feeling old and decrepit…

dodgeball-a-true-underdog-storyLast night my wife and I hosted a party for our FCA students in the gymnasium at Youth Haven Bible Camp.  Our party was just a bunch of food and games, but no longer the board games my body has become accustom to.  Instead there was lots of basketball variations, dodgeball variations and wiffleball variation.  I actually had a blast playing with the kids and even got a little competitive as the night went along.  Unfortunately as the night came to an end I realized a hard reality….I’m getting to old for what I had put my body through.  My legs ached, my ankles and arms ached.   I could even feel my back tensing up.  Erin and both went home and laid on our living room furniture wondering if we would have the ability to get up and head to bed.

In the wee hours of the morning, I heard my daughter Maeven begin to cry and call for us.  So, I quite literally pulled myself out of bed and up the stairs to where our kids bedrooms are.  There Maeven was sitting up arms outstretched towards me crying from a bad dream.  I picked her up and rocked and her back to a calmer state.   I knew as soon as I left the room the crying and screaming would start up again and I didn’t want mamma or baby brother to wake up.  So I leaned over and laid on the edge of Maeven’s daybed so that she would go to sleep.  The good news is that she went back to sleep for the rest of the night.  The bad news is that while great for a kid the daybed is awful for an adult.  Between the terrible mattress and 15 stuffed animals underneath me I woke up even more sore and with a painfully sore throbbing back!  As I got off the day bed Maeven was already up playing in the floor with her Cinderella toys and laughing at the funny faces Daddy was making as I moved out of the bed.

So, here I am now back at the Rec Center working in our fitness center this afternoon.  I say working, and by that I mean supervising the folks that are working out.  When I look at the various pieces of fitness equipment, I hurt even more.  Yep, I’m an old fart….and now I have got to find some way to find that fountain of youth before my kids get old enough to play sports!

feeling old…

It really hit me hard this weekend.  A fact that I had been wanting to avoid for a long time smacked me upside my head…..yes very brutally it smacked.  The fact is that my body is not as young as it used to be and doesn’t “bounce back” the way it used to.   On Friday night we held our annual Halloween Teen Lock-In at the Rec Center and it went great.  God blessed with a great turn out, great message, and just some great kids.  I went home on Saturday morning very happy with how our outreach went.  As I laid down in my bed about 7:30 on Saturday morning I said a quick prayer and gave thanks to God for a great night.

Next came 2:30 in the afternoon on Saturday.  My wife and daughter came downstairs to my bedroom to wake me up.  As my two year old Maeven ran up to my bed and pounced on me, it was then that I first felt how much the night before had truly taken out of me.  The feeling of thorough exhaustion and soreness permeated my body.  As I tried to lift my daughter and throw her up and catch her like normal, the heart was willing but the body wasn’t able.

I took Saturday as easy as I could relaxing around the house and lightly playing with kids.  Due to Friday night, my internal clock was all messed up and even though I was exhausted sleep did not come easily on Saturday night.  On Sunday morning I bravely pinched myself over and over to keep concentrating in church.  The sermon and sunday school class were excellent, but my “old man bones” were begging me for sleep.

Last night as I lay in bed I finally drifted into a much needed deep sleep and do feel better this morning.  Yet, I still feel like I could use a few days to recover.  In some ways it’s discouraging as I used to be able to be up after a few hours of sleep following a lock-in and out and about.  Whether that be to go hang out with friends play basketball or any other activity. Those days are gone it seems.  The warning being that I need to rest up as much as possible before New Year’s Even when I get to stay up all night again!