First week of camp 2015…

11campsign2The first week of camp kicked off yesterday at Youth Haven Bible Camp with our annual Teen Camp.  While most of the time I work at the Lee County Recreational Center, I was able to go and help pick up campers for Teen Camp.  Most of the campers that I helped pick up were scholarship campers who have either earned a free week of camp or have been sponsored.   Seeing these kids arrive to meet our van and be so excited to go off to camp or a week was a huge blessing.   I know all the fun that awaits them at camp and all the hard work that has gone into preparing activities, devotions, chapel services, and making sure these campers know how much that God loves them and how they can have a relationship with Him.  Camp, as I have shared before had a profound impact on my walk with Christ and I know it’s making a difference in the lives of all this year’s campers as well.  Please be in prayer this week that God will move mightily at Youth Haven Bible Camp. Pray that many students will accept Christ as their personal savior and pray that those who have already made that decision will possibly give their lives to full time ministry.  God is going to do great things and I thank your for your partnership in prayer!

getting people in on a sunny day…

Today i am here working at the Lee County Recreational Center and waiting for people to come in and bowl and take advantage of all the fun activities our facility has to offer.  So far to be honest, it’s been pretty lonely.  The sun is out and shining brightly which means lots of people are out and about doing all kinds of fun activities outdoors.

So how do we draw people inside?  This is something that is on my mind today as I am pondering life’s many mysteries.  As we head into summer I know there are going to be many more beautiful summer days and we can’t afford to have an empty Rec Center.  Some of the things we have planned to deal with this issue are outdoor movie night’s, summer bowling leagues, Vacation Bible School, and various meal deals.  So, I guess the purpose of this post is what ideas do you have that we could do to compete with the beautiful weather?  Other than pray for rain that is!

FCA Leadership Camp Day 1 Update…

students singing praises to Christ during our opening Chapel service @ FCA Leadership Camp

students singing praises to Christ during our opening Chapel service @ FCA Leadership Camp

Greetings from Campbellsville, KY where we are attending the 2013 Fellowship of Christian Athletes Leadership Camp at Campbellsville University.  After a lot of fundraising and much prayer from many of you we arrived safely at camp on Thursday around noon.   The students were really excited to get registered and find out where they would be staying and what huddle teams that they would be competing with and doing small groups with this week.

During Thursday afternoon the students competed in various competitions outside on the sports fields here at Campbellsville.  The favorite game as usual was “Tubemania” where the students basically play a version of  Tug-o-war with inner tubes.  They also kept busy playing versions of flag football and ultimate frisbee.

The highlight of camp so far has definitely been our Chapel time.  The worship band has been excellent and really connected with the students through they way they have led them into a time of praising God.  A football player from the University of Louisville came and shared his testimony about how he learned to trust God instead of thinking he was #1.  Our main chapel speaker was excellent as he spoke with our student about how in our faith in Christ we need to be Relentless.  He talked about how we need to be relentless in courage, relentless in not shrinking back from sharing Christ, and relentless in being bold for Christ in all we do.  As he spoke from Hebrews 10, you could really feel God working in the lives of the students.  During the closing music several students went forward and you could tell that God was working on their hearts.

Please keep praying as we continue with camp today and for the rest of the weekend that our students will be open to God’s leading.  Pray that as leaders we will gain wisdom and a deeper passion to work with our students.   God is faithful and He is working!

slow summer start at the Rec Center…

The summer started early here at the Rec Center in 2012.  With such a light winter weather both schools and our winter bowling leagues were rarely cancelled.  Due to the lack of cancellations both our school system and our bowling leagues finished up at the beginning of May this year.   While students have been rejoicing about being free earlier it has actually caused a bit of a slow down at the Rec Center that we normally don’t experience until later in June and July.

Warm weather and no school means many people are going out of town or are busy doing other things so bowling and working out doesn’t register on their list of priorities which is easy to understand.  However, in order to keep the Rec Center up and going we really need more patrons to come to the Rec Center during the summer months and help us keep things going until school and the winter bowling season start back.

So what can you do to help us.  Well, if you are in the Beattyville area and are looking for something to do come visit us for bowling, games, or our fitness center.  If you are hungry and want to eat out, remember the Rec Center and come get your meal here.  We have a great selection of pizza, sandwiches, and desserts.   Lastly, remember to pray for us through this slow time that financially all our needs will be met  and that people will come in not only to help keep us afloat, but also and most importantly for opportunities to share Christ!