getting my steps in…

fitbitThis new year I am once again back at trying to get my weight down and become a healthier me.  For this journey into familiar and mostly disappointing territory, I have a new weapon in my war on weight.  My Christmas present this past year from my parents and my sister was a Fitbit Charge.  So far I am loving this gift.  I have been more diligent about making sure I am doing enough walking and exercise as I am constantly monitoring my daily steps.  I have also been using the app to make sure I am getting good sleep at night and drinking of water each day.  So far in just two weeks of keeping track of things with the Fitbit, watching what I eat and how much exercise and steps I get, I am already down 2 lbs.  That’s the good news, but the reality is I have a long way to go.  Hopefully I will be checking in with even more progress and steps this 2016!

90 Day Challenge – Final Update Spring 2014

blackvichallengeWell, another 90 Day Challenge has came and went.  There has been some good days and some bad days when it comes to diet and exercise over the last 90 days.  But the good news is despite the Roller Coaster I have lost a grand total of 15 lbs. since Christmas!  I had hoped to have dropped a lot more, but I will still gladly take the 15.  As summer approaches I plan on keeping up with my daily Vi-Shakes and am looking forward to warm weather when I can get back to walking outside and riding my bike!  If you are interested in giving Visalus and their many great health products, please check out and lets talk soon!

Week 7 Update – 90 Day Challenge

2blackvichallengeYeah!!!!!! I finally lost another pound!  After a couple of weeks of plateauing (if that’s a word) it’s nice to be losing again.  My Vi-Shakes have been going well and mixing it up with different frozen berry combinations!  I am trying to very well this week as next week I have to be at a conference that feeds me very well!  So, much work remains to be done, won’t you join me!

Week 6 Update – 90 Day Challenge

bodybyviUnfortunately, this week I have no progress to report, but at the same I didn’t digress so that’s good.  Right now is a tough time for me as I have hit that plateau where progress is stalled and it’s a bit discouraging.  I know persistent I must remain and keep working to get those pounds off and get healthier.  Am I frustrated yes, but am I giving up nope…much more to be done and goals to be reached.  So, let’s get rolling again and get the ball moving!  Check out and join the 90 Day Body by Vi Challenge and let’s get healthy together!

Week 5 Update – 90 Day Challenge

blackvichallengeWeek 5 of my 90 Day challenge has came to a conclusion and it has been a week of maintaining.  No progress, but no regression.  My biggest issue has honestly been not putting in adequate exercise time.  I have done good with my food intake, but the cardio definitely has to be taken up a notch.  So, much work is yet to be done and I hope to result better results next week.  As always, I would love for you to join me by starting your 90 Day Challenge.  Check out and let’s talk soon!

Week 4 Update – 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge

BodyByVi90daychallengeLogoWeek 4 is in the books and I am down another pound for a total of 14 lbs. lost so far.  The bad news is that I really can’t credit my shakes this week, but more a nasty battle with a stomach virus.  However a pound lost is a pound lost!  I am still really wanting some accountability partners to join me on this weight loss journey.  If that’s you please contact me today and/or check out to get started!

Week 3 Update – 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge

bodybyviTime is moving quickly on my 90  Day challenge as week #3 comes to a close.  I am happy to report in the past week I have dropped another pound and am now down  a total of 12 lbs!  I have been adding different berries and fruit to my Vi-Shakes and the variety has definitely made for some great smoothies which in turn make it easier to stick with the diet!   So far though, I am pretty basic and nothing beats a great strawberry smoothie Vi-Shake!   This coming week, gets tough with some busy days that make it hard to stick with the shakes.  I am praying that I find opportunities to make my shakes and to also not get tempted by the high quality junk food that I will be around!  Please take time and visit my site and look into whether or no Visalus is a great deal for you.  Let’s lose these pounds together!