a topic that I love…

This morning I am off to give a presentation on something that I love, Sports Ministry.  If you have followed this blog or know me at all it’s something that I am truly passionate about, love to talk about, blog about, and it’s the career that God has called me to as I serve with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. In my personal opinion it is one of the best ways to reach our world for Christ and crosses more cultural and social barriers than almost any other form of ministry.

sports minToday, I am going to actually be sharing on a couple of topics, first of all the need for sports ministry and why we should be using it to reach our students.  Most of the reasons I am sharing about I have blogged about on here before.  Things like the fact that we live in a sports crazed culture and that over 17 million students K-12 grades are involved in school and community sports.  Also, I am going to be sharing about how we need to be using sports ministry as a way to reach coaches, because of the influence our coaches have.  Another stat that I recently got was also that almost 80% of our students are now unchurched.  By doing sports ministry we have an amazing opportunity to bring the Word of God to these students for the first time ever!

My 2nd topic that I am sharing on today is on how to prepare a chapel talk for speaking to a sports team.  I will be sharing tips on how to prepare and also some do’s and don’ts about preparation, presentation, and follow up.  The opportunity to go into a team practice or pregame routine and share a devotion/chapel with them is so amazing that it is something that we can not afford to not do well.  Whether that be how we communicate the Word and break it down for them, or just respecting the coaches time parameters.  As mentioned above about 80% of those we share with in a team chapel situation are not attending church so we must do our chapels well for Christ.

Please pray with me as I share in more detail about these topics this morning.  Also, if you would ever like to discuss anything with or relating to sports ministry please let me know!  If you are looking for a practical way to serve the Lord that reaches all kinds of people, you should definitely look into plugging into a sports ministry!


Prayer for Presentations…

All_In_BlackTonight our family will be giving several presentations on what God is doing through the various ministries we are involved in.  We will be sharing about all God has done and is doing at the Lee County Rec. Center, The Well, and in our FCA Huddles.  We will even be sharing about taking to students to FCA camp this summer and FCA’s theme for camp this summer “All In.”  Please be in prayer for Erin and I as we share.  Pray for clarity of speech and that we will be able to effectively share our hearts for ministry and all the passions that God has given us for the people of Southeastern Kentucky.  Pray also that God will speak to the hearts of the people we are sharing with and that possibly some might even be interested in coming to help us short term or perhaps long term.  We are excited to see how God will use tonight’s presentations and treasure your prayers!

great times and bad news…

After a very much needed week for some r and r in Michigan we arrived back home in Kentucky tonight.  Our family was able to spend the past week at my Uncle and Aunt’s cottage on Crystal Lake in Whitehall, Michigan.  It was just nice to be able to swim with the kids, play in the sand, canoe and enjoy time with our extended family.  Best of all we really didn’t have plans and were able to take each day as it came, which was awesome.

On our trip Erin also celebrated her birthday.  My parents we able to take out the kids one afternoon and Erin and I were able to go see “Brave” and have a birthday date together.  My beautiful wife is also a very cheap birthday date.  I offered to take her anywhere she wanted for a birthday dinner and she chose Taco Bell!

We left Michigan on Saturday morning and drove to Goshen, IN to visit one of my good friends and his wife and kids.  My friend is a pastor and we made it to his church in time for Maeven to attend a kids carnival.  On Sunday I had the privilege of sharing with their church about the what we are doing in ministry with KMM and the Rec Center.   During the Sunday School hour I was able to present PowerPoint presentation and in the main service give a brief summation.  Hopefully some good connections were made for both support and help here at KMM!  Most importantly we had a great time catching up with old friends and being able to share ministry concerns and ideas with each other.  God has truly blessed us with great friends.

Over all our trip was great.  God blessed us with a great vacation and great fellowship with family and friends.  To say we were coming home on a pretty big high from this blessing is an understatement.  Unfortunately when we have highs sometimes we have some pretty big lows.  Yesterday I really felt as though some new financial support for us as missionaries was hopeful, but tonight when we arrived home we quickly went from hoping for new support to finding out we are losing some very faithful support.  We arrived home to mail letting us know that some supporters for various reasons are going to have to stop their financial support.

