Do you want a schnoodle puppy???

I hate to come back to blogging after being gone for a few weeks with an advertisement, but one of the biggest things we have been doing this summer is taking care of two litters of schnoodle puppies.  We were blessed with 11 puppies total, but have two cuties left that are still looking for their forever homes, a little boy and a little girl.  Check out our Bluegrass Superdogs Facebook page or our website to see if one of these sweet puppies would be a fit for your home!

Beatrice - Female

Beatrice – Female

Bash - Male

Bash – Male


Puppies are gone!



There was much rejoicing in the Owens house last night as there was no longer the sounds of cute little puppies whining and crying late at night!  After a busy two days of delivering puppies to new owners from all over KY, TN, and OH all seven pups have found their forever homes!  Thank you to all who read this blog for putting up with our puppy advertisements for the past couple of months.  Also, if you were interested in a puppy and weren’t able to get one from this litter we have good news for you.  In the spring of 2015 we hope to have two more litters of pups!  In the mean time check out for upcoming litter updates.

adopt Abram today!!!

Another week has passed and we are down to only one puppy!  A cute little male named Abram is waiting to find his forever home.  We are offering a discounted price on Abram to a good home this week.  If you are interested in giving this cute little guy a great home contact us today!!!

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puppies have all found homes…

IMG_0809Today we are a happy family here at the Owens household, as we have confirmed the final new home of our puppies.  They have a week to go before they can go to their new homes, so this week we will be continuing their housebreaking and enjoying their high energy before they leave next weekend.  The saddest thing will be when Maeven realizes the puppies are going.  She has become so enthusiastic and in love with the pups.  Each night she wants to play with them and sometimes gets so excited we have to put puppies up for fear of them being overwhelmed with her puppy love!    This will be our last litter for awhile, but the good news for Maeven is that we hope to get another Mini Schnauzer as a puppy in the next year, so eventually she will have a puppy she can keep!

puppies are going fast…

Misty May is a feisty girl. Take her home today!!!

Since our puppies arrived in late July one of the things that we really worried about was whether or not when the time came if we could find buyers and good families for our puppies.  As of a week ago we were still worrying about our buyer situation and what would happen.  Little did we know what was in store.  By last night two of our puppies were with families in West Virginia, one had been reserved for a family in Illinois, and another one that we took to friends of ours at church this morning!  We now only have two puppies left.  One is our dear sweet Lolo which we have decided to keep with us and another is our feisty little Misty May who is still looking for her forever home!  God has been great and not only provided us with buyers, but buyers who will be great families for our pups.  We also found the dangers of advertising on Craigslist.  For those of you who don’t know about the dangers of Craigslist, it brings out the crazies.  One potential buyer was so nuts that we decided it was in the best interest of the pup that she not get it even though she was offering cash!

All that being said, our puppy experience has been very positive over all.  We still want to place Misty May in a great family.  So if that’s you please contact us soon!!!

advertising out puppies…

Everyday our schnoodle puppies are getting bigger and more active.  I must admit, they are some of the cutest dogs I have ever seen.  I am not saying this because they are mine, but because I just know adorable when I see it!  One thing we have been doing is to get our website up and running so people can check out our cute puppies.  I also have been working on to advertise them there as well.  If you are interested in a schnoodle puppy please check out our dogs asap and reserve yours.  The puppies don’t shed and are hypoallergenic.  The parents both have great personalities and get along great with kids and so we expect the same things from our pups and so far they are very easy going!   Hope to hear from you soon!

my angel…


When I first got married before the kids arrived one of the things I blogged about quite a bit was my boxer Angel.   Angel has been a great dog.  She is friendly as all get out and just loves to be loved.   However, I must confess in the past 17 months of having two children, my sweet Angel has often gotten lost in the shuffle.  She has been great with both of the kids letting Maeven waller her  and even pull her nubby.  Angel absolutely loves my son Judah and usually is one of the first ones to check on him whenever he cries.   A few months back we even found out she would be a great watch dog and body guard as two other little dogs came in our yard and Angel went ballistic wanting to protect Erin and Maeven.   Unfortunately Angel gets blamed for stuff because she’s the biggest.  And even now as our mini schnauzer is with pups Angel seems to be the dog that gets left out. Even though she can be a klutz sometimes and follow on your heals she is just a great dog.   So, as we reach the middle of the year my middle of the year resolution is that I want to be a better dog owner to Angel.   She deserves more than I have been able to give this past year and so I am resolving to do more walks, more play time and an over all better job of integrating her into our expanding family.   She’s and awesome dog and I want to treat her as such!