Update on our Pre-Teen Lock-In

Last week I asked you to be praying for our Pre-Teen Lock-In outreach that was held this past Saturday night.  We had a lower turn out with only 29 students in the 3rd-6th grades who attended.  While the numbers were low, the students had a great time bowling, playing games, and watching a movie.  As always our main point of this outreach is to share Jesus.  My mom Dawn Owens did a great job sharing the devotion with the students and they were excellent listeners.  Below is the video of her devotion if you would like to check it out.  Thank you so much for praying and please continue to pray for the students, that the message of Christmas they heard will penetrate their hearts and they would give their lives to Christ!


a new year for after school jr. bowling…

bowlinggrannystyleToday, we are starting our After School Jr. Bowling League back at the Rec Center for the 2013/2014 school year.  This is a great ministry where we go to the public schools and pick up students (k-12th grade) and bring them to the Rec Center for two hours of bowing, pizza, and a drink every Monday night after school.  During the time the students are at the Rec Center they get to have fun learning about bowling, getting hands on coaching, and just enjoying a fun friendly environment.  While the students are there we have a great opportunity to get to know them, befriend them, and share the love of Christ with them.  Many parents and grandparents come out as well and we get to develop relationships with them as well.  Please be praying for us today, especially from 4pm to 6pm!  Pray that many students will come out and join us and that we have many opportunities to share Jesus!



Praising God this evening as 63 students signed up and participated in our After School Jr. Bowling League this afternoon.  There were lots of new faces and lots of fun was had by all.  Please pray that these students will keep coming back each week and bring lots of friends!

after school Bible study…

bible_study2Today, I have the privilege of heading back to our local high school to start another year of meeting with students every Thursday for an after school Bible study.  I am so thankful for this opportunity to work with the students and to help them dive deeper into God’s Word.  Please be in prayer today and through the upcoming weeks for our students.  Pray that they would come and come ready to study.  Pray for myself and the teachers that join us each week that we will be prepared to encourage and equip our students.  Pray that the words we speak will be words of wisdom from God.  I will keep you posted on how things go in our Bible study and in the mean time keep praying!

whew what a week so far…

This week has been a fast paced game of catch up for me here at the Rec Center.   On Friday I finished up the school year with my home school student and so this week I have been busy catching up on some office work, website stuff, and various other things that I had fallen behind on.   A high point was that on Monday night my student and his family came out and we had a mini-eighth grade graduation for him.  It was a really good night where all of us who helped with teaching this year were able to offer words of encouragement and challenge him to succeed in high school next year and most importantly to rely on God.

Yesterday, we also held a weekly meeting with our FCA students that are going to Leadership Camp this summer.  We are preparing to share about camp at both Bear Track Bible Church and Idamay Bible Church over the next couple of week to hopefully raise the needed funds for taking our students.   We also had a Bible study where we are going to be going through various character traits of a Christian Leader over the next few weeks.  Yesterday’s topic was Trust, and how we need to put our total trust in God and at the same time be the type of person others trust.   If you are interested in possibly sponsoring a student come out to one of our sharing services and here about camp and ask the students any questions you might have!

Today has been pretty much a snack bar day at the Rec Center making lots of food orders from morning throughout the afternoon.   We also had a small group of 2nd grade students come in from Owsley County to bowl.  I always like working with the younger kids and just seeing their excitement over hitting any number of pins, whether one or a strike!

Tomorrow promises to be another busy day, but ending with some major excitement.  Tomorrow night my bowling team will be bowling for the Men’s Bowling league championship.   Personally, I am just hoping I bowl well enough not to hurt my team!

Lot’s going on this week, but God has blessed with lots of opportunities to build relationships and share Christ.   Very thankful for the opportunity to sow seeds for God!

math makes my head hurt…

As most of you know this school year we have been homeschooling a student at the Rec Center in order to help get him back into public school next year at the same level as his classmates and also to have the opportunity to share all about Christ with him.  For the most part I have taught most of the subjects in the curriculum, especially the Bible and History classes which are two subjects I really enjoy.   However, I must admit I have done my best to avoid the math portion of the class day.   Wayne who has been one of my co-teachers enjoys math whereas I, well, I don’t.

I’ve always had a lack of love for mathematics.   Generally speaking I have done well in math classes, but really have not enjoyed them.  One of the perks of going to a Bible college was that I was able to CLEP out of Math.  To tell you the truth I haven’t had any Math classes since the first semester of my senior year of high school, fourteen years ago.  That might explain why my head hurts so much today.

As we have approached the end of the school year with my student, we have moved him pretty far along in most of his subjects and are close to finishing.  In Math though we have a little bit more to do than the rest of the subjects.  So for the past week I have been trying to help with the math classes.  And not having used most of the skills I am teaching in fourteen plus years, I am basically learning with my student.  By the time I was done with the math classes today, my head was feeling like I had this big fuzzy cloud around me.   The head hurting cloud made me long to jump back into the boring lesson on the Articles of Confederation we were studying earlier in the day!

Over the next couple of weeks I know there will be more geometry and algebra lessons that I am going to have to re-learn and more foggy cloudy head aches to come.  Pray that I can teach it to the student through my own confusion so that he understands!   Thankfully I will have my history and Bible lessons to give me some energy.

In all seriousness as the school year winds down please pray that the seeds that have been sown through our year of teaching will have taken root with our student.  We hope that study habits and a desire to learn have been fostered, and most importantly that the desire for a personal relationship with Christ has been planted.   When you think about the possibility of a life being changed for Christ, I guess those math head aches aren’t so bad!