starting the week tired…

For the past few weeks I have had an ongoing battle with insomnia. When I get to bed at a good time it takes me forever to fall asleep and thus negates going to bed early. On the other hand when I stay up a bit later to make sure I am properly worn out before heading to bed I still struggle to sleep. Not sure what the deal is and I don’t want this blog to become a site of whining, but I would appreciate your prayers that sleep would come. And not just an hour or so hear or there, but a good long, restful night’s sleep. The next few weeks are going to be extremely busy and so I desperately need to fall into deep restful sleep each night!

some downtime with the family…





Sorry for the lack of blogs this week, but some much needed family time has been taken. And in honor of that family time I would like to share some photos of the two cutest children ever, my daughter Maeven and my son Judah!  I will be back on Monday with some new thoughts and updates.  Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

trying to wake up…

tiredmanWell, I am trying to get going this morning and yet I am still feeling the effects of our Teen Lock-In this past Friday night.  While I am still pretty exhausted, I am so thrilled about how our night went.  We had 104 teenagers come out and really had no real problems at all.  There were the usual couples that we had to tell to leave a little distance between them, but if that’s the only real problem, I can handle it.   KMM missionary Scott Brandenburg presented a very clear Gospel presentation to the students, and they really listened well.  Be praying that God will take the message Scott shared and use it to draw the students to Him.  Pray that we will have more opportunities to follow up with the students and continue to share the love of Christ with them.   And last but not least, pray for myself and the rest of our staff to be able to get much needed rest  and to recoup quickly!

resting up…

2012 NYE LockIN FlyerMonday night is a big night for us as we get ready for the annual New Year’s Teen Lock-In at the Rec Center.  From 10 pm to 6 am we will have a many 7th-12th graders.   There will be plenty of games, prizes, bowling and cosmic bowling, but most importantly we will get to share the Gospel with them!

As I get older it definitely gets harder to recover from these all nighters.  Don’t get me wrong I can stay up all night and have a great time with the kids.  It’s just that the next few days are hard to catch up on that one night’s missed rest.  So this afternoon I tried to get a nap in and am going to try again on Tuesday to get a post lock-in nap.  I pray that by Wednesday I will be up and running full steam again!

Not complaining though, any lost sleep is well worth the time we are able to pour into the lives of our students!  If you would like to lose some sleep and come build relationships with our students, please join us New Year’s Eve at 10 pm at the Rec Center!!!

feeling old…

It really hit me hard this weekend.  A fact that I had been wanting to avoid for a long time smacked me upside my head…..yes very brutally it smacked.  The fact is that my body is not as young as it used to be and doesn’t “bounce back” the way it used to.   On Friday night we held our annual Halloween Teen Lock-In at the Rec Center and it went great.  God blessed with a great turn out, great message, and just some great kids.  I went home on Saturday morning very happy with how our outreach went.  As I laid down in my bed about 7:30 on Saturday morning I said a quick prayer and gave thanks to God for a great night.

Next came 2:30 in the afternoon on Saturday.  My wife and daughter came downstairs to my bedroom to wake me up.  As my two year old Maeven ran up to my bed and pounced on me, it was then that I first felt how much the night before had truly taken out of me.  The feeling of thorough exhaustion and soreness permeated my body.  As I tried to lift my daughter and throw her up and catch her like normal, the heart was willing but the body wasn’t able.

I took Saturday as easy as I could relaxing around the house and lightly playing with kids.  Due to Friday night, my internal clock was all messed up and even though I was exhausted sleep did not come easily on Saturday night.  On Sunday morning I bravely pinched myself over and over to keep concentrating in church.  The sermon and sunday school class were excellent, but my “old man bones” were begging me for sleep.

Last night as I lay in bed I finally drifted into a much needed deep sleep and do feel better this morning.  Yet, I still feel like I could use a few days to recover.  In some ways it’s discouraging as I used to be able to be up after a few hours of sleep following a lock-in and out and about.  Whether that be to go hang out with friends play basketball or any other activity. Those days are gone it seems.  The warning being that I need to rest up as much as possible before New Year’s Even when I get to stay up all night again!

a weekend away w/ my beautiful wife…

my beautiful wife Erin at her friend’s wedding rehearsal..

The past two years of having kids has been a whirlwind with having two kids and constant ministry things going on.   During that time my wife and I have had the pleasure of  taking a few day trips to Lexington, Dollywood, one overnight marriage conference and other short trips while leaving the kids behind with family.  However in that time we had never been away from the kids for more than 24 hours and not even that long since Judah’s birth.

This weekend however my wife is in a wedding in North Carolina for a friend that she served on a Campus Crusade for Christ team with in Australia.  We had debated on whether or no to bring the kids with us, but the prospect of me being alone with a toddler and infant in a hotel room for the entire weekend was not that exciting.   Thankfully God has blessed us with amazing family who are willing to watch our kids, house and dogs, thus giving us something we have not had in a long time, a weekend together.

Erin is busy with the wedding and I do have some alone time, but I am very thankful for just the time we have had to rest up and catch up with each other.  So to Mom, Dad, and especially my sister who is giving her whole weekend up to be with the kids I thank you so much!!!

laboring through the day…

Today has been a very nice low key day for us here at Casa De Owens.  It has been a day of cleaning, playing with puppies, and chilling with the kiddos.  Over the past couple of days both Maeven and Judah have had snotty noses and slight colds, so the opportunity for them sleep this afternoon was much appreciated.

We also did a bit of grocery shopping as tomorrow morning we head out for our first weekly FCA huddle of the year at LCHS.  Hopefully the sweet smell of honey buns will draw some extra students in to hear from God’s Word!  Also tomorrow afternoon we have our second bball practice at LCMS!

It’s going to be a busy week so I am thankful for rest today!!!