fuel ignited…

Fuel IgnitedI may have already shared something about this in the past few weeks, but I have so been blessed by it that I figured if I had, it wouldn’t hurt to share again.  Erin and I have been teaching the Teen Sunday School class at our church on Sunday mornings.  For the first few weeks I was using various teaching tools and studies that I had acquired over the past few years.  While my lessons were solid, I still felt that I needed to bring more structure to our class.  So, I began looking for a good teen Sunday School Class material to use and found “Fuel Ignited” by LifeWay.   We are currently doing Volume 1 of the series which contains twelve lessons.  The first four lessons were Biblical lessons on finding and relating to friends.  The next four lessons are on Biblical integrity, and the last four lessons of Volume 1 deal with sex and relationships.  Each weekly lesson has a video of about 10 minutes that deals with the issues we will be discussing in the lesson.  Unlike some videos which are just another person on dvd talking to the students, in this series there are mini tv show episodes that deal with the topics we are discussing and form a mini-series that continues from week to week.

My first few weeks of teaching the teens it was often really hard to hold their interest and pull discussion out of them.  However, with this material you gain the students attention right away and that leads right into discussion.  You also have a choice of lesson plans each week where you can do a discussion or an activity based lesson plan.  I personally love the discussion plan because it tends to draw more discussion and Bible searching from the students.   And each week you are also given a weekly devotional that has 7 seven days worth of mini-devotions for the students to do on the topic you are discussing that leads into next week’s topic.

Over all I am just really excited about this material, not only because of the interest it has gained with our students, but mainly because it is solid Biblical curriculum.  Each week the students are challenged to look at their walk with Christ and see if their actions and relationships are leading others towards Christ or pushing them away.  They are also challenged to grow in their relationship with Christ on a deeper level each week.

If you work in a youth group or sunday school setting with teens, I highly recommend the “Fuel Ignited” series!

excited for Sunday School….

31270355_640For the past two months I have been teaching the teen Sunday School Class at my church.  I really enjoy the opportunity to share with the students and encourage them to grow in their relationship with Christ.   One of the struggles I have faced is bringing the class to life on a Sunday morning as many blank and tired faces stare back at me.  Through using some Bible study materials I already have and combining some of my own insight I have put together the lessons I have taught thus far.

This week however, I am beginning to use a new series through Lifeway Publishing called Fuel: Ignited.  I am really excited to see how the students will respond to this really well put together study.  There are multimedia videos and lessons that go a long.   They aren’t the cheesy videos that some Christian organizations have sometimes been guilty of putting out. They are high quality with a very strong message.

This week we are going to be starting out this new series by talking with the students about the Biblical way to be a friend.  I think this will have a great impact as living in small towns our students sometimes are just grouped with friends and really don’t actively think through what a Godly friend looks like and why they should seek Godly friends.  I am very excited to teach this new material and will covet your prayers as I seek to communicate God’s word to our students!

a new coaching opportunity…

A couple of weeks back I asked you to be praying about a new ministry opportunity that I had been presented with.  At the time, I wasn’t able to give many if any details about the opportunity, but I nonetheless thank you for your faithful prayers.  The opportunity was that I had been offered the opportunity to help coach the boys basketball team at the Lee County Middle School.  My fellow KMM missionary Scott Brandenburg would be the head coach and I would be his assistant.  Both Scott and I prayed about the opportunity and really felt like this was another door God was opening for us to work with students here in Lee County and so we said yes.

Our first basketball practice was last Thursday and it was basically an introduction to our players and a chance for Scott and I to see what skill level the boys are at.  With having students in the 6th-8th grades the skill level was all over the place and it looks like we will have a lot of teaching to do as well as coaching.  That being said, it is a great opportunity that God has blessed us with to get to know these students and build relationships with them.  Often times coaches get so focused on winning that they forget the mentoring opportunity that God has blessed them with.  As Scott and I have talked this is not something we want to take lightly and really want to teach these boys about God and life and not just that everything depends on winning and losing a basketball game.

So, please pray for us this fall as we jump into something new as coaches.  Pray that we will have wisdom in coaching and that most importantly of all these boys will be able to see Christ in us!