thank God for camps…

summer-camps-bannerI had the privilege of growing up at a camp where my parents still serve.  It was a great experience getting to meet people from all over the country and sometimes  from around the world.  I also had access to horses, paddle boats and canoes, bb guns, archery, hiking trails, and best of all the camp gym anytime I wanted.  Of all the great things about camp as I look back now, the most amazing thing was getting to see the way that God used camp to change people’s lives.

At camp, I was able to see people removed from their comfort zones and away from all the distractions of life.  Then while at camp God began chipping away at all the baggage they carried and revealing their need of Him to them.  Year after year I, saw what a powerful tool for change the camp setting was/is.  Personally it was also at camp where I first felt called to go to Bible School and into ministry at the ages of 14 and 16.

While I am no longer working at my parents camp, God has blessed me with the amazing  privilege of serving with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  This summer, I got to help at basketball camps, wrestling camp, and our FCA Leadership Camp.  Each time, I saw kids coming for various reason like loving a sport or wanting to hang out with friends.  But even more amazing, I once again saw live changed for Christ.  At Leadership Camp over 500 students heard the Gospel and 30 gave their lives to Christ.  Once again, God took students out of their comfort zone, chipped away at the baggage, and they emerged as Christ-followers.

If you haven’t had the privilege of seeing the way God works through camps, I encourage you to make it a priority to do so.  If you are young enough find a good Christian camp and go.  If you are older find a Christian camp you can work/volunteer at.  If you want to know some great FCA camps let me know and I’ll point you in the direction.

last grade school camp of the summer…

Let's go to camp!

Let’s go to camp!

This morning as this post goes live, I am on the road to pick up grade school campers for the final week of Grade School summer camps at Youth Haven Bible Camp.  I always love going to pick up the kids and seeing how most of them are so excited about going to camp.  I also love talking to the students who are nervous and potentially looking home sick.  Those kids I try to share with all the fun things that they are going to do at camp, the people they will meet, and also all that they are going to learn about in chapel.  Please pray for the students that are coming to camp this week that they will have a great week and make lots of new friends.  But most importantly they will be open to the messages they will hear about the love of Christ through the music and our speaker.  Pray that our speaker will clearly communicate the Word to our campers.  Pray for our counselors and staff as they interact with the campers that they will have opportunities to share the Gospel as well.  This is going to be a great week and I know God is going to do great things!  Keep praying!

FCA Leadership Camp Update – Day 2

chalk artist speaking to our students at Leadership Camp...

chalk artist speaking to our students at Leadership Camp…

Friday was another fun and exciting day here at the 2013 FCA Leadership Camp.  The students were up bright and early for warm ups with calisthenics, a good jog, and devotional time.  After a good breakfast we had a morning chapel time where we sang praise songs, which Maeven and Judah really enjoyed.  Our morning speaker talked with the students about the importance of keeping their motor up and being relentless in their pursuit of Christ.

After the morning chapel service the students were divided up into their huddles.  Some went to play games for awhile while others had small group Bible study time with their huddles.  During this same time all of us coaches, teachers and sponsors had a huddle of our own where we talked about what we had been learning from the speakers and also what God is doing in our lives and our huddles.  It was a blessing the spend some time fellowshipping with so many others who are serving Christ in our school’s with FCA.

During the afternoon Friday, our students had more games and also had a lot of free time.  The majority of us all enjoyed the camp pool for awhile.  Maeven especially like all the pool noodles that she could play with!

After supper tonight we were treated with a special guest who did a chalk art ministry.  He talked with the students about the importance of being MAD leaders (Make A Difference).  He challenged them to be leaders who use their talents and gifts to make a difference for Christ.  He then did an amazing presentation where he drew a beautiful scenic view with chalk on a black bed sheet.  It was truly amazing to watch someone so gifted using their talents for Christ.

Leadership Camp is taking a toll on Judah!

Leadership Camp is taking a toll on Judah!

The evening closed with an evening chapel service where the music and speaker encouraged the students to keep being “Relentless.”  A girls volleyball player from Marshall University also shared her testimony with the students.

I’d like to ask you to be praying hard for our students today.  This afternoon they will be doing door to door evangelism in the community around the university.  Pray that they will have calm nerves, boldness, and wisdom as they share the love of Christ with complete strangers.  Thank you so much for your prayers!