time w/ family…

my wonderful family..

my wonderful family..

It’s been awhile since my last post, and my reasoning is the best one I can think of…family time! I was blessed with the opportunity to go away with my family for two weeks. The first week we went on vacation to Florida and the second week we were able to visit with dear friends and supporters. Even though we were able to do some very cool things as a family, the best part of these past few weeks is that we have been able to be together as a family.

So often in ministry, especially the one that I work with, there are times where family time is sacrificed. As my kids keep getting older that’s been a harder and harder thing to deal with. I hate missing milestones of my children’s lives and am making more and more of an effort to make sure that doesn’t happen. While traveling with them I was constantly reminded of what a blessing they are and how God has entrusted me to guide and raise these precious lives. At the same time, I was also reminded about what a Godly wife and wonderful mother to my children God has given me in Erin.

As we move into the fall ministry here with KMM I stare at my calendar and see it filling up. At the same time, I look at my family and know that there are some of those days that look full, that I am going to have to clear. God has blessed me more than I could have ever asked for with my family and that is not something for me to ever take for granted.


quality floor time…

love these two munchkins!

love these two munchkins!

Last night, I came up stairs from a few hours of doing office work in order to get ready for the upcoming week.  When I entered the living room I was greeted by my little curly headed Judah, who was raising his claws at me and growling like a bear.  There was only one thing to do, get down on the floor and growl back at him!

As soon as I sat down on the floor I was immediately attacked.  Judah came running at me full steam and jumped at me.   I hadn’t seen my daughter Maeven, sitting in a chair behind me and before I knew it she came flying at me from behind.  For the next 30 minutes or so we had an epic wrestling/tickling match.  There were lots of giggles, screams, and belly laughs had by all.  The moment I thought we were through, someone would grab onto my neck or jump on my back and the battle was back on.

It was a great reminder that my children’s love language is quality time.  More than movies, toys, or anything else, they just want time with their Dad.  As the end of the year approaches things are getting more and more busy and to be honest quite often overwhelming.  In the midst of feeling like I am drowning in all that, I am so thankful for the reminder from God last night about how much quality time is important to my kids.  No matter how busy the calendar looks, there must always be times for those wrestling matches, book readings, and just being tackled.  I never want to take for granted the blessing that God has given me in my sweet kiddos!

don’t worry baby…

IMG_2459What’s quickly becoming a fun tradition with me and my daughter is driving in my truck and singing songs with her.  We sing everything from her Sunday School songs and Veggie Tales songs to various tracks on my iPod.  What’s most amazing to me is that Maeven, has developed a great memory.  Last night as we were traveling to and from church, Maeven kept telling me, “Daddy!  Play Worry Baby!”  I finally figured out that she wanted me to play Don’t Worry Baby by the Beach Boys.  What’s most amazing about this request were the words that Maeven next spoke, as she said, “Play Worry Baby for me Daddy!  It’s my song that you sang for me when I was a baby!”  I was totally blown away that she would remember something.  Often when Maeven was an infant on up when she would cry in the night I would slip into her room and rock Maeven and sing to her.  I always sing a variety of songs to my kids, but to my baby girl I always sing the chorus of Don’t Worry Baby.  So I was really astounded that she would remember this.  But, she did remember and as a result in the past 24 hrs I have listened to Don’t Worry Baby almost 30 times.  Gotta love her!

human trampoline…

Blue Man Jumping on a Trampoline Clipart IllustrationIt’s official, I have become a human trampoline.  No longer can I relax my back after a long day at work by stretching out on the floor.   When I kneel down as soon as soon as one knee hits the floor I can hear them moving in.  The pitter patter of toddler feet creeping towards me.  The second knee hit the floor and they move even closer.  As I stretch out to relax they are already airborne.  Before I know it they are landing on me giggling and squealing with delight.  Both my children are thoroughly enjoying jumping up and down on daddy.  For the most part I am glad that my kids are having fun, but every so often their playful pounces on the daddy trampoline can hurt quite a bit.  No matter how painful though, I wouldn’t trade quality time with those adorable rug rats for being less of a trampoline…

cold and snowy…

First Snow!!!

First Snow!!!

For the first time this winter we actually have some white on the ground.  I know most people are ready for spring, but there is just something nice about seeing a winter wonderland outside even if it is just a couple of inches.  The best part of the snow though is the family time.  Maeven has already let me know that we are watching “Nemo” tonight for our family night.  That means everyone gathered together for some hot chocolate and move time with my favorite kiddos cuddle up next to Erin and I, keeping warm and just enjoying being together.  If we get more snow tonight we might even get to spend some more family time possibly taking Maeven sledding for the first time.  I definitely love how the cold of the snow brings the warmth of the family!