back to my fitness pal…

Biggest Loser 01Over the years I’ve posted about trying to be better about taking care of myself and losing weight and getting in shape.  And to be honest it’s been a roller coaster struggle of up and down.  And before I get any further into this post, if you are one of my friends who sells some sort of product or program from a fitness or nutrition company, please do not think you have the answer and solicit me after reading this =).  Back to what I was saying it’s been a struggle.

I have been very happy with my time on Visalus and their various Body by Vi products.  However, it’s honestly just been a matter of finances.  When I joined the program I envisioned selling enough product to just pay for my own product.  I didn’t consider two important factors though.  First of all, I am just not pushy enough to bug people about trying my product.  Even though I believe in it and know it works when they tell me they aren’t interested I just am not the type of person who keeps pushing.  Secondly, I live in an area that just doesn’t care.  I would schedule parties and invite people to come out and try samples and no one would show up.  It was very frustrating and soon I found myself in a situation where I wasn’t having enough income from selling to take care of providing my own product.  I personally would love to get back on my Body by Vi program, but financially it’s jut not a possibility at the moment.  That being said, if you want to help me get back on the path to selling it, I would be more than happy to hook you up so that I can start back on a program I really do believe in!

sodaIn the mean time though, I have been very concerned about my own health and fitness after my father was diagnosed with Diabetes this past spring.  With a history of this disease in my family and now someone as close as my dad having it it’s really been a wake up call that I need to do a better job of taking care of myself.  While waiting to get to where I can better do things like my Body by Vi program, I knew I needed to do something now to help me with my biggest area of struggle diet.  That’s when I remembered my “My Fitness Pal” app on my phone.  With this app I have been really watching my intake of carbs and calories in an attempt to lose these extra pounds that are just not healthy to have on me.  I have also been avoiding drinking pop as much as possible.  Pop, soda, or whatever you call it is probably one of my greatest weaknesses.  So far I have gone 4 days without any pop and my goal is to go with out as much as possible, except for the occasional treat when eating out at a Restaurant.  The great thing about living where I do, is that I don’t have many restaurants to eat out at and have that temptation.

fitnesspalMy Fitness Pal has been great so far and has really kept me doing well on my diet.  I try to look at what the calories are in things before I eat them rather than eating them and then adding them into my daily diary.  That way if something is a big red flag that I shouldn’t be eating it, I don’t even bother.  Also, I am able to plan for meals where I am wanting to be a little more generous to myself, by being good before that meal.  In just a week of being back on the My Fitness Pal program I am already dropping weight as I have lost 2 lbs.

So, it’s time for me to get off this roller coaster.  It’s time for me to get a hold of my health once and for all. For the sake of my personal well being and for the sake of being the best healthy father and husband that I can be.  I appreciate all your prayers and encouragement as I dedicate myself to this journey!

Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge Update – Week 10

bodybyviAnother week of maintaining has hit.  I haven’t gained, but don’t have a loss to report to you either.  So, I guess this is sort of an on the fence of post, not really good or bad.  On Friday, night this week I had the opportunity to work the night shift in our Rec Center fitness center.   As  I was working I overheard some of the guys talking about supplements and trying to lose bad weight and then build muscle.   I took the opportunity to share with them about the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge and the success myself and other have  had on it.  A couple of the guys seemed really interested and are supposed to look at the information and get back to me, so hopefully soon I will have some new people to report who have joined me on this journey to better health.   How about you are you ready to get healthy?   If you have some spare time check out   This is my personal Visalus website which has information about all the Body by Vi products and lots of cool testimonials as well.   I would love for you to join me as I continue to try to get healthier this year.  So please, check out the website and lets talk soon!

90 Day Body By Vi Challenge – Week 9

bodybyviThis week I am happy to report another pound has been lost. I have really been trying to do a good job of calorie counting along with my Vi-Shakes. I know I have mentioned it in past blogs, but if you have a smart phone you really need to get the My Fitness Pal app. It works great for keeping track of calories and knowing the nutritional value of what you are eating. Also, you plug in your exercise and see if you are doing enough to really get in better shape. My Fitness Pal is a definite must!

As always, if you are serious about wanting to get serious about your health, let’s get you on your own Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge going!   Contact me personally or check out my webpage!!!

90 Day Challenge Update – Week 8

bodybyviI can’t wait till summer! I am longing for the days of warm weather where while working on a 90 day challenge I can go outside with my boxer or family and walk and run to help lose this weight. Unfortunatley winter seems to be hanging on here in Kentucky with another good snow last night and very cold temperatures today. Warmth come soon!

This week I am happy to report that I am down another pound. It isn’t much, but it’s progress. With all my ups and downs I am currently down 10 lbs from the start of my 90 Day challenge.

Getting healthy has been a slow process but as I look at my kids I know it’s a much needed one. I am loving spending time playing with them and want to be able to be a dad who get’s out and plays sports with them, not one who can only cheer from the sideline. I also am trying to do better at setting an example of good eating and exercise. How about you? Are you able to be an “active” participant in your family? If not won’t you consider joining me on a 90 Day Body by Vi challenge??? Contact me today and let’s get started!

90 Day Challenge Update – Week 2

Biggest Loser 01I have completed my second week of this 90 Day Challenge and I am happy to report that things are going great.  I am officially down 9 lbs from my starting weight two weeks ago.  It’s been very encouraging to get off to a fast start and see the weight drop and the pants loosen up a bit!  Unfortunately, I have been sick and haven’t been able to add exercise to my diet the way that I would like to.  Hopefully, by next week I will be able to shake off these sickness issues and get some good productive exercise thrown into my weight-loss program!  How are you doing with your own weight-loss resolutions and goals?  I would still love to have you join me on my 90 Day Challenge, so contact me today!

90 Day Challenge Body by Vi Update – 90 Days Complete!!!

Well, I have officially finished my 90 Day Body by Vi Challenge.  Over the course of the last 90 days I have lost 17 pounds and moved my belt several notches from where I first began.  I definitely feel healthier and am excited about the progress that I have made.  That being said, I am not satisfied with where I am and am going to keep going on the Body by Vi program.  I have seen that it works and is making a difference in my weight, health, and even various GI problems that I have had.  Next week I have to travel and so I will not be able to start a full scale challenge again until I get back home, but the third week of October my 2nd 90 Day challenge will begin!  I want you to consider joining me on my second challenge as I move forward on trying to reach my goal of losing 60 pounds by next summer!  If you are serious about being a better healthier you than this is the program for you!  Come join me today!!!!

90 Day Body by Vi Challenge Update – Week 11

I have been terrible lately at updating you on my progress on my 90 Day Body by Vi challenge.  At present I have officially lost 16 lb. from my starting weight.  I have to be honest that there have definitely been weeks when I have struggled since I last wrote about the challenge.   When attending a Reds game I found myself weak and unable to avoid all the unhealthy goodness that the ball park had to offer.  However, for the past week I have been maintaing the Challenge program and am doing great.  I actually had gained three pounds back, but after a week of being totally sold out and holding to the problem I have lost 6 pounds!

As always if you are interested in joining me on this challenge and being a healthier you, I would love to share with you about how Visalus can impact your health in a truly positive way.  I know it’s tough and I have struggled myself, but I want to encourage you to get healthy today!