Photo Friday – March 6, 2015

This week for Photo Friday I chose a picture of me and my beautiful daughter Maeven having fun together.  She loves when we get out my computer and enjoy the photo booth app with some funny faces.  Love my snow days hanging out with this crazy little girl!

Making faces with my girl!

Making faces with my girl!


Photo Friday – December 12, 2009

I know if you are friends with me on Facebook or Instagram you have probably seen the picture below already.  However, I love and am so blessed by the two guys with me in this picture I wanted to share it again.   I am blessed to have such a Godly father who loved me and shared Jesus with me.   I am also blessed to have such a great son, and I pray that I will be as good of a dad as my father and reflect Jesus to Judah as well!


Photo Friday – Creepy Kitty!





So if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram last week you probably saw the picture below that I posted that was rather disturbing.  This cat came out of a claw machine and is basically “Caesarian Kitty.”   I did find out from a friend that I should look it up on eBay because it’s worth some money.  I was amazed to find this little gross sadistic toy is going for almost $50 online.  So if you are interested and want to help the Rec Center, feel free to make me an offer I can’t refuse!