time w/ family…

my wonderful family..

my wonderful family..

It’s been awhile since my last post, and my reasoning is the best one I can think of…family time! I was blessed with the opportunity to go away with my family for two weeks. The first week we went on vacation to Florida and the second week we were able to visit with dear friends and supporters. Even though we were able to do some very cool things as a family, the best part of these past few weeks is that we have been able to be together as a family.

So often in ministry, especially the one that I work with, there are times where family time is sacrificed. As my kids keep getting older that’s been a harder and harder thing to deal with. I hate missing milestones of my children’s lives and am making more and more of an effort to make sure that doesn’t happen. While traveling with them I was constantly reminded of what a blessing they are and how God has entrusted me to guide and raise these precious lives. At the same time, I was also reminded about what a Godly wife and wonderful mother to my children God has given me in Erin.

As we move into the fall ministry here with KMM I stare at my calendar and see it filling up. At the same time, I look at my family and know that there are some of those days that look full, that I am going to have to clear. God has blessed me more than I could have ever asked for with my family and that is not something for me to ever take for granted.


a trip to the zoo…

IMG_1307This week our family is taking a bit vacation/staycation, so if I am a little slow about posting this week I do apologize.  That being said, today our family took our one mini-trip away from home yesterday and went to the Cincinnati Zoo with my in-laws.  Erin and I had taken Maeven to the zoo before, but she was so little she really didn’t have much of a reaction to the animals.  It was so awesome to take her today and see her get such joy from seeing the animals.

Maeven enjoying her first 3D movie!

Maeven enjoying her first 3D movie!

At the zoo Maeven wore a pink outfit that had little alligators on it.  So when her jaw dropped because she saw a real alligator we couldn’t help but smile.  All day though we heard how she wanted to see monkeys.  Sometimes when you get her on rides like the zoo carousel she might cry when you tell her its time to get off.  When I told her we were going to go see monkeys, not only did she hop right off the carousel, but she looked at me and said, “Daddy, I love monkeys!”

Judah was pretty tired after our week at FCA Leadership Camp and so he did

Judah is wiped out!

Judah is wiped out!

lots of sleeping in his stroller today.  However, he did wake up enough to ride the train and loved standing by his mommy while going around the track!

One of the cool things we got to do as a family at the Zoo was the Ice Age 4D experience.  It’s a 3D theatre where they show an Ice Age mini movie and not only is it in 3D but water sprays at you, scents come at you, your seat shakes, you get poked in the back, and it feels like stuff is crawling around your ankles.  Judah got a little scared, but Maeven absolutely loved it!

Overall we had a great day and some much needed family time.  We were also blessed to have a great day with my in-laws as well.  Now, if we can recover over the next few days from our whirlwind week of travel we will be in good shape!

great times and bad news…

After a very much needed week for some r and r in Michigan we arrived back home in Kentucky tonight.  Our family was able to spend the past week at my Uncle and Aunt’s cottage on Crystal Lake in Whitehall, Michigan.  It was just nice to be able to swim with the kids, play in the sand, canoe and enjoy time with our extended family.  Best of all we really didn’t have plans and were able to take each day as it came, which was awesome.

On our trip Erin also celebrated her birthday.  My parents we able to take out the kids one afternoon and Erin and I were able to go see “Brave” and have a birthday date together.  My beautiful wife is also a very cheap birthday date.  I offered to take her anywhere she wanted for a birthday dinner and she chose Taco Bell!

We left Michigan on Saturday morning and drove to Goshen, IN to visit one of my good friends and his wife and kids.  My friend is a pastor and we made it to his church in time for Maeven to attend a kids carnival.  On Sunday I had the privilege of sharing with their church about the what we are doing in ministry with KMM and the Rec Center.   During the Sunday School hour I was able to present PowerPoint presentation and in the main service give a brief summation.  Hopefully some good connections were made for both support and help here at KMM!  Most importantly we had a great time catching up with old friends and being able to share ministry concerns and ideas with each other.  God has truly blessed us with great friends.

