working on my MBI presentation…

Next week I will be back in Chicago for Moody Bible Institute’s annual missions conference.  This year I am only getting to teach one seminar, but it’s one that I feel is very important.  I am teaching on the impact that coaches have in the lives of their athletes.  Studies show that next to peers and parents, coaches, have the role of largest impact.  With such a great chance to impact the lives of the students it’s vital that our coaches are teaching and showing our students wrong from right and most importantly reflecting Christ to the students.  In my seminar I am going to talk with MBI students about the impact coaches have, give both good and bad examples of coaching, talk about how coaches need to reflect Christ, and then give ways and helps for coaches to reach students/athletes for Christ.

I would like you to please pray for me as I prepare my presentation.  Pray that I will have the time and the wisdom needed for such an important seminar.  Pray that when I give the seminar that I will speak clearly and directly to the students to show how vitally needed good coaches are.  Pray that myself and the other KMM missionaries that will be at MBI’s missions conference will be able to effectively communicate the ministry of KMM and that God will use our words and passion to lead students into both full and part time positions with KMM.  Our mission desperately needs an influx of passionate youth who are on fire for Christ.  This conference can be a great tool for God to draw them to KMM.  So please please pray!!!

a great start to our FCA Huddles…

This week we completed our first week of FCA Huddles at Lee County High and Middle schools.  At the start of any year you are not sure what to expect number wise and attention span wise.  Erin and I were blessed to find how God has been working and bringing students to FCA this year.  On Tuesday we had over 15 students in the high school and this morning ver 20 in the middle school.  Both groups seemed excited to be there are really listened as we talked about how before you can have the power of Christ in your life you have to surrender your life to Christ.  Making Christ the #1 priority in your life and actual Lord and King of your life is something that everyone struggles with and especially teenagers with all the things they have going on.  Yet, we were so glad to share with them about how when they make that relationship with Christ #1 in their lives great things can and will happen.

This afternoon I am going back to the high school to have our first after school Bible study of the year.  Please pray for me as I share with the students about how they can influence unsaved friends and family and still stand strong for Christ.  God is opening up lots of doors and I can’t wait to see how He will use FCA to impact our schools!

some prayer requests to start the week…

For my first blog post of the new week I would like to ask you to join me in prayer about some upcoming things in my life.  First of all pray for Erin and I as we meet later tonight with our FCA Leadership team.  We are going to be planning out our ministry plan for this year’s huddles at the high school and middle school.  Our goal this year is to see our students really step up and take ownership of the huddles and be leaders among their peers.  Pray that they will be bold in doing so!  Pray that we will come up with some new and exciting ideas to reach out and really impact Lee County High and Middle schools for Christ!

Next, I ask you to be praying for our daughter Maeven.  For the past four nights we have been waking up to sounds of her screaming and crying in the night.  We are not for sure if she is having teething issues, nightmares, or is just scared.  Last night Erin and I were up several different times for long periods of time rocking her and trying to get her to sleep.  All of us are now really physically tired and drained right now, and even more important, just worried for Maeven.   So please pray that our baby girl will be able to sleep well and get back to being herself.

Lastly, this morning I was presented with another possible ministry opportunity here in Lee County where I would be able to hopefully expand both the Rec Center and FCA reach for Christ.  Please pray as I find out more details in the next few days and seek God’s wisdom on whether or not this is something he would have me to to do.  I can’t really go into more detail for you right now, but please pray.

Thank you again for your faithfulness in praying for Erin and I and support by reading this blog.  You are a huge encouragement to us!


FCA Leadership Camp 2012 – Day’s 3 & 4

*I wrote this blog last night but our power went out so I was unable to finish posting it!

Well, I am now back home and in a little bit of a fog after FCA Leadership Camp.   Yet, even though tired and exhausted I am so thrilled about how God has worked in the lives of our students this week that I wanted to share about it ASAP!

On Saturday, our students were up and at ’em bright and early for devotions and a run.   After breakfast we all gathered in the chapel where we spent a lot of time worshipping int song and prayer.   The morning speaker challenged the students to be bold in their faith once again and not take the short and easy road that life offers.   To develop the fruits of the spirit in their lives and not try to rush for the quick and easy things this life has to offer.

After the speaker finished there was a session on being able to share your testimony with your classmates.  I loved how the speaker broke it down simply for our students.  So often I have seen students struggle to be able to communicate their relationship with Christ and try to make it way to hard of a thing to share.   Hopefully now the students will be able to more clearly and concisely share their testimony.

After lunch the students were divided into groups and sent all over Campbellsville, KY where they went door to door to share their faith with complete strangers.  While I know from doing this in the past how nervous it can make you, I was so proud of how our students all went out and shared.  Some got to share Christ in great detail and others had doors closed in their faces yet still went to the next house to share.  Hopefully, now they will be able to take that boldness and plug it in here at home!  When the students returned from their afternoon of evangelism, we all gathered back in the chapel where various students share about their experiences and we all praised God for the lives that were touched yesterday.  Both those lives that heard the Gospel and for the change it made in those who shared.

Friday night worship service…

Last night, Erin joined the students for chapel while I stayed in with the kids and put them to bed.  While keeping up with Maeven and Judah she hasn’t had the chance to attend the sessions so we wanted to make sure she had that opportunity.   The speaker again challenged the students to develop as Leaders.

This morning after breakfast we loaded up all the students gear in the van which did seem to have multiplied since Thursday morning.   After that we went to chapel where the speaker did an parable using the Wizard of Oz to compare how we stray from studying God’s Word.  While this may sound a little out there, it was excellent and really got the attention of the students.