Over the past week God has show us through something as simple as a vacation that he He is in control and taking care of us.  In a time where we really need to be adding new supporters and seem to be going in the opposite direction I know that God has a plan.  Please join us in prayer though as we pray for patience in waiting to see what the plan is.  God has blessed us with many past and present support partners and we are so thankful for them and their commitment.  Pray that financial support partner contacts can be made and opportunities to share about ministry with KMM can be made.  God is great and God is going to do something awesome through a difficult time.  Please pray!

presentations and preparations…

Today in between doing various other things at the Rec Center I have been busy putting together a Keynote presentation about the Rec Center ministries and our FCA huddles to give at Youth Haven Bible Camp tomorrow night.  This week the camp is having it’s annual work week, with several groups from around the country coming to do various work projects at camp and in the community.  Often the groups are only exposed to the ministry of the camp, so this year in the normal chapel hour different KMM staff members are going to be doing ministry presentations sharing about the different ministries of KMM.   Tomorrow night happens to be my turn.

As I worked on my presentation the main thing I wanted to convey about the Rec Center is that we are a “Bridge Ministry.”  By this I mean it is our goal to use the tool of sports and recreational ministry to connect our community to local churches, Bible studies, counseling, and discipleship programs.  We do this through the process of building relationships.

When I worked on the FCA portion of my presentation I really wanted to convey the discipleship aspect of FCA.  So often in this area there is a huge evangelism thrust where the important things is getting people “saved.”  Sadly after this there is often very little follow up where the person who accepted Christ is taught how to build a daily walk/relationship with him.  I know this was a huge problem when I was growing up in this area and still is.  That is why FCA is so important, we have a chance to train leaders for Christ right in the public school setting!

So, tomorrow night as I share all these ministries have to offer please pray for me that I will clearly covey these main two points.  We pray that this presentation might be used by God to lead somebody to get more involved in the ministry here, possibly even on a full time basis!

would you like to have a missionary come share with your church or small group???

Maeven, Andy, Erin, and Judah Owens

This past weekend with our golf scramble I finally closed one of the busiest seasons of ministry that we have had here with KMM.   Between homeschooling our student at the Rec Center, Lock-In’s, tournaments, and the golf scramble it has definitely been a busy season of ministry here.  Now that hopefully things are settling down for a few months Erin and I are hoping to hit the road some to share about our ministry here in Beattyville.

With economic times being tough and many of our financial supporters being older we have dipped some in our regularly committed monthly support.   So we hope to try and get to as many churches and small groups as we can in the upcoming months to share about what God is doing here in KY.

How can you help us?  Well, I am so glad you asked!   First of all pray for us.  Pray that we will be able to make new contacts where we can share our ministry with individuals, churches, and small groups.  Pray for safety as we travel with our two little ones.  And finally pray that we will be able to get our committed support level up!

The next way that you can help is by possibly getting us the opportunity to share with your churches, small groups, or any individuals that you think my be interested in hearing about sports ministry in rural southeastern Kentucky.  Basically we would just like the opportunity to share our testimonies and how God is working here.  When sharing with a group I never bring up finances unless someone from the group asks. My main goal is to share our heart for the ministry and what God is doing.  Hopefully then someone’s  heart will be moved to get involved either financially or through volunteering with God’s ministry here.

What if I already know my church is unable to financially partner with you?  Another great question!   We honestly would just like the opportunity to share anyways.   Maybe the church as a whole can’t sponsor, but you never know what God might do in the lives of individuals and small groups to get them involved in some way.

So, if you are interest in Erin and I coming to share with you or you know someone one who might be please let us know.   God is dong a great work here in Southeastern Kentucky and we would love for you to be a part of it!!!

FCA Leadership Camp presentation…

Tonight at Bear Track Bible Church, which is located in the camp chapel at Youth Haven Bible Camp our FCA students and I will be sharing about the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Leadership Camp that will be taking place at Campbellsville University this summer. The students will be sharing about last year’s camp experience, the desire to go back this year, and how they want to be leaders for Christ at Lee County High School.  We still have 5 out of our 6 students who need sponsorship for camp this summer.  If you are free tonight come out to Bear Track Bible Church and at least hear what God is doing with our students!