The problem with dealing with my kids and meeting their individual unique needs is that I am a sinner.  As a Dad I don’t always respond the way I should.  I let my own issues, fatigue, and life in general all too often color the way I parent.  Too often my responses have more to do with me than that of what my child is doing or needs.  This is an issue that God has definitely been dealing with me about one the past few months and it has led me to a simple prayer that I pray daily, if not several times a day.  I pray and ask  God to allow me and my wife to be the type of parents that point our kids to Christ in all that we do and say, and that we show His love to them in all that we do and say.

This prayer convicting to me, because it points out the times that day I have failed to do what I’m asking.  Also, it comes to my mind when I am in the middle of some form of parenting my children and helps me slow down and think about the love, kindness, discipline, and guidance that I may be about to give.  I know I am a fallen sinner, but I want to seek my God so that my kids see Christ in me and want a deeper relationship with Him.  I never want to be the parent that breaks his kids down and drives them away from Christ.

I am praying to be a parent who is reflecting Christ well and ask that you pray for me in this area to!

time w/ family…

my wonderful family..

my wonderful family..

It’s been awhile since my last post, and my reasoning is the best one I can think of…family time! I was blessed with the opportunity to go away with my family for two weeks. The first week we went on vacation to Florida and the second week we were able to visit with dear friends and supporters. Even though we were able to do some very cool things as a family, the best part of these past few weeks is that we have been able to be together as a family.

So often in ministry, especially the one that I work with, there are times where family time is sacrificed. As my kids keep getting older that’s been a harder and harder thing to deal with. I hate missing milestones of my children’s lives and am making more and more of an effort to make sure that doesn’t happen. While traveling with them I was constantly reminded of what a blessing they are and how God has entrusted me to guide and raise these precious lives. At the same time, I was also reminded about what a Godly wife and wonderful mother to my children God has given me in Erin.

As we move into the fall ministry here with KMM I stare at my calendar and see it filling up. At the same time, I look at my family and know that there are some of those days that look full, that I am going to have to clear. God has blessed me more than I could have ever asked for with my family and that is not something for me to ever take for granted.

an update to this morning’s post…

a student bowling...

a student bowling…

Thank you all so much for praying about our day here at the Rec Center.   It was a busy one that required lots of energy and prayers so I truly thank you.   We wended up having over 73 students and some adult supervisors who came out to bowl from the local high school and middle school.  They kept us hopping and were always on the go, but were wonderfully behaved.   I am so thankful for the opportunity we had to interact with them and make some new friends.  Hopefully the students will keep coming back to the Rec Center and we will have more and more opportunities to share Jesus with them.  Thanks again for all your prayers!

a busy day at the Rec Center…

rec center signageThis morning I don’t have very much time to blog, but I would ask that you pray for the Rec Center today as we have a great opportunity to interact with the students of our local high and middle schools.  Today over 100 students will be bowling at the Rec Center as a reward for doing well on their tests last year.  Pray that we will be able to use this opportunity as a way to show the love of Christ to them and make some friendships that lead to the Gospel!  I will try to post an update later tonight and let you know how things went!


my response…

Yesterday was an interesting day as I watched all the red profile pictures pop up across Facebook.  I saw all the arguments going about equality and the right to marry whoever you want and honestly I was surprised and the different people that I saw supporting the different sides of the argument.  First, let me say that I am not writing a blog post that deals with the Supreme Court and what they should decide on the issue of gay marriage.  What I found discouraging yesterday was the fact of how people reacted.  I saw many Christians who did come across as hateful,homophobic, and not having a Christ-like heart toward this community.  At the same time I saw, may people who support gay marriage (both gay and straight supporters) who were just as hateful at the idea that anyone would dare disagree with them.  They classified those opposed to gay marriage as hateful, homophobic, pro-slavery, narrow-minded, and much worse for just having a different opinion.  The judgmental spirit that the pro side was saying the other side had was exactly what they were displaying themselves.

Last night, I stayed up for a long time trying to wrap my head around all the things that I had read and seen yesterday, when I came across this quote from the pastor of Saddleback Church, Rick Warren.




As you can probably guess, I fall on the side of the argument that Biblically disagrees with gay marriage.  Does this mean that I have hate in my heart or despise those that disagree with me no it does not.   I have many friends that disagree with me on this issue, but not matter what they believe or do with their lives, my God has called me to love them and be compassionate to them.  I may never change their stance on the issue of gay marriage and homosexuality.  But, that’s not what I am called to do, I am called to live a life that honors and reflects Christ and shows His love to others.

I struggled with whether or not to even comment on this issue with all the hate I saw spewing from both sides yesterday.  But this quote from Pastor Warren really encouraged me that it’s ok to share my convictions, but it must be tempered with compassion and love.  I just want to encourage all Christians everywhere to remember you don’t have to compromise your convictions, especially those that are Biblical, but remember love and compassion as well.  And to anyone who ever has someone disagree with you, disagreement doesn’t mean fear and hate.

4 years goes quickly…




On Valentines Day, Erin and I celebrated 4 years of wedded bliss.  It’s hard to believe in 4 short years we have gone from wedding to two houses, two dogs, tons of changes, and oh yeah two kids who are both under 2 1/2 years old.  Through all the changes and ups and downs each day I realize how blessed I am with this beautiful godly woman that God allowed me to marry.  I can’t wait  for the next 4 years and many more to com with my sweet Erin!

basketball coaching update…

basketball1Last night we began the 1st of 4 home games that will help draw our middle school basketball season to a close with only 1 road game remaining after them.  This season has definitely been a learning experience on everything from working as a coach to learning how to work with the many emotional and maturity states that you can find a middle schooler in.  God has definitely been good to us and helped watch over Scott and I as we work with the students.  This week we had one of our students collapse after a game and need to be taken to the hospital for some treatment.  Thankfully the students was just dehydrated and needed to work on eating better foods and more of them.  We are also thankful for the safety God gave Scott and our student as they went to the hospital and back and for safety as I helped get the other teammates home.

Our team has shrunk over the season for a variety of reasons, but last night as we coached them it was exciting to see the guys who have stuck it out and how most of them are really starting to gel as a team.  We don’t have as many players as most of our competition but for the most parts our guys are  playing their hearts out and starting to really play good basketball.  Last night our 7th grade team won their second 7th grade game in a row, which is huge for us.

As our season come to a close over the next week and a half, please pray for Scott and I as we seek to leave a lasting impression on these boys that will hopefully lead them to Christ.  Pray that opportunities to share Christ verbally will occur and that in every situation our lives will reflect the love of Christ to our boys.  And lastly, thank you so much for all your prayers over the course of this season!