a new coaching opportunity…

A couple of weeks back I asked you to be praying about a new ministry opportunity that I had been presented with.  At the time, I wasn’t able to give many if any details about the opportunity, but I nonetheless thank you for your faithful prayers.  The opportunity was that I had been offered the opportunity to help coach the boys basketball team at the Lee County Middle School.  My fellow KMM missionary Scott Brandenburg would be the head coach and I would be his assistant.  Both Scott and I prayed about the opportunity and really felt like this was another door God was opening for us to work with students here in Lee County and so we said yes.

Our first basketball practice was last Thursday and it was basically an introduction to our players and a chance for Scott and I to see what skill level the boys are at.  With having students in the 6th-8th grades the skill level was all over the place and it looks like we will have a lot of teaching to do as well as coaching.  That being said, it is a great opportunity that God has blessed us with to get to know these students and build relationships with them.  Often times coaches get so focused on winning that they forget the mentoring opportunity that God has blessed them with.  As Scott and I have talked this is not something we want to take lightly and really want to teach these boys about God and life and not just that everything depends on winning and losing a basketball game.

So, please pray for us this fall as we jump into something new as coaches.  Pray that we will have wisdom in coaching and that most importantly of all these boys will be able to see Christ in us!