Over all our trip was great.  God blessed us with a great vacation and great fellowship with family and friends.  To say we were coming home on a pretty big high from this blessing is an understatement.  Unfortunately when we have highs sometimes we have some pretty big lows.  Yesterday I really felt as though some new financial support for us as missionaries was hopeful, but tonight when we arrived home we quickly went from hoping for new support to finding out we are losing some very faithful support.  We arrived home to mail letting us know that some supporters for various reasons are going to have to stop their financial support.

Over the past week God has show us through something as simple as a vacation that he He is in control and taking care of us.  In a time where we really need to be adding new supporters and seem to be going in the opposite direction I know that God has a plan.  Please join us in prayer though as we pray for patience in waiting to see what the plan is.  God has blessed us with many past and present support partners and we are so thankful for them and their commitment.  Pray that financial support partner contacts can be made and opportunities to share about ministry with KMM can be made.  God is great and God is going to do something awesome through a difficult time.  Please pray!

twill be a slow week of blog posts…

This week I will be taking a hiatus of little to no posts as I am on vacation with my family.   It’s a much needed relaxing trip of rest, swimming, fishing, canoeing, and quality family time!  Please bear with me and come back to join us next for more posts, updates, pictures, and hopefully some insightful thought provoking.  Till then…take care!!!


Our Vacation View!!!

breaking my piggy bank…

It’s that time of year where the family is getting ready to go on our vacation.  Which means my wife is getting the kids swim gear, diapers, and various other things together in a mad rush.  My contribution is my piggy bank.  Don’t laugh, I mean my real piggy bank!

A few years ago I noticed that I was leaving change around different little junk drawers in my house or in the change thing in the car.  Then I would occasionally rob it to buy pop and other things out of vending machines or use for toll booths when I traveled.  As I began to think on things I realized first of all I didn’t need all the glorious junk food that vending machines could supply. Next, I don’t really get near toll booths all that much any more.  And finally if I added up my spare change over the course of a year a lot of it was wasted or lost.

So, I began nightly emptying my spare change into my piggy bank.  My original intent was to slowly save up enough change to buy another English Bulldog.   I love them and want one badly, but with their extreme cost I just can’t justify breaking my budget or spending support that I am given on a dog.  So, I devised a plan to save enough change over several years to get one.  Then something happened…..I got married and had kids!!!

Don’t worry I still have my dream of one day once again owning an English Bulldog, but now priorities have changed.  So, my commitment changed.  I now put spare change in my piggy bank every night all year long so that when our vacation time rolls around i can have a bit of extra spending money for our family to enjoy and not have to worry about affecting our budget.

I had been waiting for the right time to break the bank this year, but with Maeven running around and wanting to play in the change I figured I had better wait a bit.  So, last night with my family out of town I sat down to count and roll coins.  Little did I know that it was going to be a two hour process.  The bad news is that I didn’t save up quite as much as I had hoped and certainly not enough for two hours of rolling.  However, the good news is I was blessed to count enough to really help with vacation this year.

So, what’s the point of this post??….well, I am glad you asked!  I highly recommend you revert to your childhood and go get a piggy bank.  Just adding your spare change to it at the end of the day can really add up over the course of the year and give you a nice bit of extra money.  Sooo…what are you waiting for go get a piggy bank!

figuring out social media for the Rec Center…

Last Monday I had the opportunity to attend another class on using social media websites to promote your business, ministry, or organization.  Last year I also had the opportunity to attend some other classes with my Mom where we learned about ways to promote both the camp and the Rec Center.  After last year’s classes, I was able to get the Lee County Recreational Center, on both Twitter, Yelp, and Urban Spoon.   While a lot of our local patrons don’t use these sites we felt like they might attract outside the area buisness.

This year the class that I attended was much the same.   However, I found out about a sight called tripadvisor.com that evidently a lot of people are using to plan get aways in our area.  So, I of course made sure to get  us up on this new website asap so that we can have even more online visibility.  The big thing that was pushed in the class that I went to was the importance of getting reviews from customers.  The more reviews and the better the reviews the more various search engines will pick up on you organization/ministry/business, and help promote it.   That is actually the point of the blog that I am writing here today.  We need your help.   If you have visited us at the Lee County Recreational Center please go on sites like Yelp, UrbanSpoon, Google, and TripAdvisor and write a quick review.   During this slow summer season we really need your reviews to help draw out of town tourists to our facility.   So please take a few minutes of your time and give us a good review!!!