giving gifts that matter…

fcabibleLast week, I had the pleasure of visiting two new schools (new to me) that were either wanting to start an FCA Huddle or have been going with no FCA staff presence.  In both of these situations I was blessed to meet teachers that genuinely care for their students and want to see them come to know Christ.  In both situations I was able to leave one of our FCA Coaches Bibles with the teacher and it was great to see how they were so appreciative to not only have a copy of God’s Word, but one specifically designed to help them grow in their walk as coaches/teachers and reach their students.  Coming out of the Christmas season I have given many gifts lately.  However, it was so refreshing and just a blessing to me to see true joy that comes from giving and receiving gifts that will make an impact on eternity for Christ.  I pray that God will give me more and more opportunities to share gifts of the Gospel!


thank you for praying for our boy…

thumb_8cb2-73fb-e2ca-96a3_1024After my post yesterday about Judah’s speech troubles, Erin and I have been very overwhelmed by all the love and prayers that have been shown to us through comments, messages, texts, and calls.  Just knowing there are so many of you out there the care and are praying for our family and our sweet little boy has been so very encouraging.  Thank you so very much!

This morning Erin took our kids to the preschool that they attend once a week in Richmond, KY.  While there she was able to talk to his teacher about Judah going into speech therapy and about his expressive speech delay.  The teacher then took the time to encourage Erin about the growth she has already seen in Judah this fall at preschool.  Judah’s teacher said at the beginning of the school year when they would have free time, Judah wouldn’t interact with the kids and would go off on his own.  We know that this is partly because he is a shy little boy, but also because he struggles to communicate with other kids.  Judah’s teacher told Erin though that she has been very encouraged as he is now interacting with the other students and trying to play with everyone during free times.  Not only that, but Judah seems to really be enjoying himself!

All this to say, we thank you so much for your concern, kindness and prayers.  We know that God is going to do great things with our little boy and I look forward to sharing with you as God works in Judah’s life!

back to huddling up…

All_In_BlackFor a while it seemed like the winter of 2015 wasn’t going to be that bad.  We made it through January relatively unscathed.  However, in February all the snow and ice hit us with a vengeance and lasted into the first week of March.   Finally though, this week things have warmed up and we are getting back to a regular schedule of sorts.  With that return to good weather and normalcy also comes a return to our high school and middle school FCA Huddles.

With all the bad weather I have either not been able to get to either of the schools or one and not the other each week.  Finally this week I was able to return to both schools and have our weekly FCA Huddles.  With the layoff of not being there to share with the students, one of my concerns is always their relationship with Christ.  Many of our students either aren’t involved in a church regularly or at all.  Some I honestly worry about what and if they are being taught truth as well.  So this week I concentrated on challenging the students about where they are in their walk with Christ.  Are they daily growing closer to Him in a way that is visible to others, are they stagnant, are the regressing, or are they apathetic.  It was exciting to be able to once again spend time with the students and see them interact very well with the devotions I shared.

Please keep praying for our students that they will grow and seek to allow Christ to be first in their lives!  Also pray for myself and our teacher sponsors that we will be able to effectively communicate Christ’s love to our students!

2nd Semester Bible Study…

BiblestudyboyAfter several weeks off for Christmas break and just an all around busy end of the first semester of school this year, this afternoon we are starting back our after school weekly Bible study at our local high school.  Please pray that our students remember to come back and that they will come ready to dive into God’s Word and grow in their relationships with Him.  We are going to be continuing our study on Spiritual Disciplines and I know this is an idea that is foreign to a lot of the students who attend.  We are praying that through this study they will be challenged to work on daily habits that will help them grow in their walk with Christ.  Throughout this semester, please be in prayer for our students and myself and the teachers who lead the study.  Especially remember us every Thursday at 3:30 pm!!!

See You At The Pole 2013


Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of joining students and teachers at Lee County High School for our annual “See You At The Pole” school prayer time. The actual nation wide event was a couple of weeks ago, but due to various circumstances, we missed that date.

It was great to have so many of our students come out and unashamedly pray in front of their peers. They boldly prayed for their fellow students, families, and teachers. God has truly blessed us with open doors to work with our students and share His love in our school system. To see students who we have been working with taking a stand for Christ is a huge encouragement. Please pray that we will continue to see growth in the lives our students. God is doing great things in Lee County!

a prayer request for our students…

relentless-ppt-frontDepending on when you are reading this post our FCA students are either preparing to head out to their first day of  the new school year, in the midst of their first day back, or possibly home already recovering from their first day back.  I would like to take today’s post to ask you to please be praying for our students.  Pray that they will go to school ready to be Relentless in standing strong for Christ and sharing their faith with their fellow students and teachers.  Pray that when they face peer pressure they will view it as an opportunity to be a witness by making choices that honor Christ.  Pray that they will find more Christian students that they can fellowship with and encourage each other to be strong.  I know that God is going to do great things at Lee County High and Middle Schools this year through our FCA students, but they need your prayers and support.  Please join me in praying for them!

seven checkpoints….

Today I had the opportunity to do some studying and get prepped for our after school Bible study at Lee County High School tomorrow.  We have slowly been going through Andy Stanley’s The Seven Checkpoints Every Teenager Should Know over this school year.  Currently, we are on the Sixth Checkpoint which is Ultimate Authority.   This section deals on how God is in control of all people with authority and how only through God’s ultimate authority do we have true freedom.   We have been looking at how most teens feel that God only is about rules and regulations and don’t realize He truly wants to make them free.

It’s been very interesting doing this study with teens and discussing how often our view of authority figures distorts for us seeing God as authority.  When discussing this with teens who have issues with parents and teachers and so on the discussions can be quite eye opening and intense.

Today as I prepared for this weeks lessons, I realized that it will be one that could be pretty intense as we talk about how our attitude towards those God has in authority over us is ultimately a reflection of our attitude to God and His ultimate authority.   So often we blame those in authority over us for all of our problems and give them little to no respect.  Yet, even if we disagree with them, they are who God has placed in those roles in our lives.   The example of teens being disrespectful when you are preparing a teen Bible study always pop into your mind, however, there is so much truth for myself as an adult too.

One of the great things about studying the Bible is no matter what age group you are preparing the study for you can always find convicting and challenging lessons for yourself.  As I have been working through the 7 Checkpoints that’s been the case in my life.  I highly recommend this study if you work with teens or if you just want a basic refresher on common truths that really will make a difference in your walk with Christ!