90 Day Body By Vi Challenge Update – Week 7

BodyByVi90daychallengeLogoAnother week is down in my 90 Day Body by Vi Challenge and another pound is down!  While progress has been slower this time around I am still happy to be seeing results on the scale and also around my waist.   For the past two weeks I have really enjoyed trying new frozen berry and fruit combos in my shakes.  I also went back to an old favorite of chocolate peanut butter vi-shakes.  I have found though that the frozen fruit and berry combo shakes are definitely the most filling of my home mixes.

As this challenge gets closer t the end, I would love for you to join me.  If you would like a sample or more information about the benefits and results of Visalus products please contact me and lets get you on the path to a healthier you!


90 Day Body By Vi Challenge Update – Week 6

BodyByVi90daychallengeLogoI can’t believe it’s already been two weeks since my last 90 Day Challenge update.  Last week due to being on vacation, I didn’t have time to write an update, and honestly, due to eating out some I didn’t have anything to report.  However, now I am back and reporting that I am once again losing weight.   I am down another 1.5 lbs. making my total weight loss for this challenge so far 8.5 lbs.  I know this is not a ton of weight, but I definitely can tell I am slimming and feeling much better, which to me is just as important as the numbers on the scale.

To help bring about some more diversity to my vi-shakes this past week I bought a lot of frozen fruit to start adding to my daily vi-shake regimen.  My personal favorite that I have to recommend is Wal-Mart’s triple berry mix!  This frozen berry mix contains strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.  When blended with the vi-shake mix and some skim milk, a smoothie almost as good as Jamba Juice comes together!

How about you?  Are you ready to join me on my journey to becoming healthier?  I would love to share with you about the benefits of using Visalus products.  Contact me today and let’s get started!

90 Day Challenge Update – Week 5

bodybyviGood news!  This week I have progress to report as I have lost three more pounds.  While it is exciting to be able to report this to you, the fact that I may have lost some of that weight to a very nasty stomach virus this past weekend , is not so good.  However, it is nice to see the scales moving down again.  I really am enjoying experimenting with different flavored Vi-Shakes with my favorites still being frozen strawberries or the peanut butter banana.  The Visalus program tastes great and really works.  Please contact me soon and we can get you started on the path to being a healthier you!!!

90 Day Body By Vi Challenge Update – Week 4

Today I officially began my fifth week on the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge.  Even though it is just a small amount I am once again on the losing track losing a litte over a pound this past week.  I also began getting up for long walks with my dog Angel each morning while listening to Andy Stanley sermons.  It’s a great way to not only get physically healthy but also to take some quiet time where I am learning from God’s word as we walk.  Angel is also loving the walks and is passing out quickly when we return after me being so bad about keeping regular walks since we moved in November.

Even though I haven’t seen a dramatic weight loss over the past two weeks on the scale, I am seeing it in my clothes.   I am moving notches in the old belt loop and also noticing more room in my work uniforms.   It’s a good thing to see progress once again and I am committed to seeing this 90 Day Challenge through and beyond until I loose my goal amount.

As always I challenge you to look at your life and see if you could be healthier too.  If so won’t you consider joining me on my 90 Day Challenge?? If so contact me as soon as possible and let’s get started!

caffeine withdrawals…

Today is my day to write a complaining post.   One of the perks of being a the Rec Center whenever I was tired or not feeling well was that I was able to get my caffeine fix and enjoy some pop or coffee.  However, back at the end of last year I started having health problems and my doctor said no caffeine.  It was a huge thing for me to let go of, but for my own health and well-being I gave it up.   After all there were some caffeine free pops I could still enjoy.   However, on my next visit the doctor informed me that with my condition I shouldn’t have any pop as the carbonation was just as bad for me as the caffeine was.  Immediately I began to shake thinking of never tasting my glorious Dr. Pepper or Ale-8 again.

So today I am here at the Rec Center, and it’s pretty warm.   So with the warmth I am getting people nice icy cold Cokes and various other soda pops.  Yet, I can only shake through my caffeine withdrawals and not enjoy any of that delicious carbonated flavor.   I hope I can remain strong, because the water isn’t cutting it right now!!!