starting off my year right…

I know, I know, I know that New Year’s resolutions are usually those things that we say we are going to to do and then we never keep up with them.  If we are good we keep them for a week and if we are lucky sometimes maybe a month.  And yet we still keep trying to do them.  That’s where I find myself this year, back at trying to keep resolutions.

in_the_store_giftThe first resolution that I wanted to do this year was to find a devotional that I could work through during my quiet time throughout the year.  Thankfully for Christmas I was given a copy of New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp.  It’s a year long devotional that has a new thought for you to read each morning, then expands on that thought, and then sends you to scripture to reflect on what God says.  This devotional has been a huge blessing in my walk with Christ and is something that I honestly can’t wait to jump into each morning.  If you are looking for a good devotional to work through this year I highly recommend this one.

As always, my second resolution is to start taking better care of myself physically.  Erin and I were blessed with a gift at Christmas that allowed us to join our local YMCA.  We have been trying to do things as a family there to be healthy like swimming, but I’m also trying to get up early enough to go workout and get myself to a healthier weight and state of mind.  So far things are going well, and I am committed to really taking the necessary steps.  For some reason going to the gym isn’t as daunting when you don’t work there all the time!

There are many days left in 2017, but I am committed to becoming both spiritually and physically fit in the days, weeks, and months ahead!


swimming with my girl…

IMG_4147Last night I took my daughter Maeven to her swim lessons at the YMCA in Richmond, KY.  I had been with her for her very first lesson, but since that time have been unable to make it back, so I really didn’t know what to expect.  So, I was thrilled to see my little girl is a fish!  Maeven is doing great with her lessons and and was the first to volunteer for each swimming exercise and was the only one to swim to the bottom of the steps to get the ring!

The best part of going to Maeven’s lesson was that after the lesson was over they let the parents get in the pool and swim with the kids.  Maeven and i practiced all the things that she learned in her lesson and then we decided it was time to sink or swim.  I stood in the middle of the pool and Maeven swam to me all on her own from the side of the pool.  My little fish did great!  She swam right to me and after a quick breather swam back to the side all on her own.  After that she just kept swimming back and forth to me.  For a 4 year old who is just learning she is doing great.  I am definitely a proud papa of a cute little fish!