reading in the dark…

ipadreadingAt the beginning of this year I posted about doing the empty shelf challenge where I was trying to fill up an empty shelf with a variety of books that I would read throughout the course of this year.  I have actually done quite well with this challenge, even better than I had personally expect.  That being said their has been one thing that has actually aided me quite well in my reading goals, reading in the dark on my iPad.

I know their are many literary purist out there who love the good old paper books and won’t go over to reading on tablets.  And I must admit for non-fiction books, especially good Christian literature I still prefer a book that I can highlight and make notes in.  But being able to read by the light of the tablet in the dark when my wife, who tends to fall asleep early, is off in dreamland has greatly aided in the amount that I am able to read.  It’s during these times that I catch up on my fiction in take.  Reading a good story is a great way wind down after a long day and tablet reading has been a great way to do so.  Also, if you are like me and live rurally and can’t always get to the store or don’t want to wait on the next book in a series to arrive by mail iBooks, Kindle Apps, and other tablet book services provide a great way to keep reading your series with no delay.

Even if you are a purist who loves your paper books keep reading them and buy them, but a good copy that you can have access to immediately and read in the dark on your tablet, computer, or even phone is a great alternative that I highly recommend!


up all night…

2013_End_of_School_Lock-INTonight we are having our End of School Teen Lock-In at the Rec Center and are expecting around a hundred 7th-12th grade students to join us.  Throughout the night we will have bowling, cosmic bowling, games, prizes, karaoke, and much more for the students to enjoy.  As always though, our main focus is on sharing Christ with these students.  KMM Missionary Scott Brandenburg will be sharing a devotional with the students about 1 am where he will share the Gospel.  Please pray that students will be open to the message and that Scott will be used by God to reach the students.  We are still in need of chaperones for this event and would love to have you join us!  If you can’t join us, please join us in prayer for needed staff, for lots of energy, and most importantly that students will give their lives to Christ!

date night w/ Erin…

Last night I had the opportunity to take my lovely wife out on a date for the first time since Judah’s arrival.  We joined my cousin and and his girlfriend at the Movie Tavern in Lexington where we watched “The Avengers.”  The movie was awesome and at almost  2 1/2 hours definitely got our money’s worth!

Since having kids we have found out that the Movie Tavern is really a perfect date spot for us as parents.   With having to find a sitter for the kids and being on a short time limit, being able to combine dinner and a movie saves time and works out perfect for us.  On top of all that the food is really good.  My Monte Cristo wrap was great and I am still craving another.

If you are a parent who needs a date night desperately, but has limited time, give the Movie Tavern a chance!