Following this service the students had a short break where they met with their huddle groups one last time to discuss all they had learned at camp and also spend some time praying together.   At the end of the day it was awesome to see how God had brought our students so close to their huddle partners and leaders.   The fact that they could be involved with so many awesome young people doing things for Christ is a huge thing for our students.

The last thing of the camp was a final chapel service where the students heard a final message on leadership from the main camp speaker.   He used the story of David and Goliath to share with the students about taking the leadership role when others don’t.  He used each of the 5 smooth stones as illustrations for characteristics of a leader.  There is no doubt that our students have heard in these services what a true leader for Christ is!

On the way home tonight Erin and I enjoyed listening to the kids talk about what they learned, friends they met, favorite parts of camp, and much more.  We decided to stop for food at Cracker Barrel where we talked with our students about these details in greater and also set up a time to get together for a planning meeting for how we want to take what the students learned and ideas they gathered and implement them this school year.   I really think after this week that we are moving in the right direction for more student leadership in our LCHS huddle.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported our students financially to go to camp and for everyone who has been praying for them.  Please keep praying for our students as now the hard part has arrived where they are on fire about their relationship with Christ and Satan wants to quench that fire by throwing all kinds of things at them.  Our students want to be leaders for Christ and I have no doubt that He can use them as such!  Keep praying!

Maeven cooling off in the sprinklers at Campbellsville University


FCA Leadership Camp 2012 – Day 2

2012 LCHS FCA Leadership Camp Students

Today was another great day here at FCA Leadership Camp at Campbellsville University.  Things got off to a rocky start for Erin and I as Maeven decided waking up at 3:30 am and not going back to sleep was a good thing.  Thankfully she got a good nap in later in the day!

In this morning’s chapel time the speaker talked to the students about Esau selling his birthright to Jacob.  He compared how Esau felt a temporary hunger and sold some thing precious to try and fill that void to how we are hungering for Christ and try to fill the hunger with whatever this world has to offer.

After the morning service the students went off in their huddles for both small group time and competitions.  They competed in everything from basketball, softball, volleyball, various other sports, and yes “tube mania!”  While the students were busy during this time I attended a class with other adult leaders where we had a Bible study and prayer time for your huddle groups.  It was definitely a very encouraging time for me!

Maeven decided to sleep through lunch and so I walked across campus to the campus Chik-Fil-A to get lunch for our family.   The sun was so hot on the way back I ignored the burning sensation on my arm.  Turns out the chicken was so hot that through the bag it actually blistered my left arm.   Ouch!!!

During the afternoon the students attended a session on how they were going to share their faith in the community on Saturday.  Following that session they had more competitions and then some free time where they could play, swim, or sleep if they wished.

Strong Man breaking a baseball bat

After supper tonight we all attended a strong man show, where a weight lifter showed his strength on the bench press, tearing phone books, breaking bats, ripping apart full pop cans, and twisting frying pans!  He then shared with the students about how they could use their athletic abilities to reach others for Christ and how sometimes that’s not easy because people have messy lives.  Yet even with the mess we must still show them the love of Christ!

The evening chapel service was once again a blessing.  The praise and worship team led a great time of praise and really helped focus the students for the testimonies and messages they heard.   The speaker talked to the students about having the mind of a leader.  The mind of the leader sees what God can do in a situation and knows what dreams God gives them.  The mind of a leader proclaims and says what God wants him

evening chapel service worship service…

too.  And lastly the mind of a leader seizes the opportunity that God gives him.

It’s been a great day and hanging out with our students I can tell that they are enjoying themselves and that God is doing something powerful in their lives.  Keep praying for them and for the rest of our camp this weekend!   Also, pray that burning foods will stay away from me!!

FCA Leadership Camp time has arrived…

If you pass by the Rec Center early on Thursday morning you will see a big blue van loading up the suitcases and duffles of six teenagers and my family of four.   Hopefully we will be able to fit everyone and their luggage into one van.  Then after goodbyes are said to parents and family we will be off for FCA  Leadership Camp at Campbellsville University.

Our students have worked hard to go to camp and I am very proud of the dedication they have shown.   I know I have asked this over the course of many many blogs this spring and summer, but please pray hard for our students.  Pray that they will take in what they hear about sharing their faith and being bold for Christ.  That they will absorb every bit of Bible teaching that they receive and be excited to share with their family and friends.  Pray for our students as they have to step out this weekend and do door to door evangelism, which is probably outside of most of their comfort zones.

Over the next few days of camp I will be updating this blog about what our students are doing and learning.  I know God is going to use this week powerfully in their lives and I can’t wait to share that with you.  Until then, please pray!

dedicating Judah…

Today was a special day for our family as Judah had his Baby dedication at our church, Emmanuel Baptist in Stanton, KY.  During the dedication our pastor addressed the congregation and basically affirmed what Erin and I knew, this wasn’t a baby dedication as much as it was a Family Dedication.  A dedication where we were dedicating ourselves to train up Judah to know who Christ is, how much he is loved by Jesus, and to see us honoring Christ in every area of our lives.   The church also pledged to dedicate themselves to helping us in this task as well.  Erin and I are both thankful for having parents who love the Lord and we wanted to make this public pledge to be parents that point our kids to Christ.  Please pray for us as we try to be Godly parents and leaders for both Maeven and Judah.  Pray that they will accept Christ at an early age and have a growing thriving relationship with Him.  I pray that God will use our children mightily for His Kingdom and can’t wait to see what He has in store for them.