Hoody time

Today is a a glorious day. The first time this year it truly feels like fall. Yes, it’s cold, gray, rainy and wet. However, this is the first time this year I can go to my closet and pull out a glorious item of clothing known as the hoody.

I truly do love being able to wear my hoody. It means that the perfect time of year is here. Not so hot that I am sweating like a mad man, but at the same time, not so cold that I’m freezing and have to put on another couple of layers and a jacket. No, a hoody means I can be active, a little cool, but snug and warm as well.

For some reason the hoody makes everything better from wanting to be outside playing in the leaves with my kids, to even the desire to be out watching football. Yes, I do love my hoodies.


enjoying the summer weather and praying it continues…

Clip Art Illustration of a Cartoon Golf Ball on a Golf CourseThe past couple of days have been absolutely beautiful here in Southeastern Kentucky.  We have had great temperatures and sunshine and really couldn’t ask for anything better.  With the nice weather my kiddos have been enjoying being able to play outside for hours on end and my wife has been enjoying the fact that they are getting that energy out and sleeping better!  I personally have enjoyed it as the grass has finally dried out and mowing has become much easier now that wet grass isn’t clogging up the mower.

It looks as though the rest of this week is going to continue to be really nice and that’s why I am actually writing this blog post.  Please pray with me that sunshine and warm temperatures continue the rest of this week as we approach our Lee County Rec. Center Golf Tournament on Saturday.  We need great weather and a great turn out to help raise funds for the Rec Center.  A rain date is in place, but we have found out in the past that we get a better turn out when we are able to stick to the originally scheduled date.  So, please pray with me these next few days for our fundraiser!

2014 Golf Scramble Fundraiser – Take 2

01. Golf Scramble 2014 PosterThis Saturday, May 31st, we will be holding our second attempt at this year’s Lee County Recreational Center Golf Scramble Fundraiser.  So far the weather report looks excellent, but please join me in praying that his will hold true and that we will have a gorgeous day for golfing.  Also, pray with us that we will have a large turnout of golfers and that a lot of much needed funds will be raised for the Rec Center.  We are in desperate need of getting our heat and air system back up and running here.  The lack of air conditioning is really starting to put a financial hurt on our ministry.  All that to say, this weekend could be a huge help for us financially.  So please pray with me that all will go well this weekend!  Thank you so much and we truly do appreciate your support and prayers!

Golf Scramble Rescheduled…

01. Golf Scramble 2014 PosterI spent most of last week asking you to pray about this past weekend’s Golf Scramble fundraiser for the Lee County Recreational Center.   As the weekend approached the weather reports grew more and more ominous and we had to make a decision on what to do.  With people coming in from out of town and rain looking more likely by the minute we decided to postpone the scramble until May 31st.  On Saturday we had several downpours of rain that made it clear we had made the right decision.

Now that the scramble has been rescheduled we are praying that this would turn out to be a blessing.  Hopefully, with a  little more time we will be able to recruit more golfers and sponsor and in turn raise more funds for the Rec Center.  Please join us in praying that this would be the case and also pray that on May 31st we will have a beautiful day for golfing and fund raising!

prayer requests…

01. Golf Scramble 2014 PosterThis is going to be a very busy week and I would like to ask you for your prayers.  I am currently working on wrapping up getting ready for this weekend’s annual Rec Center Golf scramble.  Please join me in praying that we will have great weather for this event and a great turn out for golfers.  Also pray that there will be plenty of golf carts available for our our golfers as well.

I also ask for your prayers this week as I am working on some grant proposals that will help the Rec Center with future plans and outreaches.  To be honest I am a little out of my depth and feeling somewhat overwhelmed, with this being the first time I have worked on proposals like this.  Pray that God will give me wisdom in what to write and the right wording to help us receive these much needed funds.  Also pray that I won’t be over stressed and over think things too!

Lastly, this week I am starting a study with our FCA Leadership Team called “Not a Fan” for teens.  Pray that as we have these discipleship times with our leadership team that we would see growth in their walk with Christ.  Pray that they would move from being fans of Christ to devoted followers who have made Christ the true King and number one priority in their lives!

It’s going to be a busy week, but a good week.  Pray that God will work mightily!

another day out of huddles…

relentless-ppt-frontThe bad weather continues to hit us here in Beattyville and tomorrow our students will be out of school yet again.  This week we have missed everyone one of our FCA huddle days due to the weather and with what’s in the future forecast, it doesn’t look good for next week.  I wrote a couple of weeks ago asking for prayer for our students as we have missed our times of discipleship and Bible study with them.  We want to continue to to ask for your prayers as it looks to be even longer before we meet with our students.  We have been able to make contact with some of the students and some even came over to our house for a Super Bowl party where we had a time of prayer and a devotion.  However, most of our students we haven’t been able to catch up with.  Please pray that they will be faithful to pursue growing closer to Christ through personal prayer, Bible study, and going to church.  Also, pray that this weather will let up and we can get back to our weekly huddles and Bible study!

golf scramble rescheduled….

Golf scrambleDue to  all the rain that we have been putting up with here in Beattyville, we have postponed our Golf scramble until June 8, 2013.  I will keep you posted on updates until then.  The weather man is giving rain until 1pm until 1pm on Saturday, so we are going to wait until June in hopes of a better day for golf and fundraising!   Please pray for good weather on June 8 and we hope to see you then!