Thankful for answered prayers…

I just wanted to share a cool way that God answered a prayer for us at the Rec Center.  Last week our new pastor, Terry, came to the Rec Center to visit with me and to get to know one another.  As we were visiting, my father came into the Rec Center and began talking with us.  When Pastor Terry asked about any needs the Rec Center ministry has, Dad shared with him about our need for heat and air at the Rec Center.  He specifically shared how if we could get a couple more ventless propane heaters it would really help us with heat and lowering the electric bill.  Terry said he would be praying about the need and also would talk to one of our church members who works for a natural gas company to see if he could help in any way.

This week Pastor Terry talked with Mark who works for a natural gas company about the availability of any propane heaters.  Mark said they really don’t deal with propane heaters, but he would look out for us.  The next day, one of Mark’s new customers was converting from propane to natural gas.  The customer had two ventless propane heaters that he was looking to sell.  Mark shared with him about the Rec Center and the customer donated both heaters to us.  When Mark brought the heaters to the Rec Center, not only were they the type of heaters we have been needing one of them was even the exact brand of the heaters we already have.

It’s been awesome to see once again this week how God works and provides for us.  From a conversation about praying for needed heaters to providing those heaters.  How a dear friend who doesn’t deal with propane just happens to meet a customer with heaters.  From not only getting those heaters donated to having them be the exact kind needed and the same brand.  The whole situation has God’s finger prints all over it.  I am so thankful for how our great God works through  prayer and through the friends He gives us in the Body of Christ!

I hope hearing about this answered prayer encourages you as much as it has me!