yard sale perseverance…

YardSale1July has a battle of perseverance as we have been plugging away at having a yard sale to raise some funds for a trip that Erin and the kids are going on in August.  The problem with this battle has been that weather has not been a cooperating participant in the struggle to have a sale.

This past friday we loaded up all our stuff and headed to Winchester, KY to Erin’s parents house to attempt yard sale #2.  On Friday the weather was beautiful and we worked well into the evening setting up for Saturday’s sale.  Then on Saturday morning we awoke bright and early to get ready to greet the masses that were surely to come to buy all our stuff.  Yet, when we walked outside there was a slow drizzle coming down, which eventually became a steady rain that lasted most of the morning.  We managed to sell a couple of things before the rain made us close up shop about mid morning.   We had the same thing happen when we tried a local yard sale on the July 4th weekend, so it was pretty disheartening.

We are not ones to give up though and so this coming Saturday, we will be giving a Winchester yard sale another try.  The bad news is rain is once again in the forecast….but hey, isn’t the third time the charm???


back to the grind…

IMG_1307Time flies when you are having fun, that’s for sure.  This past week my vacation/staycation flew by as various things were going on with our family.  Even though time went by quickly, it was great having time with the family.  Several times I got to do some individual times with both kids which was great and also got some much needed time to catch up with my beautiful wife.  We wrapped up the weekend by having a combined yards sale with my sister Amanda.  There is a two day 52 mile yard sale that runs through our county on the Friday and Saturday after July 4th.  My sister’s house sits right along the route so we loaded up a bunch of stuff that we’ve either outgrown or just aren’t using to sell.  Due to the rain not as many people were out, but we did get rid of quite a few things.  Maeven and Judah both had a blast watching veggie tales and playing with Aunt Amanda’s standard poodle.  They had never seen a dog so big, but really liked her.  After a full day of yard sale though, our family was pooped and came home ready for bed on Saturday night.  Before bed though we had daddy daughter movie night with Ratatouille!

So, today I had back to the Rec Center to play catch up after being gone for a week.  We are hoping this week to also get the AC working in all parts of the building this week and would appreciate your prayers that all the parts would arrive and the workers to install it.  It’s been a long hot summer so far, and we are ready to get cool again!  Also be praying for us as we are beginning to talk about fall ministry plans and what God would have us to do.  Lots going on as you can see, so as I hop back into things full force, please pray!